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Total Drama Treasure Tour

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A new (tv.com style) Lit series from yours truly. Chris reunites 18 contestants old and new that have either performed poorly or have been dormant from the spotlight for a while,for a chance to win one million dollars in a series of challenges that requires for them to live the life of pirates, sailing across the sea to explore several different islands on a quest to retrieve certain artifacts for the host.

Planned premiere date: February 21st, 2021

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1. Of Millions and Motley Crews

The episode opens with the host, Chris McLean, live in front of a shipyard in Vancouver, Canada, alongside Chef Hatchet, as they were donned in pirate-themed attire. Chris announces that he has some things new and special planned for his newest season of Total Drama. With Camp Wawanakwa still demolished from the fracking incident in the All-Stars finale, and while Pahkitew Island had remained stable, Chris points out that using the latter as the set for the new season had to be backed out after the whole incident where it became susceptible to self-destruction had generated a plentiful amount of complaints from parents. As a compromise, Chris decided that he’s starting out fresh once more, but since he doesn’t feel like introducing another newer cast of teens so soon, he’s bringing back eighteen contestants and he’s setting them up to do some ‘island-shopping’ for him in a seafaring treasure hunting adventure, before then ensuring that each one he’s chosen will be brimming with danger as per his usual standards, right here on “Total! Drama! Treasure Tour!”

Chris announces that his assigned cast will be introduced in pairs of three, starting off with six returning contestants that have been around since the first season. Shortly afterwards, a bus stops near the dockyard to drop off the six teens, with the klutzy jock, named Tyler, being the first to step off only to then fall flat on the ground. Justin, the heartthrob, steps off to help Tyler back up. The inseparable best friend duo Katie and Sadie are next to be revealed amongst the returning contestants, expressing their excitement in coming back with their collective “EEEEEE!” The competitive and short-tempered Eva stoically steps off before the last of the first pair, Trent, who Chris describes as Gwen’s former and number nine-obsessed love interest. He is shown with his usual guitar strapped to his back.

The six returning first generation contestants meet up with Chris, as he shows to them the next bus reveals the second pair, revealing the five returning contestants from Revenge of the Island that they’ll be getting to know. The supernatural and incredibly polite devotee of Mother Earth, Dawn, is the first to be introduced amongst the returning second generation contestants. Followed by her is the cadet coming back straight from fashion school, Brick. He expresses himself with his usual salute as he steps off. Brick then coughs from the overpowering scent of hairspray, coming from the next contestant to step off: the brash and deep-tanned Anne Maria. The silent genius, B, comes out next. Chris jokingly refers to him by his full first name, Beverly, and so B responds by exchanging an annoyed look at the host. Staci, the teller of tall tales regarding her family, is the last of the Revenge cast to be revealed as part of the new season, and with her hair grown back. Naturally, she brags about how her great-great-great step-uncle Samuel was the one who invented buses.

A third bus arrives afterwards carrying the third and last pair of returning contestants for Chris to introduce the others to. He then acknowledges that it’s his largest pair yet, with seven returning from the very previous season. Beardo is the first of the bunch to be introduced as part of the new season’s cast. Being the human soundboard himself, Beardo vocalizes intro music as his way of welcoming himself. Collective groans from the other teens from inside the bus would then be heard as the next contestant stepped off, revealing the fairytale princess and songstress, Ella, who was apparently accompanied with a group of animals. The next returning contestant is revealed by way of being pushed out from the bus, Sammy, the good cheerleader twin, who Chris jokingly refers to as “Samey.” Sammy corrects Chris about her name before the one who pushed her out of the bus reveals herself, Amy, the evil twin in the same cheerleader getup. Next up was the LARPer, Leonard, who expresses himself in his usual wizard-like manner. Topher, proclaimed by Chris as Total Drama’s resident Chris McLean super fan, was next to come out of his bus. Topher, of course, announces his return in the manner akin to the host’s. Rodney, the hopeless romantic farmer boy, is the last of the return contestants to be revealed and already falls head over heels towards one of the contestants familiar to him, Amy. The evil twin, of course, is annoyed by Rodney’s disposition, telling him to back off while her sister Sammy scoffs.

Chef then unveils the feral Ezekiel for Chris to announce that he’s made one last addition to the contestants for the season. The eighteen contestants are scared by this until Chris reveals that he was joking and Chef then proceeds to throw the then-formerly excited and feral teen overboard within an area that is infested with sharks to demonstrate what happens if they were to be eliminated this season, as unlike the past seasons, they’ll be saying goodbye to the life of being a camper and will instead experience the life of pirates out in sea looking for treasure he’s set down in several different islands. Leonard points out that the theme of the season would also explain as to why Chris and Chef are dressed the way that they are, leading up to Eva to crack a joke by questioning if they’ll be dressed as ridiculous as them. Chris resents the small joke, then reassuring that it’s likely that they will be subject to competing in the same fashion before explaining why he’s selected the lot for the new season.

Chris says that he was originally going for another All-Stars approach, but due to a combination of negative feedback with the first one, most of the contestants feeling too burnt out from Total Drama to compete, some of the contestants being unavailable due to do them being already pre-occupied, like Noah and Owen for example, and a certain number of past contestants still being reported missing since the fart balloons incident in the All-Stars finale, Chris decided that he would do somewhat of a “No-Stars season” and narrowed down his selection to his worst-performing contestants to date. Before Trent and Justin could assert the host’s statement about their performance quality, Chris adds by saying that because he needed a couple more first generation and male spots for his cast, he chose two of the four Drama Brothers to be reunited for this season, for they haven’t been in the competition since the second season and because he felt that it would boost the ratings if they were to come back, alongside two fan favorites he acknowledges in “Samey” and Dawn. Sammy is pleasantly astonished by how Chris addresses that she is a fan favorite, which angers Amy. Chris then advises for the bad twin not to get the boot early on, reminding her that she’s become one of the most-hated contestants after last season. Amy gives an even more aggravated look before Tyler raises his hand, indicating a question that he desires for the host to answer. Being made aware of the fact that his girlfriend Lindsay was inside of the balloons, Tyler demands Chris to tell him where she is and if she’s okay. Chris assures Tyler that Lindsay is fine since he’s had a group of drones examine the current situations of the missing cast members. However, he then says that he’s not sure where exactly they’ve landed and suggests that each of the contestants that he was unable to rescue after the destruction of Camp Wawanakwa may have settled in one of the treasured islands.

Chris follows the eighteen contestants further towards the shipyard where two vessels are placed, telling them that they will be separated in crews of two along with a respective ship to sail. Their main objective is to retrieve one particular artifact that he’s placed within a certain island that he requires for them to navigate through. He further states that they will be using a map and compass to help ferry them to the specified destination. He then informs the eighteen contestants that if the ship were to somehow become damaged, they will have to rebuild it themselves, and if the important navigation tools were to be lost, they will not receive a replacement. The elimination ceremonies will be settled within the losing team’s ship and the one person who does not receive a gold doubloon will have to walk to plank and get thrown overboard. Chris also acknowledges that since the contestants will be taking on the role of pirates, they have the opportunity to rob a team’s chances of winning a challenge by way of attacking and raiding the opposing ship to steal the artifact of the challenge for their respective team. Because Chris figured that the challenges would be too difficult for his cast to handle, he has at least allowed for each of the returning competitors to bring one thing that wouldn’t be considered too much of an advantage. Justin appears to be the only one of the bunch to not have brought any particular object, proclaiming that his own good looks is the one thing that he needs to help him win the season, and that doesn’t need any extra help when he’s made it far before in the second season.

Chris goes on to say that each crew isn’t complete without a captain, and so the first part of the first challenge will determine what each crew will consist of, and which of the two lucky contestants will be assigned as team captains. He then goes on to say that as usual, the teams will be merged later on and the remaining two contestants will compete for the ultimate prize of one million dollars. Before he could explain what the first challenge would be like, Chris is interrupted by the arrival of a limousine where two figures stepped into the scene. Chris is greeted by Blaineley and her lawyer who introduces himself as “Maaaaa….Manfred Businessman.”  Chris says to Chef that he’s not buying into this but he will play along anyways so he’ll know what she wants. Blaineley says to the host that she would like to have a spot in the season since she had a short-run as a contestant in the third season, which would make her eligible. After Chris informs her that the cast is full, Blaineley retorts by saying that he will have to deal with her lawyer if he refuses. Manfred backs up his client by warning Chris of the “EVIL” consequences that he’ll face. Before Manfred could say any more, Blaineley stops him, quietly reminding him that he is to stay in-character before turning to face Chris again to say that she can and will take legal action. Chris, feeling annoyed rather than threatened by Blaineley, decides to give her an extra spot before letting her know that she won’t be able to take over his job as host as he long as he’s around, and that the same applies for Topher, who then responds by saying that he’s learned his lesson.

Due to the last-minute change for his cast, Chris informs the now-nineteen contestants that he now has to change his plans for the first challenge. He won’t form teams until one person is weeded out. He adds that he isn’t too bothered by this change since he has been meaning to see how well (or how bad) the contestants handle themselves on their own. For the first challenge, Chris instructs for the contestants to retrieve two artifacts. The two contestants that come back with the items will be assigned as team captains and therefore will be automatically safe from tonight’s elimination. He then adds that the contestants are allowed to perform in groups. Chris continues on to say that the island that they will be transported to will be the island that remained intact from the Camp Wawanakwa flood: Boney Island. Topher points out that since they’re all in Vancouver and Boney Island is all the way in Muskoka, they would be required to sail across there in a circle. Chris mentions to the cast that the first time that they’ll be sailing will be through his and Chef’s own ship anyways, as it’s also shown to be stationed beside the shipyard. He then adds that the ship’s cabin can be used if [the competitors] want to confess anything before reaching their destination.

*Confessional Cams*

Topher is the first contestant to be shown filmed by the confessional cam, who talks about how after being outfoxed by the host last session, he’s going to be more focused on trying to win the millions and he will have to snag his chance of becoming a team captain, as well as to have a mind as sharp as Chris if he’s going to win. He adds by revealing the item that he brought, his megaphone, so as to show that he intends to hold a strong competitive spirit for this season.

Dawn is the next contestant shown in front of the confessional cam, and she expresses how she’s become more determined to return the game after hearing about how much of a fan favorite she’s become after her early elimination in her previous season. She goes on to say that if she were to stay in the game, she would have to make the others feel more comfortable around her, and demonstrates that point by taking out a deck of her Tarot cards. She then acknowledges while she had been prone to conveying negative predictions and readings in her last season, she intends to elicit positive messages with the other contestants this time around with her card readings.

Blaineley is shown next in front of the cabin cam, and boasts about how she’ll be able to obtain the millions with a scheme she currently has in mind, further stating that as long as she has the wristwatch to tell her “the time she’ll be able to outsmart Chris when I have the chance to,” she will have the whole season within her grasp, all while denying that it’s also because it’s to keep her cover intact.

Shown next is Amy, who says that if she’s in danger of receiving an early elimination due how very disliked she is, she’s going to have to prove herself as a reliable and strong competitor to ensure that she’ll stay for long by taking the title of a captain for herself. She also points out that she would have to get rid of her sister “Samey,” but not before enacting her revenge for what she did to her last season, showing to the camera what she describes as just a souvenir from last season that she snuck in for this season: a fruit smoothie made from Pahkitew’s poisonous manchineel fruit in a container.

Sammy is shown in front of the cam afterwards, whereas she talks about how if she and her evil sister are going to be competing in another season, she’s going to have to try and get rid of Amy, knowing full well that she’s out to get her after her revenge on her last season. She goes on to say that she’s also determined to win the challenge and become captain so that she can prove that she’s no doormat. To show how prepared she is for Amy to enact revenge on her, Sammy shows the camera a kit filled with medical supplies, saying to the camera that you’d never know if your evil sister will try to break your arms, break your legs, crack your ribs, electrocute you, or poison you. Catching the last thing she said, Sammy then nervously tells the camera to forget about that part.

Tyler is then shown on the cam, who expresses his determination to get far into the season to impress his girlfriend, Lindsay, and as well as to find her, wherever she could be. Being made aware of how unlucky and accident-prone he can tend to be, he shows the camera a set of protective sports gear, such as knee pads and a boxing helmet, saying that if he has to make it far, he has to make sure that he’ll have to play the game as safe as possible.

The perspective then changes to Leonard, who feels thrilled about the challenge of being made into a team captain so that he could then put his tabletop board game set, Cubicles & Creatures, to good use. Now directing his words towards Sugar, who he knows didn’t return for the season, tells the camera that he’s returned to impress her.

Katie and Sadie appear in front of the confessional cam next, both unable to contain their excitement over returning for a new season after so long and then talk about how they both plan to be in the finale together. They then also say that if they ever end up being separated this season, they will at least have a respective framed picture of each other for the likely outcome, so that they’ll feel like that they never left each other’s side.

Shown in front of the cam next was Staci, whose face appeared to be green from seasickness, and says that it was a good thing that her great-great-great-great grandmother Catherine invented barf bags.

Rodney also then reveals that he suffers from seasickness and that he brought a bottle of bicarbonate soda, as it was a natural remedy for his seasickness that his dad had used for him. He then says that in returning for another season, he would be able to confess his feelings to one of the girlfriends he’s made last season and be able to find the right words to say this time, referring to Amy.

Beardo is now seen in front of the cabin camera and, despite his reputation as the human soundboard, speaks by confessing to the camera about how he intends not to make the same mistake he made last season and participate for once, as well as to overcome his shyness. He reveals to have brought a portable turntable with one of his records attached, explaining that he’ll use it to try and express himself.

The cabin cam then shows Eva, who talks about how determined she is to win today’s challenge and become a team captain, so that she could use her skills as a team player to win the millions after having her chances cut short in the very first season. She then acknowledges that the only challenge that she’ll be facing is that she would have to control her anger, before then showing that she’s equipped herself with her MP3 player containing a playlist with the most calming form of audio she knows – death metal music.

Trent appears in front of the camera next, as he talks about how he wishes he could put behind the mistakes that cost his chances of winning in the last season he participated while he’s been brought back for a new season. He makes a promise to himself that he will try not to get himself hurt like he did numerous times before, or get up caught up with his number nine obsession, or throw challenges for anyone. He also hopes that the other competitors that he meets will appreciate his music, referring to his guitar.

The last confessional cam clip shows Ella, who says that she’s being forced inside by Chris after he told her that if she were to do any singing, she needs to do it where he cannot hear it, as well as that even though the new season has Tour in the title, it doesn’t have a musical element. Despite this, Ella still remains her optimistic self and talks about how she hopes that the other contestants that she meets would appreciate her singing. She also hopes that she’ll make new animal friends while out at sea as she reveals to have brought a whale whistle.

*End of confessionals*

Chris and Chef’s ship then arrives at its destination. Afterwards, Chef announces to the nineteen contestants to hustle over to Boney Island or that they’ll have to be thrown overboard. With all nineteen contestants assembled by the Boney Island shore, Chris instructs to them that the treasure that they need to retrieve is a pair of pirate crowns made from bones. He goes on to say that the artifacts should be hidden inside a cavern or within the Fun Zone and warns the competitors of the mutants that lurk within the island, as they’ve made it their home since after the fourth season. He also warns them about zombie Ezekiel if they’re so unlucky to run into him, as he’s also made the island his home.

With the challenge already going underway, Chris and Chef take off with their ship, leaving the contestants behind until it’s done. With both Eva and Topher deciding to take on the challenge alone, the rest of the contestants try to find someone to form a group with. Being good friends with each other and as well as being half of the Drama Brothers, Justin and Trent decide to team up. Being the two inseparable best friends that they are, Katie and Sadie pair themselves up. To give herself an easy advantage, Amy asks for two particular contestants that she believes to be the weakest links to form a team with her, those two being Leonard and Rodney. Amy takes advantage of Rodney’s lovestruck personality and gets him on her side by lying to him that he will win a date with her if he helps her win the challenge. Sammy observes this with disgust while struggling to find one or more willing partners. Blaineley, who refers to Sammy as “Samey” to her annoyance, offers to be on her side. Despite not fully trusting the older contestant, Sammy responds by telling her to get her name right and that she’ll allow for her help as long as she doesn’t plan on double-crossing her. Blaineley then appears in a confessional clip where she says that she intends to have “Samey” on her side during the challenge, knowing how much of a doormat she is and so plans to betray her once as she’s close to her victory.

Brick tries asking Eva into forming a team with him. He is immediately taken aback the moment he experiences Eva’s anger issues. Eva responds to Brick’s offer by telling him that she doesn’t like being touched and that she can do the challenge by herself. Brick then appears in a confessional clip where he expresses concern about being on the same team as Eva due to how much her behavior reminds him of his former teammate, Jo. He goes further on to say that even though he’s returned to Total Drama after being given a break from fashion school, he is still a cadet a heart and hopes to win the challenge to show his strength as a dependable team caption, before then showing the lucky dog tags he’s brought for the season. Brick’s perspective returns to Boney Island where he offers Tyler to assist him in the challenge, seeing his passion for sportsmanship and his motivation to find his girlfriend as an advantage. Tyler, donned in knee pads, a pillow worn like a bulletproof vest, and an umpire’s helmet is surprised by Brick’s compliments. Tyler responds by saying to him that he has his doubts of being a competent team captain due to being so accident-prone that he brought protective gear. Brick then reassures to him that he does have the determination of a team captain, let alone a team player by letting him know that his concern about Lindsay are mutual towards his feelings on Jo, further saying that even though he and she did not cooperate, he does feel worried about her since he hasn’t heard back from her since she lost on the All-Stars season. Brick then adds to Tyler that if he’s feeling unlucky, he’s brought his personal good luck charm for the game. Realizing his mutual support, Tyler agrees with team up with Brick for the challenge.

Ella and Dawn easily befriend each other after realizing they share their love towards animals in common, as well as because of Ella being impressed by Dawn’s ability to speak to animals after hearing her converse with one of the mutant animals about where she could find the two crowns made of bones. Afterwards, they agree to ally in finding the treasure. Meanwhile, Sammy is still trying to find a third member of her group since her sister is being accompanied by three and she’s also in need of a more trustworthy ally. Sammy eventually discovers that Beardo is struggling to form a group due to most of the others not being amused by his sound effects. Seeing Beardo’s talent as valuable, Sammy asks him to be on her group alongside Blaineley. Blaineley, of course, makes fun of her choice due to the fact that Beardo was the first contestant eliminated in the previous season, before Sammy asserts that his skill would be useful for helping find the treasure. As Beardo accepts Sammy’s offer, Sammy asks if he could speak a trigger word if he detects anything dangerous on their path. Beardo repeats Sammy’s phrase “trigger word,” her voice included, as a suggestion. Although astonished by the fact that Beardo can accurately imitate voices of other contestants, Sammy tells Beardo that it will do just fine.

B, Anne Maria, and Staci are the only ones now struggling to find an ally. Knowing the situation, B realizes that he’s left with no choice than to ally with them. He examines his blueprints for protective armor from the mutants, and then offers the two to join forces by showing them the armor he’s built. B, not being able talk, tries to use it to convince the other two to side with him. Anne Maria takes his offer, thinking that he’s asking for her help to get the treasure. Staci accepts as well before going on a tangent about how her great-great-great-great grandfather Jonathan invented protective battle armor. B rolls his eyes as to indicate that he’s aware that this is the only team-up that he gets to work with.

As each of the contestants has finished making their preparations, they could hear growls and other wildlife sounds emitting from the island, there then making most of the contestants feel intimidated. With the show running out of time to continue, Chris and Chef are shown inside their ship examining the contestants at Boney Island before signaling the end of the episode. After leaving the audience with some burning questions, Chris directs to the viewers that they’ll find out what will happen on the next episode of “Total! Drama! Treasure Tour!”


Each returning contestant has been mentioned to have been allowed to bring at least one item (or one assemblage of a certain item) with them for the season, and this is what the following had brought with them:

Amy: A poisonous fruit smoothie
Anne Maria: A whole season's worth of hairspray
B: Blueprints
Beardo: His turntable
Blaineley: Wristwatch
Brick: His lucky dog tags
Dawn: Tarot cards
Ella: Whale whistle
Eva: Her MP3 player
Justin: None; His good looks
Katie: A picture of Sadie
Leonard: Tabletop role-playing game kit
Rodney: Bicarbonate soda
Sadie: A picture of Katie
Sammy: Medical kit
Staci: Barf bags
Topher: His megaphone
Trent: His guitar
Tyler: Protective sports gear

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2. A Boney to Pick


The first challenge of the season continues as the grouped-up contestants pick a path to find the two treasures. Dawn, Ella, Katie, Sadie, Amy, Rodney, Leonard, Sammy, Beardo, Blaineley, and Eva would all be heading northwest towards the skull cave while Justin, Trent, Tyler, Brick, B, Staci, Anne Maria, and Topher all walked along the northeast path leading to the Fun Zone. Dawn and Ella are the first group to be shown, as they are being approached by a tall mutant animal. The mutant let out a roar, signifying its aggression, startling Ella while Dawn prepared to confront it without unease. Dawn asks the mutant if something is bothering it, prompting for the mutant to reveal a thorn in its right foot. Dawn then requests Ella to remove the thorn, identifying her gentle aura, especially when she’s around animals. Ella agrees to do so and softly remove the object aggravating the mutant, who then clears the path for the two as a way of showing gratitude.

Amy, along with her teammates Rodney and Leonard, would take their eyes off Sammy’s group for a moment as they notice the Dawn and Ella pair looking to have a good idea of where the crowns are located. Observing the pair complimenting each other and talking about how they know the possible whereabouts of the treasure, Amy takes it upon herself to interfere and mock Dawn for her strange abilities and as well as choosing the songstress as her partner. Ella, being oblivious to Amy’s viciousness, returns her remark with kinder words, telling her that she’ll be willing to be friends with her if they’re on the same team this season. Afterwards, Dawn advises Ella not to listen to Amy, pointing out that she’s only trying to intimidate others and that she just wants one part of the treasure for herself. In addition, Dawn warns Ella of the strong negative aura that Amy is giving off. Ella and Dawn continue their trail without paying any more attention to the bad twin, who fires back at them, reminding them that she now knows where the treasure could be. Sammy and her group would then run past Amy and her group, with Sammy goading to her sister that if she wants to be a team captain, she would have to work on her social skills, making her furious thereafter but calms down after Rodney comes to her defense against Sammy.

*Confessional Cams*

Amy then appears in front of a confessional cam to say that she wants Dawn out of the game, seeing her as a genuine threat. She finishes by saying that for the time being, she’s focusing on winning the challenge and preventing her sister from doing so, lest she end up being eliminated first.

Sammy then appears in front of the camera to ask herself what Rodney sees in Amy that she doesn’t see in her. She goes on to say that she pities him since he doesn’t realize that Amy is using him for fodder in the challenge.

*End of confessionals*

While following Ella and Dawn’s trail, Amy’s group would be confronted by a mutant different from the one that Ella and Dawn had faced. Amy thinks over her plan at this point and sees that she only has a chance to escape by sacrificing Rodney and Leonard. In a feigning manner, Amy requests for Leonard to use his wizard powers against the mutant. Taking Amy’s demand as serious, Leonard steps up in front of the mutant with confidence. He casts aloud a disappearing spell. Nothing happens, yet he continues to summon said spell to no avail. Amy makes a run from the mutant and hollers to Leonard that he’s doing a good job. Rodney follows after the evil twin and carries her in his arms, clarifying that he’s saving her life from the creature. Amy asks if he should be coming back for Leonard. Rodney responds to her by saying that his biggest priority is making sure she wins the challenge so that he could win a date. Amy makes a brief appearance behind the confessional cam, bemoaning that she’ll have to find another way to get Rodney out of her way, reminding to herself that as long as she had made that fake promise, Rodney is motivated to stay by her side.

Through a speaker, Chris announces that Boney Island has claimed its first victim for the challenge, meaning that Leonard had been captured by one of the island’s mutant inhabitants. In the background, a certain feral teen could be seen jumping across the treetops. Now along the northeastern path, B, Anne Maria, and Staci are seen taking a stroll, with the latter two chatting up a storm. As usual, Staci brags about her fabricated ancestors while Anne Maria brags about herself while also complaining about the uncomfortable armor that B had her wear. The ever silent B gives an aside glance at the camera following the pair, rolling his eyes over the pair-up that he’s stuck with.

*Confessional Cam*

Anne Maria appears behind the camera, talking about she’s come prepared if she’s going to run into the Ezekiel kid later in the challenge. She goes on to say that after making the terrible mistake of throwing the game last time because she thought Ezekiel’s  diamond was real, she’s more determined to give her own chance to shine this season. She finishes by saying that she intends to start up her own fashion line if she wins and plans on trying to make an alliance with Brick so he could give her some pointers, knowing full well that he’s taken fashion school during his time away from Total Drama.

*End of confessional*

As Anne Maria, B, and Staci continued along their path, Staci encounters one of the mutants of the island, calling out to her partners that she’s been ambushed. As the other two team members turned around, they saw Staci being carried away by the mutant. Anne Maria screams in terror while B silently panics as they fear that they’re being watched. Not long after Staci’s disappearance, the feral Ezekiel drops down in front of Anne Maria and B, startling the former even more before. Boosting her self-confidence, Anne Maria walks over to Ezekiel and grabs a can of hairspray from her pouffe. B, on the hand, remains frozen in place, trying to think of how to escape. Ezekiel appears to be too love-struck by Anne Maria to make a move. Anne Maria exclaims to Ezekiel for him to get away from her and B while she sprays the can on Ezekiel’s face. However, Ezekiel resists the vapors and stench from the hairspray and grabs a hold of Anne Maria, running out of the thickets as his affectionate expression stayed on his face. With Ezekiel too distracted to take come back for him or summon a mutant to take him hostage, B examines his set blueprints for an idea to escape, and quickly builds a skateboard out of the things he spotted in his path. B propelled his hand-crafted skateboard, zipping across the woods to try and find other contestants nearby to join forces with. He eventually runs into Justin and Trent.

Justin and Trent are surprised by B’s presence, who then gestures for them to hide with him as he’s spotted one of Boney Island’s creatures nearby. Trent asks B if he’s alone. B nods in an affirming manner. Justin then asks B if he needs to join their group, with B making the same gesture. Justin then asks if B can talk, to which he responds by shaking his head. Trent remarks that B somewhat reminds him of Justin when he didn’t speak for the longest time all the way back during the first season. Justin says that he’ll allow B to come with as it’s better than running into Katie and Sadie. Topher, who had been observing the situations of the other contestants, teases Anne Maria and Staci’s eliminations from the challenge and as well as B transferring to Trent and Justin’s side in his usual Chris-like manner. B returns Topher’s comments with a simple glare. Topher leaves the group’s sight after telling them that he’s on his way to the Fun Zone, where he believes Chris and Chef hid the treasure.

Somewhere else within the northeast section of the Boney Island woods, Brick and Tyler are still trying to find the treasure until they found themselves in front of the opened metal door leading to the Fun Zone. Upon entering inside, the two were met face to face with an array of mutant plants, and as well as Larry the Venus flytrap, front and center. Finding themselves having took the wrong direction and in the middle of a trap, Brick and Tyler were now at a state of panic. Trying to make a run for it, Tyler was dragged away by the roots of the mutant plants. Tyler cries out for Brick to leave while he still can. However, Brick responds by coming to Tyler’s side, stating “Never leave a cadet behind!” Brick’s loyalty would end up making him into a hostage along with Tyler. Outside the Fun Zone, Topher appears to be giving himself a listen to the chaos, deducing that he should take a different direction if it’s not safe to go inside the area, nor is it safe to assume that the treasure is there. While changing his course, Topher bumps into Eva, who afterwards asks if he’s by himself. Topher affirms that he’s performing the challenge alone and doesn’t need to her help, to which Eva responds that she needs no one’s help and leaves Topher alone to continue her search.

*Confessional Cams*

Topher makes a brief comment about Eva, hoping that he and she don’t have to share a team since he’s honestly terrified of her.

Eva then appears behind the camera to say that she hopes Topher doesn’t steal away her chance of becoming a team captain and that anyone who is a kiss-up to Chris is no friend of hers.

Brick, appearing behind the camera with injuries after his encounters at the Fun Zone, points out that his predicament didn’t mean that he was unlucky, referring the lucky dog tags he had brought with for the season, and says that it was due to his gut feeling of trying to save Tyler while he remains a loyal cadet at heart, further stating that he can’t blame himself for losing out on becoming a team captain for Tyler because of how much of a nice guy he is.

*End of confessionals*

Now within the northwest section of the Boney Island woods, Katie and Sadie have settled inside a cove, choosing to focus less on the challenge and to instead talk about boys, who they should try and get involved with (with Justin and Trent being the only two names they could think of), and how confident they are to win the season now that they’re competing together again. Sadie points out that if they win the challenge, they would have to be on separate teams, to which Katie then responds that it would mean that they’ll be just fine if they lose today as long as neither of them get voted off tonight. With Katie and Sadie distracted, they failed to notice one of mutant creatures sneaking up on them. Upon getting caught by the creature, the two BFFFLs let out a scream loud enough to catch the attention of the other contestants close by them, including Sammy’s group.

Sammy asks where the sound came from before Blaineley suggests that it could be Katie and Sadie, given how distinct they are for their squealing. She jokingly asks for Beardo to repeat the shrieks from the best friend duo to make sure that she’s right. Beardo does so before Sammy immediately stops him, reminding him that he’s to be using his sound effects in case of an emergency. Beardo looks around and vocalizes Sammy’s “Trigger word” phrase. After Sammy confused Beardo for doing another one of his unneeded sound effects, Beardo nervously speaks up to say that there is danger ahead of them. Blaineley and Sammy then turn around to see that there is a mutant close to them. Because of Sammy’s athletic skill, she and her team members managed to escape from an attack and hid.

Once as the noise cleared out, Blaineley speaks of her surprise to realize that Beardo can actually talk. Sammy comes to the agreement while pointing out no matter whether Beardo talks with sound effects or not, she was right to consider him useful for the challenge. Blaineley signals for Sammy and Beardo to come out of hiding alongside her as she saw the coast is now clear, but then, without warning, Sammy and Beardo see Blaineley get caught in a rope trap. Sammy asks for Beardo to stay put while she frees her with a pair of first aid scissors from her medical kit. Sammy asks who could set up a trap. Blaineley suggests that either Chris set up some traps across the island or it was set up by the pale-looking teen that just took Beardo away, referring to Ezekiel. While Sammy was helping Blaineley out of a trap, Ezekiel jumped down behind Beardo without attracting attention from. For a couple seconds, Sammy and Blaineley saw as Ezekiel was struggling a bit in dragging Beardo up from atop one of the trees as Beardo’s “Trigger word” call then faded into the distance.

Sammy suggests that she and Blaineley should go chase after Ezekiel before Blaineley warns that she would be giving him the opportunity to have herself captured and therefore cost her one chance of becoming a team captain. Sammy asks Blaineley how she could trust her and how she couldn’t have set up the trap so that she could prevent her from winning the challenge at that point. Blaineley points out that she knew that each contestant was allowed to bring one particular thing with them for the season, then stating that she brought her wristwatch before then saying that she didn’t know that Ezekiel would be ambushing their group. As the duo were about to focus back on the challenge, Topher, sitting in one of the trees, announces through his megaphone that Katie, Sadie, and Beardo have now all been eliminated from the challenge and taunts Sammy that she should be catching up to her sister. Angered, Sammy throws a cold pack from her supplies kit at Topher’s face. Afterwards, Sammy gestures for Blaineley to hustle with their search for the treasure.

*Confessional Cam*

Blaineley expresses that she’s satisfied “Samey” has some trust in her, although disappointed that she won’t be able to deceive her if she’s the kind of player who won’t get fooled so easily.

*End of confessional*

Along the same northwestern path, Ella and Dawn are shown still searching around. Ella asks Dawn if they are taking the right path. Dawn reassures that she knows, while she’s also biding time for the other contestants, so they won’t figure out that they’ll be looking for it in the Fun Zone. Out of habit, Ella begins to sing a merry tune about her and Dawn finding the treasure in the Fun Zone aloud until her partner stops her and warns not to reveal their strategy out in the open, as she feels someone like Amy would intervene. Upon mention of her, Amy and Rodney would then show themselves in front of the two, with Amy thanking Ella for the helpful hint. Dawn responds by telling Amy to look out for a mutant animal that’s close to them. Amy doesn’t believe it at first, thinking that Dawn is trying to trick her from getting the treasure until Rodney warns her. Ella and Dawn would evacuate as the mutant got close to Amy and Rodney. After trying to think about a plan to escape, Amy convinces Rodney to fend off the creature for her, and even if he does get eliminated from the challenge, she’ll still be willing to date him. Rodney easily agrees while Amy ran off, leaving the two by themselves, but not before Amy exclaims to Rodney that she lied the whole time about her promise.

Back at the northeastern part of the Boney Island woods, B, Justin, and Trent were near the entrance to the Fun Zone. B peers his head towards the entrance to see Larry keeping guard of the treasure and as well as the contestants that failed the challenge through his hand-made binoculars. He gestures for Justin and Trent to look at the scene discreetly to see that the two crowns are inside the Fun Zone. Realizing now that the treasure is in there, Trent and Justin step inside, ignoring B’s silent warning. Outside the Fun Zone, B heard the twosome’s screams. He stayed still beside the entrance for his own safety, until Amy bumped into him. Encountering him, Amy asks B if the treasure is in the Fun Zone, to which B quickly affirms. Amy peered her head towards the entrance leading to the Fun Zone and pulled it back out as she became aware of the danger taking place in there. She turned to face B who had a good few blueprints laid out for devising a plan to retrieve the treasure. Amy asks if B will help her out and B responds by pointing over to his blueprints. Taking the answer as a yes, Amy accepts B to help her in his way.

Back again at the northwest section, Eva approached the skull cave that has been described to be a possible spot for the two crowns. Eva examines the cave for the treasure without uttering a word. Having finished looking around to see nothing there, Eva turned her back and prepared to move west to the find the treasure at the Fun Zone. It was then that she was confronted by one of the mutant inhabitants. Without hesitation, Eva uses her strength to knock out the creature. She was then ambushed by Ezekiel, who jumps down in front of her. Once again, Eva shows herself to have the upper-hand by then tossing Ezekiel out of her sight while Sammy and Blaineley stood watching her without her notice. Taking a good look at Eva’s actions, Sammy and Blaineley both inferred that the treasure was located on the other side of Boney Island. Sammy remarks towards Blaineley that Eva is a strong player if she can take on anything that’s thrown at her, to which Blaineley reminds her that Eva is considered to be one of the strongest players in Total Drama by physical standards for numerous reasons.

Before Sammy and Blaineley could move out and follow Eva’s path, the pair was approached by the feral Ezekiel after Eva tossed him to where the twosome hid, still without noticing that she was being surveyed by them. With no other obstacles in her sight, Eva made a dash for the Fun Zone while Sammy and Blaineley had to deal with the feral teen. Before either of the two contestants could think of a plan to escape, Blaineley somehow caught Ezekiel’s attention due to the wristwatch on her arm. Blaineley knew now that Ezekiel was after her wristwatch when he tried to lunge for it. Unwilling for the feral teen to take the wristwratch from her hands, Blaineley started to run while Ezekiel came chasing after her. Blaineley cried out to the feral teen to stay away from her watch as she continued to try and get away from him. Sammy made a run for the Fun Zone while Blaineley stalled Ezekiel. After the scuffle, Topher approached the skull cave and hung his head in disappointment when he realizes that he now has to walk back to where he had just left from.

Near to where the Fun Zone is located, Ella and Dawn were making their way towards the said spot. Ella would then ask Dawn why the island-dwelling creatures are attacking. Dawn answers by saying that there are two theories, with the first being that they are technically disturbing their habitat, with the second theory being that someone is commanding them to prevent the island’s treasure from being taken, suggesting that it’s Ezekiel that the host also warned about that’s making them act as bodyguards. Right as Dawn made such a presumption, Ezekiel would pop up in front of her and Ella, preparing to take a couple more back to the Fun Zone. As Ezekiel touched Dawn, she felt something that she would have never thought she’d experienced. Time froze over and Dawn got a closer look at what was hidden within the feral teen’s aura and caught a short glimpse of him from the past. It was the image of a simple, pale, homeschooled boy. The moment she felt time move like normal, she saw that her aura reading power had sent Ezekiel flying back about ten feet away from Dawn.

At that point, Ella asked Dawn what she did. Dawn responds by saying that she hasn’t experience something like this before and there’s something about Ezekiel that she can’t seem to completely comprehend. Ezekiel then gets back up for another attempting at seizing Dawn, and he manages to do so without any other problems occurring. Ella urges Dawn to try and use her powers on him again before Dawn tells her that they’re not working on him now for some reason and demands Ella to escape to the Fun Zone. Ella takes Dawns advice and resumes on her path until she comes across one of the island creatures that Ezekiel had called upon. Without reinforcements, Ella resorts to trying to calm the mutant with her singing, which doesn’t work and results into her subsequent capture.

The other remaining three contestants, Sammy, Eva, and Topher, would then meet up with B and Amy beside the entrance to the Fun Zone. While Sammy and Eva arrived with enduring energy, Topher would arrive out of breath. Topher asks if anyone knows what B is planning, which then Amy responds by saying that he can’t talk and that there’s no feasible plan in sight to retrieve the two treasures guarded by Larry until B has it thought out. Being her impatient self and not wanting to follow a plan to get what she wants, Eva confronts Larry and his minions without second thought. Not wanting their chances taken away by such a strong contestant, Amy and Sammy both rushed inside as well, forcing B to step in and try to get the contestants to retreat. Before he could say anything, he gets caught by the roots of the mutant plants. Amy and Sammy both resort to using their athletic skills to snatch the two crowns. However, their strategy is cut short after getting caught by Larry, and subsequently saved by Eva who pummels her way through the Fun Zone to take both of the crowns. Topher, who was waiting outside the Fun Zone during the surprise attack, saw as Eva exited the site with the two treasures, nonchalantly giving the other half to him, saying that even though she wouldn’t want to share it, it’s his since he was one of the last two contestants standing in the challenge.

*Confessional Cam*

Topher expresses how surprised and pleased he is at the same time to have won a spot as team captain. He acknowledges that he won by chickening out, but he is otherwise satisfied that it did him some favors regardless.

*End of confessional* 

The other contestants were then escorted out of the Fun Zone and taken back to the shore alongside Eva and Topher, all of them waiting for Chris and Chef to return to verify the results of the challenge. The two winners took a gaze at the pirate crowns. One contained an emblem of a pelican while the other had an emblem of a seagull. Chris and Chef returned while on their ship, announcing to the cast that Eva and, surprisingly, Topher had both won the challenge and serve as team captains for the teams that will be formed after tonight’s eliminated ceremony. He adds that because of their win, Eva and Topher are immune from elimination.

*Confessional Cams*

Amy expresses her sheer frustration towards being so close to becoming a team captain, only for it to be taken away from her. She goes on to say that while she’ll have to be a regular team player, she intends having her sister end up on the same team as her while trying to overthrow either Eva or Topher and take the leadership that she feels she deserves, and in preventing “Samey” from getting the satisfaction of being a team leader and getting her eliminated in the process, she will successfully kill two birds with one stone. She finishes by saying while she’d like to have “Samey” eliminated, as she’s seeking to get her revenge on her, she says that she’ll be voting off Rodney admitting that she can’t stand to have him around any longer and is confident that she’ll be able to get enough votes against him.

Sammy expresses that she’s not too upset about losing the challenge and hopes to not end up on the same team with her sister again. She then says that while she wants to have Amy eliminated, she declares that she wants Blaineley out first, believing she won’t be useful at all for any of the next challenges, and so she’ll try to convince some others to side with her.

*End of confessionals*

All nineteen competitors were summoned to Chris and Chef’s ship, awaiting either safety or elimination. Chris shows the contestants a small chest containing their symbols of immunity. Inside were eighteen golden doubloons. Chris acknowledges that they’re not actually real doubloons and they’re made of chocolate, but informs that the one person who doesn’t get their immunity symbol will be ousted from the game, have to walk the Plank of Shame, and get thrown overboard. Eva and Topher are the first two names called by out Chris, as they won the challenge. Chris then confirms Ella, Dawn, Brick, Tyler, Beardo, Anne Maria, Katie, Sadie, Trent, B, Justin, Staci, and Leonard to be safe from elimination. At that point, Amy, Sammy, Rodney, and Blaineley were the only ones without a doubloon. Chris then calls out “Samey” and Amy, making them safe as well, leaving Rodney and Blaineley in the bottom two. Tension rises before Chris calls the name of the last contestant to stay another day until he finally calls out to Rodney.

Blaineley complains about her loss before Chris then reassures her that the other contestants have spoken and he’s not at all surprised that the majority of them would find her too sketchy to have around since her last-minute arrival. He then adds that he and Chef weren’t completely certain if she was the real or not before seeing that they noticed a surprise visitor nearby. On cue, Chris points over to what appeared to be the real Blaineley waiting by the steps of Chris’ ship, calling out to the host that the Blaineley standing right before them is an imposter. Being both eliminated and her cover blown, “Blaineley” on the ship removes her wristwatch and therefore, her holographic disguise that hid her true identity: Scarlett. Chris mocks Scarlett for her early loss, commenting how she’s trying to sneak her way back into the show through unconventional means as she’s been banned from competing since last season. Then, someone else shows up, walking up to the ship warning Scarlett that he thinks they’ve been found out. Of course, it was Manfred Businessman, who was immediately revealed to be Max after the frustrated Scarlett removed the wristwatch concealing his identity whilst scolding him for his incompetence.

Before being shown to the Plank of Shame, Scarlett goes on a rant against Chris telling him that even though she can’t compete for the millions, she’ll still try and it snatch it up, whatever it takes. Chris then commands for Chef to throw Scarlett and Max overboard. Chef comments how it would’ve been more satisfying with Blaineley for the alliance he was forced to make with her back in World Tour, but he’s still willing to do the job since he has no regards for a couple of troublemakers. Before leaving Chris to resume his hosting job, the real Blaineley finishes by saying that she wouldn’t have ever signed in to return for the new season since she’s been done keeping her own self attached to Total Drama. After Chef had done his job of throwing Scarlett and Max out of the ship, Chris does his usual sign-off for the episode, saying that while the show had started on such a bizarre note, he guarantees that the season become more interesting once the teams are formed, next time on “Total! Drama! Treasure Tour!”


Bonus post-elimination scene: Scarlett and Max are inside a technological shed in Pahkitew Island (not to be confused with the main operations room within the same vicinity), as they’ve settled there as their closeted headquarters. Max advises Scarlett that while Chris is not willing to let them compete again, they should take their business elsewhere. Scarlett refutes by saying that she has some unfinished business with the host and even though her plan failed in such short time, there’s always a plan B to consider. That’s when Scarlett then reveals to Max that she decided that she would make good use of a certain rogue contestant that she had encountered in Boney Island and came back to after her elimination to capture him. Scarlett then acknowledges that while it’ll take them time to control Ezekiel’s behavior and put him under their own control, she adds that there’s something about him that they can take advantage of, believing that he can be of good use in stealing away the prize money that she so desires.



Eliminated: Blaineley (actually Scarlett in disguise)
Non-competitor cameos: Blaineley, Max

Topher and Eva win the challenge for this episode, making them the team leaders starting in the next episode.


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3. There's No 'Ice' in Team


Chris summons the eighteen contestants to the dockyard, as a new day has settled in for the cast, awaiting today’s challenge. The host and his sidekick chef present the contestants with the two vessels that they’ll be using to navigate themselves to their required challenges. He goes on to say that they can’t hop on while the teams still need to be formed. He informs them that the newly assigned captains, Eva and Topher, will start the ball rolling, and the process will be similar to the team formations from the second season, before then pointing out that there will be one difference – for each contestant that gets chosen until they’re down to one, that contestant will pick the next team member and so forth. Chris further clarifies that while both Eva and Topher have the first choice, they get only one choice, and so advises them to make it wise. He adds by saying that they can take the backseat in the picking process if they needed to. Before Chris commences the team formations, he informs the contestants that each choice made will be absolute and there will be no “takesies backsies,” making Katie and Sadie exchange concerned looks. He continues by saying that they shouldn’t worry if they don’t know any other particular contestant very well and that they don’t have to worry as long as Ezekiel is not participating whatsoever.

Upon mention of the feral teen that she had encountered in the previous challenge, Dawn raises her hand up to ask Chris about him, but she is easily interrupted by the host, who reassures her that he is none of his concern, and that he shouldn’t be of anyone else’s concern. Dawn goes silent while Eva thinks over who her best option should be as a teammate. She says to herself that what she needs someone who can fill in easy as her first mate; someone who can do whatever she asks no matter what. She fixates her mind on Brick. Knowing how he displays a lot of qualities in being a team player, Eva declares to Brick that he’s on her team. Brick responds back with his usual cadet salute and joins in with her without hesitation.

*Confessional Cam*

Brick expresses his doubts on the idea that he and Eva will get along fine, since she still reminds him a lot of Jo, but goes on to say that he has his hopes that the experience will be different and therefore better than his times with his former teammate.


With several options open to him, Topher sees himself having trouble making the first decision. That was until Topher thought to exploit the same idea that Eva had and pick a contestant that he feels confident would commit to any of his demands. Without hesitation, like Eva, Topher calls out for Ella to his side. Eva pokes fun at Topher for his choice, believing that he chose her because he thought she’s the prettiest of the bunch, to which Topher responds with quick denial.

*Confessional Cam*

Trent comments how that he doesn’t have to feel guilty about choosing teammates since he’s not the captain this time. He then talks about how Topher’s first choice reminded him of the time Lindsay was picked first for his team…not in a way of saying that it was his responsibility, he adds in a tone of denial.


With Team A’s turn to pick another team member, Eva reminds Brick that he has to choose the next member for their team and that it has to be a girl. Looking around to find someone who he’s familiar with and feels could be useful for challenges, Brick nominates Dawn. Dawn joins up with her teammates and gives thanks to Brick for choosing her. With Team B (not to be confused with the contestant, of course)’s turn again to choose another teammate, Ella appears to have no problem making her decision and picks Trent, being a fan of the Drama Brothers herself. At the same time as feeling flattered, Trent also feels nervous since he has to pick someone next. Being Team A’s turn again to pick another contestant for their team, Dawn didn’t have to think so much on her own choice and calls out to B to join her side. Dawn then explains to Eva that B is useful for his inventive skill. As a response, Eva tells Dawn that she didn’t need or ask for an explanation. Being his silent self, B nonchalantly joins up with Eva and the others.  With Team B now having to pick another team member, Trent appears to be indecisive, even after Topher advises him not to choose someone who’s just a pretty face. Trent looks around to see Katie and Sadie both patiently waiting for him to pick either of them. Feeling uneasy about sharing a team with them, Trent passes on them as options. After trying to think it over, Trent ultimately makes his decision by pointing over to Anne Maria, saying that he feels she could be of good use.

With five more slots to fill for each team, the next turn passes on to Team A, where B is having trouble making his decision, being only familiar with Staci, who is a lesser option to him. He points a finger over to Katie. She asks B if he’s sure that she’s been picked, and he gives a simple reassuring nod. As Katie joins Eva’s team, Sadie hollers to the group, reminding them to pick her next and that she and Katie need to be on the same team. Chris butts in to tell Sadie that she’ll have to wait until Eva’s team can pick another female player or until she ends up getting picked by Topher’s team. Before Sadie could quarrel with Chris about the latter, the host asks for Anne Maria to pick another team member for Topher. Anne Maria says first thing that she doesn’t know any of her options very much. She continues by saying that if she was to trust her guts, she would have to pick someone who she thinks is big and strong enough for her standards, and so she nominates Rodney. Topher inevitably tells Anne Maria that she chose someone who may be a distraction for the team. Anne Maria responds to Topher by reminding him about what Chris said that all choices are final and that there is no right or wrong choices. However, Anne Maria rethinks what she said once as she noticed Rodney falling head over heels towards her.

Before Katie could choose the next team member, Amy complains to her sister Sammy, asking why they haven’t been chosen yet, to which Sammy points out that the others are afraid to choose her by mistake and jokes that Rodney will at least pick her since he can tell them apart, apparently. Katie first thought about Justin before remembering that he would prefer to be on the same team as Trent and eventually focuses her attention on Beardo, making sound effects as usual. Afterwards, she declares that she chooses Beardo to be on the team. Using his normal talking voice, Beardo expresses his thanks in an awkward fashion.

*Confessional Cam*

Beardo admits that while he’s trying to get to know the others more by saying more than just his sound effects, he acknowledges that it’s going to take a lot time before he could get used to it.


Both Amy and Sammy call out to Rodney to try and get his attention and pick either of them. However, before Rodney could say either of their names, Topher butts in to convince Rodney that he shouldn’t make an easy choice and go for a different female contestant that could be one less distraction for him. Topher also tries to obscure the twins from Rodney’s view while the latter is struggling to choose between Sadie and Staci, the only other two options. Deciding to take Topher’s advice, Rodney chooses Sadie, thus making her cry out in despair and protesting to Chris that she needs to be on the same team as her friend Katie. Instead of obliging to her demand, Chris reminds her that there won’t be any “takesies backsies,” ever. Before Sadie could continue to bicker with the host, Katie calls out to Sadie to entrust her that she’ll be able to do just fine without her as she was able to handle herself without her after she got voted off all the way back in the first season. The two best friends finish by saying they’ll root for each other while they won’t be sharing a team this season. Chris interrupts the moment by telling Beardo that it is his turn now to pick a team member for Eva. Once again, the cheerleader twins give themselves the opportunity to beg for a spot. Sammy exclaims “Trigger word” to give Beardo a sign going back to yesterday’s challenge while Amy resorts to doing the same to try and divert his attention from her sister. Unable to tell them apart, Beardo ends up saying Amy’s name, leaving the good twin disappointed while the evil twin gloats to Rodney that she won’t share a team with him. Chef reminds Sadie that it’s now her turn to pick a contestant for Topher’s team as a request from Chris to try and get to her to stop feeling upset about being separated from Katie for a moment. Sadie easily picks Justin without having to think about any of the other male contestants that weren’t still chosen.

*Confessional Cam*

Katie talks about she feels somewhat jealous about Justin and Trent being on the same team as Sadie, but then adds that she’s happy if that makes her happy.


With four more contestants to be assembled for the teams, Amy is left with a choice between Tyler and Leonard. She nominates Leonard, explaining to Eva that he could be used as fodder if they were to lose a challenge. Eva then points out to Amy that because they’re on the same team, that doesn’t mean that she should expect her to be nice with her. As Justin was about to choose between Staci and Sammy, Amy calls for the handsome teen’s attention by trying to convince him not to pick her sister, claiming that she’s so vain that she thinks she’s prettier than he is. Before Sammy could protest, Justin calls out Staci’s name. The contestant in question gloats about one of her fake ancestors as she joins alongside Topher’s group. Sammy gives out an annoyed sigh, seeing that she has no other option than to join Eva’s team while Tyler is forced to join alongside Topher. Tyler tells Sammy that she shouldn’t take it too hard as he’s been picked last in school sports several times before. Sammy responds with a nervous tone, telling him that the feeling is mutual for her.

With both teams now completely formed, Chris declares Eva’s team, Team A, to be referred to as the Pity Pelicans while Topher’s team, Team B, will be known as the Gullible Gulls. The contestants, however, take offense towards the names. Chris then underlines that this is the no-stars season after all and that they’ll have to deal with it for a while. With the two teams now set up, Chris informs them about where their first challenge is going to take place, as the first part requires for them to sail their ships across to an island west from Yukon marked on their maps. Chris then tells the contestants that he’ll be giving out more information about the challenge once as they complete the first objective, ending things off by warning them not to crash into any ice floes or icebergs, reminding them that they’ll have to patch up the damages for their ships themselves.

The first team shown out in sea is the Gullible Gulls. With each of them assigned as captains, Eva and Topher are assigned with navigation for the first challenge. On Topher’s ship, Tyler asks if he knows where he’s steering. Topher responds by telling him to ask around if anyone has a good sense of direction unless he himself can act as the navigator. Tyler leaves himself to examine the rest of his teammates. Trent and Ella appeared to be bonding over their love of music (and well as due to Ella being a Drama Brothers fan), prompting for Justin to join in and tease his Drama Brothers partner for seemingly having already filled in the void that Gwen left him, to which Trent denies. As soon as Tyler asked the group if they know anything about navigation, Ella chimes in by saying that she could summon one of her animal friends with her whale whistle if they’re lost. In an instant, Trent told her that it isn’t necessary and after Ella suggests singing the sea shanty song from World Tour to liven the mood, Trent reminds her that she’s already done it since the past fifteen minutes that they’ve been aboard. Tyler continues asking around to give Topher assistance. Staci is seasick and remarks that she should’ve brought a compass, which she claims her great-great-great granduncle Steven invented. Likewise, Rodney too was coming down with seasickness and wasn’t an option to Tyler. Sadie is too down in the dumps after being separated from Katie to provide help, and so Tyler was left with asking Anne Maria. Upon asking her, Anne Maria, of course, ribs on Topher for his bad sense of direction, telling him that he needs to steer towards where the ice is, and tries to take over. While the two were now fighting at the helm, Tyler warns them about the ice sheets nearing their ship. They both failed to listen to his warning, before they heard a crashing sound, and saw that the Gulls’ ship was being damaged by the ice sheets.

Meanwhile, in the Pitiful Pelicans’ ship, Eva is at the helm and tells her teammates that she needs to start assembling an organized crew as soon as possible so that they could have an edge over the Gulls. Leonard chimes in to ask if he could be of any assistance. Amy butts in to tell him that no one’s interesting and suggests that Eva should make her first mate, proclaiming herself to be a strong team player. Samey politely makes the same suggestion towards Eva. Annoyed by the twins, Eva loses her temper and tells them to get off her case. Trying to lessen the tension, Beardo vocalizes sounds of the ocean to calm Eva’s nerves. For this, she compliments Beardo for keeping her anger management in check. Katie, feeling lonely without Sadie on her side, asks Eva for advice to cope with being away from her best friend. Eva rolls her eyes and tells her that if she wants to stay longer in the game, she’ll have to have make friends with her other teammates. Afterwards, she suggests bothering the cheerleader twins since she has no patience with them. Katie breaks the ice between the twins by complimenting how they’re siblings and therefore have had more time together than she and Sadie ever had. Amy bites back by saying that she would probably want abandon Sadie if she had to share a life with her. Sammy jobs in to tell Katie that she shouldn’t have to take anything that her sister says seriously.

Turning away from the twins, Katie tries conversing with Beardo, and he reacts by imitating the sound of a zipper being closed by running his right fingers through his mouth. Katie then tries talking to B, who is unable to talk, turning it into an awkward situation for Katie. However, B goes over to Dawn to be given a Tarot reading, prompting for Katie to join in. Dawn expresses B’s future to him and says that he’ll “go on to invent extraordinary things,” to which B gestures with a thumbs up in response. Through her cards, Dawn then says of Katie’s future that she “will one day be reunited with the person she cares for most.” Listening in on Dawn’s future readings, Amy joins in to contend about the authenticity of her Tarot readings, calling it hogwash just to try and stir the blood. Dawn reassures Amy that the cards intend to give positive readings and the truth rests in them. Amy provokes by then requesting for her to give a reading of her future. Despite Dawn’s disdain towards the bad twin, she obliges and expresses to Amy that “her relationship with her sister will soon change in an important way.” Amy leaves and shrugs it off for its vagueness and because she believes such a thing will never turn out true.

*Confessional Cam*

In her cabin, Dawn expresses her annoyance towards Amy and says that she must be the first to be voted off from the Pelicans, seeing her as a serious threat to the team. She continues to say that she may have to keep up her act as the team member with supernatural powers for a while, confessing that she somehow lost her spiritual powers after her encountering with Ezekiel in Boney Island, as she doesn’t know how to break the truth to them. She ends her self-discussion by saying that it’ll at least be having a new and enlightening experience playing the game while being normal most of the time until she gets her supernatural powers back from Ezekiel.


As the Pelicans continue sailing across the ocean to find the specific marked island, Beardo was viewing the waters surrounding them until he began seeing the ice floes that they were warned about prior. This led for him to vocalize a warning sound, signaling for Eva to steer away from the obstacles in the way. They would then successfully approach land and stop their shop beside a plot of land filled with snow, where Chris and Chef were waiting. The Gulls would be the last team to arrive and the team’s ship stalls beside the Pelicans ship, with a visible number of scratches from the ice floes. With both teams settled, Chris instructs the contestants on today’s challenge. He discusses that he chose this particular setting for the first challenge because it serves as a fervent test for to-be pirates for endurance of cold weather and as well as for the risks to be made in treasure hunting. Chris informs the two teams that they will have to cross a river of freezing cold water, encircled by fragile, cracked ice platforms, then scale a tall a mountain, and then and only then, would they reach the final test that awaits atop, which will determine the winner of today’s treasure hunting challenge. Who performs the final challenge for the team is determined by who plants the respective team flag at the mountaintop, and the host then tosses the two pieces of fabric over to both teams. Chris concludes by telling the contestants to do their best (or their worst), prompting for the challenge to start.

The Gullible Gulls team already begins the first part of the challenge, as directed by their captain. Topher is the first to cross to the mountain and notions for the rest of his team to follow suit, but he is returned with skepticism. Tyler questions him if they should have a specific strategy to bring themselves across. Impatient, Anne Maria volunteers to cross next, taking into consideration that she might as well go ahead since Topher didn’t say that they can’t. Justin comments towards Trent how she doesn’t like Anne Maria because of her arrogance. Trent jokingly responds with his bemusement by saying that he and her are alike in that regard. While Anne Maria was crossing the icy lake, Rodney, feeling lovestruck towards her, followed after. Out of panic, Anne Maria rushes the rest of her way across until she and Rodney met up with Topher by the mountain, both of them cracking the ice platforms further in the process.

Meanwhile, Eva suggests forming a strategy before crossing their way towards the mountain. Leonard then asks again if he could be of any assistance. Although annoyed, Eva agrees to let Leonard share what he has to say. As a response, Leonard starts reciting a full-fledged plan for the challenge that he came up with through his game board. He advises that Dawn, who he refers to as ‘The Moonchild,’ should speak to one of the creatures of the island on how they should cross the icy lake. For the second trial, as Leonard so declares, the two cheerleader twins are to form a ‘mighty triangle tower’ for the wizard, his truly, to climb so that he can plant the team flag and take on the final test himself. After Leonard finished illustrating his plan for the challenge, he adds that he has considered titles for the other teammates, to which Eva replies that she doesn’t have time for any dorky pet names and that she doesn’t accept Leonard to try and win the challenge for the team since she’s the captain and therefore the one giving orders. Leonard defends himself by saying that he was convinced that he was destined “to take on a powerful warrior to test [his] own strength” from Dawn’s Tarot reading. Sammy would then ask if Leonard meant that they should form a pyramid and goes on to say that she’s willing to do the task as long as her sister doesn’t interfere with it. Amy, of course, heckles with her sister for thinking that Leonard has a good plan. During the discussion, B was going over his blueprints and worked on building a wooden canoe. Dawn chimes in to say that she will try and find a best possible way for crossing the icy lake before examining the area to find a leopard seal. Although the sea animal in question didn’t comprehend Dawn’s inquiries, she returned with an answer for her team that that they should take turns crossing the ice platforms gently. However, once as she and her teammates saw what B had built for the first phase of the challenge, she then says “Or, we can do this B’s way.”

While the Pelicans team began attempted to cross the river with B’s canoe, along with a set of oars, the Gulls still appear to be struggling with the first part of the challenge. Tyler and Trent were hesitant due to their collective concerns of falling into the freezing cold water because of their unluckiness, Sadie is still feeling glum from being separated from her friend, and Staci is too focused on telling tall tales about her ancestors, while Justin and Ella is both skeptic due to Topher’s lack of a comprehensive plan. It was at that point Topher brought out his megaphone and pressured the rest of his teammates to cross. While from afar, Tyler called out to Topher by saying that he shouldn’t use his megaphone so that he wouldn’t cause an avalanche. Justin would then volunteer to cross the platforms and does so with little problem. Feeling confident now, Tyler tries crossing in his usual athletic manner…only to slip and fall into the cold water before he was even halfway across. Tyler would then resort to swimming the rest of the way over to Topher’s side and continued to shiver from the chilliness of the lake. Trent resorts to his old method of counting to nine to try and cross the lake without much worry and succeeds. Ella made her way through the ice platforms in a carefree manner, while singing a merry tune. All that was left was Sadie and Staci. Topher used his megaphone once again to get their attention, but this time in a quieter tone.

*Confessional Cam*

Justin complains the team is cramping his style, further stating that he might quit if things don’t go good in his favor. He adds that it’s not even fun being around Sadie because being together with Katie is all she cares about right now.


As a method of convincing Sadie and Staci to cross the icy lake, Justin grabs their attention by removing his shirt for this moment. Managing to cheer up Sadie somewhat, and as well as managing to distract Staci from her pointless rambling, they make their way through, thus letting the Gulls complete the first part of the challenge while the Pelicans have already arrived altogether, preparing for their second phase of the challenge. The Pelicans began their pyramid formation with B, Beardo, Eva, and Sammy at the bottom, Brick, Dawn, and Amy in the middle, and Leonard at the top. Noticing someone was missing, Eva ordered for Katie to get in the formation. Following her orders, Katie climbs up to where Leonard was, holding on to the team’s flag. Seeing that she would be close to the top above Leonard’s height, she climbs atop of Leonard. She jumps over to and then clutches onto the peak of the mountain before then mounting the flag from where she was holding on. Chris then announces that Katie will be partaking in the last part of the challenge for her team, which will be in a game of ice hockey against Bruno the bear, who is guarding the treasure chest reward. As Katie climbed up to the mountaintop, she realizes that she was standing in front of exactly what the host described it was. Leonard cried out in despair as he saw his opportunity was taken away from him, before losing his balance and falling off the pyramid formation. Sadie cheers her on while her team continued with their current task. After Leonard descended from the tower formation, Eva asks if Leonard has a plan for when Katie gets the treasure.

*Confessional Cam*

Tyler, stammering due to his hypothermia, laments how he lost his chance to partake in a challenge he feels he would be good at, but goes on to say that he’s not too upset about it regardless and he’s fine with his other teammates taking up the opportunity, although at the same time, he’s not feeling confident that his team will be able to win it due to their rotten luck.

The next piece of footage shows Leonard, who laments how he not only lost his opportunity to take on the last part of the challenge, but also how his plan didn’t exactly how he would’ve wanted for it to. He adds to say that he needs to catch up with his wizard skills, commenting that Dawn and B have exceeded his usefulness for the team.


Leonard advises for his teammates to hold on to their pyramid formation until Katie returns with the treasure so she could drop it off for one of them to grab it and accompany it back to their team’s ship. Eva agrees to the plan before then informing Brick to make sure that all of the team members return to the ship once they get the treasure. Chris shifts his perspective over towards the Gullible Gulls and comments on how they seem to be struggling, especially with Tyler unable to commit to the rest of the challenge for the time being. Sans Tyler, Topher’s team appears to be scaling the mountain individually. Due to Ella herself being compelled to sing, she ends up causing an avalanche through of her yodeling. She formally apologizes afterwards as the pile of snow brought Staci, Trent, Rodney, and Anne Maria back to the bottom before Ella suggests to herself to sing the World Tour rendition of Eine kleine Nachtmusik to stick with the theme of having to keep quiet. Besides her, Topher, Justin, and Sadie were closed to the top. Topher, who was holding on to the team flag, lend it to Justin as they both got near the top. Chris then announces that Justin would partake in the ice hockey match alongside Katie after he had reached the peak and mounted the flag on the snow covered flat. Topher, Sadie, and Ella would catch up and reach the peak. Topher tells Justin that he’ll coach for him while Sadie and Ella will cheer him on…before adding that that he’ll make sure they’ll support him quietly.

Justin, at first, wasn’t feeling confident about doing the challenge until he remembered that he was up against Katie. Justin suggests using his good looks as an advantage, but Sadie and Ella dissent against the idea of playing dirty against Katie. Topher tells Justin that he do whatever he pleases, reminding him of the importance of winning and acknowledging that Chris makes up his own rules as they go anyway and he wouldn’t seem to be against sabotage. Chris commences the ice hockey match and then informs that the game will go on until one of the teams scores five goals against Bruno. With Justin and Katie now equipped with sticks and pucks, Sadie cheers Katie on. With that boost of confidence from her friend, Katie was first to score a goal. Topher would then scold Sadie for presumably throwing the challenge for her friend, reminding her that she and her are on opposing sides. Justin struggles to score points for his team as his picks constantly get blocked by Bruno, causing for Topher to then call out to Justin to try and score when the bear’s guard is low. This would give Justin his cue to start playing one of his usual tricks, using his looks to try and swoon the bear with enough time to strike a puck through his guard, giving him his first point for Gulls. The act of trickery angered the bear to the point of beginning to hurl an excessive amount of pucks with his stick against Justin and Katie, prompting for them to finish the match as soon as possible.

After hitting several more pucks across the rink, Katie would win for her team 5-3, according to the scoreboard. Bruno tired himself from exhaustion, giving both Katie and Justin the opportunity to seize in taking the treasure chest. Katie hurls a puck with her stick towards Justin’s gonads to prevent him from stealing away the victory. Katie apologizes to Jusitn afterwards as she retrieves the treasure chest. Katie saw Eva below showing open hands. However, being unable to resist the form any longer, Amy budges around and bickers with Sammy before most of the teammates lost balance and fell off. Katie then threw down the chest towards Eva, who grabs it with no difficulty. Eva then calls out to Brick to reassemble the teammates as he darted over towards B’s canoe. All members of the Pelicans would return to Eva and the canoe after Katie climbed down and Brick lifted everyone else back up. Topher, Sadie, Ella, and Justin all climbed back down to meet back with their teammates, telling them to make their way back to the Gullible Gulls ship and launch a surprise attack against the Pelicans’ ship, as there’s still a chance for them to steal away their victory. The Gulls took the same path across the ice platforms to return to their landing spot (with Rodney having to carry Tyler on his back due to his condition).

Not long after the Pelicans team returned to their ship, their progress was stalled by the Gulls (sans Tyler) carrying out a raid. Beardo would issue the warning call before the Gulls would engage their surprise attack. In the midst of the raid, B would construct a cannon, which he used to fire Staci, Trent, Justin, and Ella away from the ship. Katie and Sadie stalled their own orders as they ended up facing each other, Rodney was cornered by Amy and Sammy, with his attraction towards Amy immobilizing him, Anne Maria and Brick were up against each other, and the two respective team captains saw themselves face to face. Eva would easily overwhelm the Gulls and foil their raid by throwing the rest of the opposing teammates overboard before climbing back up to their own ship in defeat.

The Gulls returned to the dockyard empty-handed while the Pelicans returned with the treasure for Chris and Chef. The host officially announced the Pity Pelicans as the winning team and that the Gullible Gulls have to get rid one of their own crew members in tonight’s elimination ceremony. The winning team would then inquire to the host what the treasure chest contains. Chris opens the chest to reveal a bunch of ice crystals inside, telling the contestants that he can now make really good popsicles now that they’ve done their job to retrieve said treasure. Despite the Pelicans being disappointed in Chris for his selfishness, they would later celebrate their first victory hours later in their ship with a little jig, courtesy of Beardo and his turntable. Eva comes over to the human soundboard for congratulating him for his contributions to the team by making good use of his sound effects. Beardo says thanks with a sheepish tone. As the party was coming to a close, B saw as Katie stepped down the stairway to the team’s ship, walking over to where the Chris’s ship rested, as it was almost time for the elimination ceremony. From an observation room, Chris comments to Chef that one of the teams seems be getting along well, but continues to say that he’ll be making sure that the Pelicans will be at each other’s throats sooner than later.

At the Gullible Gulls’ ship, Chris presented the contestants on the chopping block with a miniature chest with 8 chocolate doubloons inside. Before going over the usual formalities, Chris acknowledges the team’s failures by addressing Sadie’s reluctance to help her own team over supporting her best friend, Anne Maria for damaging the ship, Rodney for continually falling head over heels for the other female contestants, Tyler (who has now recovered from his hypothermia) for blowing his chance of partaking in the last part of the challenge that was in his fort, Ella for slowing progress during the second portion of the challenge because of her singing habits, Staci for continuing to do very little for her team rather than run her mouth about her ancestors, Justin for costing the team from winning, and Topher for his poor leadership. Regardless, he further says to Topher that he’s the first of the team to be considered safe since he still seems to the most reliable. Afterwards, he calls out for Trent, Tyler, Ella, Anne Maria, Rodney, and Staci to come and get their symbol of safety, leaving Sadie and Justin in the bottom two.

Chris tells the two contestants that they are tied in votes so unless one of them decides to volunteer for the Plank of Shame, they may have to perform a tiebreaker challenge. After a moment of dramatic silence, Justin stood up and raised his hand, to the surprise of Sadie. Chris also expresses his surprise that someone as self-centered as Justin would choose to forfeit the game. Justin affirms to Chris that he’s been feeling out of touch participating in the season, and even though he’s taking the fall for the other teammates, he would be leaving out of grace. Left to cue Justin’s dismissal with the Plank of Shame now, he calls out for Chef to finish the job. Justin, now positioned on the said plank was thrown overboard by Chef who pointed his sword at him until he plunged into the shark infested waters, prompting for him to swim away from them as far as possible. As this marked the end of the elimination ceremony, the remaining members of the Gulls would return to their own ship.

In the sidelines, Katie was revealed to have eavesdropped the whole time, and showed a feeling of relief after seeing that Sadie was spared from elimination. Before she could walk back to her team’s ship, Katie would be startled by B’s appearance. Unsure of how to commute with him, Katie asked if he noticed that she was gone and needed to make sure she was fine. B responded with a simple nod. Katie apologies for sneaking out to check on her friend and tells B that she’ll meet back with the others.

Chris sends off the episode with his usual intriguing inquiries on what is yet to come for the season before telling the audience that they’ll have to wait and see next time on “Total. Drama. Treasure Tour!”


Forfeit: Justin

Teams are officially formed in this episode:
The Pity Pelicans: Eva (Captain), Amy, B, Beardo, Brick, Dawn, Katie, Leonard, Sammy
The Gullible Gulls: Topher (Captain), Anne Maria, Ella, Justin, Rodney, Sadie, Staci, Trent, Tyler

-Dawn reveals in this episode that she somehow lost her supernatural powers after her encounter with feral Ezekiel.

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