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Sponge on the Run soundtrack thoughts?

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So as far as I know, there's 5 songs used for this film, and I was curious to know what are your thoughts on all 5. I gave them all a spin and here are all my thoughts with song links

Tainy & J Balvin - Agua:


This was the first song announced and released for the film, which got postponed a million times due to COVID overtaking the past year. I think reggaeton is a perfect genre for SpongeBob as it has a tropical vibe to it, but this track feels a bit uninspired. And I can't help due to Nick's treatment of SpongeBob with the spinoffs and all, that it has Nickelodeon's corporate hands on it and due to reggaeton being a very popular style of music in the states right now, they got together 2 of the most popular artists in the genre and didn't give them much freedom to make a tune. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Nick telling them to just sample the theme tune flute and build reggaeton production over it. It's not a BAD tune, but I just can't shake off the corporate feel. I also wish it was a different reggaeton artist, I was never big on J Balvin's hit songs compared to, say, Daddy Yankee. 

Swae Lee, Tyga & Lil Mosey - Krabby Step 


This was the second track that got released in preparation for the film that I also have similar thoughts to like I did Agua, it feels more corporate than out of genuine love and creativity from the artists featured. I fucking love Swae Lee too, Sunflower is a fun tune and Rae Sremmurd is a fun group, but I feel like this is not the final product he wanted, but I'm probably wrong and it's that bad thought of Nickelodeon getting a group of popular artists in popular genres right now to make songs for this soundtrack for marketability, then genuine styles that fit the tone with the show. I like trap, but this production is so damn lazy, it's literally a ripoff of that one Krusty Krab trap remix back in 2015!

Also why the fuck is TYGA of all people doing in this song. Dude is irrelevant and is a scumbag and the same guy who made $timulated.

Outside of that, all 3 of their perfomances are fine, Swae Lee's verse kinda goes but I just wish the overall tune was better, maybe if a different aspect of SpongeBob was used for production instead. I like this one a little better than Agua, but dammit corporate Nick.

Weezer - It's Always Summer in Bikini Bottom



I didn't even know Weezer did an original song until right now when I was able to mention the Take on Me cover from Teal Album, it's in the opening in the movie but I won't lie, I kinda skimmed through that movie and I need a full watch.

Anyway, this can't be the full track as it's a movie rip, but from this it's pretty lame. It fits what Stephen's first movie soundtrack tracklist was so I will assume he liked Weezer. Meanwhile, this band is a meme to me and only have a few good songs.

Snoop Dogg and Monsta X - How We Do


I know this one was featured in that Snoop Dogg scene in the film, but this is the only track I really hate, and this one is also obviously Nickelodeon's corporate bidding cause KPOP is popular. At least Agua and Krabby Step felt more like SpongeBob, this one has no excuse, it's just a dumb scene and crap tune. Thank god it's only a minute long.

The Flaming Lips - Snail I'm Avail

This one is obvious nostalgiabait, but fuck it, this band fits well for SpongeBob and while this tune is short, it's a very pretty song. Kind of sounds like commercial core music, but it also makes me feel nostalgic for the first Flaming Lips tune, back in the amazing First Movie soundtrack. This doesn't have anything on Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy, but it's still my favorite off this soundtrack. 

I'm not gonna review the original songs or the Gary Come Home instrumental rendition. I wonder if we will have more tunes coming in a soundtrack album. I appreciate at least this is more of an album, but Pharrell Williams did a much better job with N.E.R.D.


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