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Interloopers Unite!

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Here's the cover image for novelized version of my new original series, "Interloopers Unite!" Below the image, you can find links which will direct you to the bios pertaining to the main cast of the series. And further below, you'll find the chapters of the novel which will be posted on a weekly basis.

Please post your thoughts and comments as well.










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Interloopers Unite!

United We Stand


Chapter 1: A Universal Finding

It was a beautiful night in the small town of Cullertown. The streetlights were on and the roads were nearly empty since everyone was home. However, just outside of the town, a dim light was coming from underneath a small mound.

The light was coming from a lantern, providing light for pre-teen archeologist, Wally Hewitt, a short 10 to 11-year-old boy with brown eyes and unkempt wild brown hair.

He ran a device that resembled a gaming device over the ground and the screen blinked when it detected something beneath the dirt. Wally smiled and took off his backpack, putting away the device and taking out another device that resembled a whisk with a drill. He turned the handle and started drilling into the ground.

As he worked, a young girl’s voice called out, “AAAHH! WALLY!”

Wally was approached by a girl with green eyes and a purple cat-eared beanie over her short light-brown hair. This was Nina Carter, Wally’s best friend and assistant. She was jumping up and down excitedly while holding her phone.

“Wally, you’re not gonna believe what I found!” she excitedly proclaimed. She held up her phone, shining the light on the cave wall.

Etched on the stone walls were drawings and symbols that resembled cave paintings.

“These look like the drawings you see in those dinosaur movies.” Nina enthusiastically said, “I bet our prehistoric ancestors lived here.”

An amused Wally chuckled and responded, “That is quite possible, Nina. I plan on returning here once I finish programming that Rosetta Stone app into my phone. Ah, found it.”

Wally brushed away the dirt and uncovered a crumbled-up parchment. He unfolded it and stared at the contents. Smiling in satisfaction, he stood up and rushed deeper into the cavern while Nina followed him with the lantern.

Holding the map, Wally followed the path until he and Nina came across a large gap. When they looked across, they saw a brown spherical object on a pedestal.

Knowing it was too far for either of them to jump across, Nina tried to console Wally, hoping he was not too disappointed that they made it this far only to be stopped. “I guess this is the end of the road, Wally.”

Wally surveyed the area until he glanced upward and spied a large tree root protruding through the ceiling. Smirking with an idea, a confident Wally assured his friend, “You’d think so. But I’ve encountered worse.”

He reached into his backpack again and pulled out an orange handle. Dramatically, he held it out and pushed a small button that released a long jump rope from the tip. Wally ran towards the ledge and swung his whip upward, wrapping the end of it around the hanging tree root. Once it was sturdy, Wally jumped off the ledge and swung across to the other side.

After seeing his amazing feat, Nina cheered, “Whoo-hoo! Wally!”

Now that he was safely on the other side of the gap, Wally slowly approached the treasure on the pedestal. He reached out for it, but hesitated, realizing that he may trigger a booby trap that could possibly kill him.

Sweat poured down his forehead and his fingers clenched in and out. Finally, Wally swiped the treasure off the pedestal, freezing and wincing at what booby trap he had just set off.

But after a few seconds…nothing.

As he opened his eyes, a look of disappointment swept across Wally’s face. “Seriously?” Wally asked himself, “Nothing?

“Wally!” Nina called out, worried that he hasn’t said anything about the treasure. “Did you get it?”

While disappointed that his adventure was lacking in excitement, Wally did not want to disappoint Nina as well since she had come all the way down here with him to help. Wally turned to her with a positive grin and called back, “Yeah, I got it! I’m coming back over!”

Wally let out his jump rope converted whip once again and used it to swing back over the gap with the treasure under one arm. Once he was safely across back to where he started, a proud Nina playfully punched Wally in the arm.

“That’s my Wally.” She congratulated, “So, what’d you find?”

Holding up the clay sphere, Wally proudly proclaimed, “Inside here is said to be a power source capable of charging anything like a battery. The only ancient power source in the world, and I’m the first to discover it.”

He excitedly cracked it open on a rock and the shell broke to pieces, releasing a crystal stone.

“Wow, it looks so pretty.” She said with sparkling eyes.

Wally picked up the crystal and stared at it, trying to decipher how exactly it was the power source he read about. He took out his phone and lightly tapped it against the stone as if expecting it to automatically charge the battery.

But again…nothing.

Wally slumped over in defeat and groaned, believing his treasure hunt was a complete waste of time. “I don’t believe this.” He complained, “It was bad enough when after I raided that temple, I found a box that didn’t have a human heart inside; then I found a cursed idol that wasn’t cursed at all; and now the power charge crystal is just an ordinary crystal? When am I gonna uncover something that’s worth preserving like a real archeologist?”

Seeing how disappointed her friend was, Nina wrapped her arm around his shoulders and assured, “Oh, cheer up, Wally. You’re still the first person to discover all this stuff.”

Nina led Wally out of the cave while he still sulked. As he walked, Wally looked at the crystal and said, “I suppose I can always use this as a paperweight.”

Wally and Nina arrived at the entrance of the underground cavern with a rope hanging from the entrance that they used to climb down. After putting all their supplies in Wally’s backpack, they climbed up the rope to exit the cave.

Once they were on the surface, Wally glanced upwards, catching view of the night sky. He immediately became enraptured by the beautiful starry sky. Just seeing this vast universe began to cheer him up.

“You know what, Nina?” Wally said. “My recent archeological adventures may be a bust, but there’s still one place that hasn’t been uncovered, and that’s the universe.”

“The universe?” Nina curiously asked. “You mean outer space?”

“Everything beyond outer space, Nina. I’ve theorized that beyond our space and dimension, there has to be other dimensions each containing a different world, and I wanna be the first one to discover those worlds.” Wally boastfully added, “And name them after myself, of course.”

“Oooh, can you name one after me?” Nina hopefully asked.

Holding her shoulder, Wally assured, “Of course I can, Nina. It’s the least I can do.”

Nina looked at her phone and noticed the time. “Whoops, I gotta go. If I’m not home before curfew, my dad might send a SWAT team after me.”

“You go ahead, Nina. I’ll be heading home myself in a little bit.”

After saying goodbye to her best friend, Nina ran back to town while Wally stayed behind and sat on the grass. He reached into his backpack, pulling out the crystal, a notepad, and a pen. He turned to a blank page and began writing as he read out loud to himself.

““Power Charge Crystal releases no power. Coloring: faded green. Distinguishable markings…””

As Wally continued to observe his finding and take notes, a strange glow in the distance caught his attention. He assumed it to be a ranger scoping out the woods, but realized that law enforcements don’t normally carry blue flashlights. He stood up to search for the source of the glowing, but what he saw was not what he was expecting.

He spotted an eerie blue orb of light floating in the center of the forest. When Wally decided to cautiously approach it, the light became larger and larger until it resembled that of a portal. Before Wally can get closer to it, he stopped in alarm when something flew out of it and landed roughly on the ground.

Wally became shocked when he noticed that the thing that came out of the portal was actually a person, and not just any person; it was a girl!

When the portal disappeared into thin air, Wally slowly approached the girl, who he assumed to be between the ages of 11-12. She had long dark gray hair and was crouching on the ground with her face hidden from view.

“Hey…” Wally cautiously said.

He couldn’t believe this was really happening. The first thing that immediately crossed Wally’s mind was that this person was from another dimension like he had been theorizing for a long time. If this was true, he had just made the biggest discovery of a lifetime.

“Who are…how did you…” Wally fumbled his words as he attempted to speak to the girl.

Wally knew he was making history, but he couldn’t understand why he was so nervous right now. Perhaps he thought that the girl who just came out of an interdimensional portal didn’t even speak the same language as him.

Before he can even attempt to form a sentence, the girl suddenly raised her head up, revealing her face. She appeared frightened. The girl opened her gray eyes and noticed Wally in front of her.

The girl nervously spoke, “You have to get out of here.”

“What?” Wally asked in confusion. Was the girl warning him about something?

“Beware the Society.” She continued while standing up. “Don’t let them know you saw me.”

Wally was more confused than ever. “What are you talking about?”

Without giving more details, the girl ran deeper into the forest without giving Wally another glance.

“Wait! Come back!” Wally called out to her. He attempted to run after her, but with how dark the forest was, he immediately lost sight of her.

With no other option, Wally walked back to the spot where the girl originally was. He had just made a miraculous discovery that proved his theory about how life in other dimensions existed, but had no proof of what he’d just seen and no witnesses to vouch for him.

“Who was that girl?” Wally wondered. “Where could she have come from?”

He hung his head low and his eyes caught sight of something on the ground in the spot where the girl had previously landed after coming out of the portal. Wally knelt on the ground and saw what looked like a wristband lying in the grass. Curious, he picked it up and saw that it had a screen identical to that of a smartwatch. The screen was blank, there were no buttons, and tapping on the screen did not turn it on.

“Did she leave this behind?” Wally asked himself, wondering if the girl had left the watch for him to find or if she had just dropped it without realizing.

Whatever the reason, Wally just grinned with excitement and declared, “Sweet! Now I have an interdimensional artifact to study.”

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Chapter 2: The Indestructible Watch

It had been one year since Wally’s encounter with an interdimensional portal and the girl who came out of the portal and was never seen or heard from again. The only thing Wally had that proved what he saw was indeed real was a high-tech watch. Like any artifact that Wally discovered on his archeological adventures, he decided to take it home to observe and dissect it.

For weeks, Wally observed the watch while taking notes as if expecting it to turn on automatically, but it never did. Wally tried fiddling with it to find a button on the sides of the watch, but found nothing, except what appeared to be a small port normally found on any electronic device. But he didn’t have the cord he could plug into it and none of his spare cables would fit into it.

Soon, Wally decided to take a more practical and favorable approach, which was prying the watch open and examining the interior, but this proved even more difficult than he anticipated. No matter what tools Wally used to try and pry the watch open, nothing worked. He tried smashing it with a hammer, melting it with a blowtorch, he even threw the watch under his dad’s car while he was backing out of the driveway, but the screen on the watch would not even crack.

Despite his frustrations over not being able to learn anything about the watch’s origins, Wally became more and more fascinated by what secrets it may hold that he continued to try and turn it on or break it open. He even paid visits to the library to see if he could find anything relating to other dimensions, but found nothing that pertained to what he wanted to find out.

Eventually, Wally decided to share his discovery and the story of how he found it during fifth grade show-and-tell.

Wally was in front of the class, holding up the watch while he concluded his story, “…and that’s the story of how I found this watch. Despite not being able to pry it open for study or even knowing if it can tell time, I’ve concluded that it ties into the existence of interdimensional travel and I have since been studying the subject in hopes that I can one day explore the unknown universe and discover what’s out there.”

After Wally finished his presentation, there was a pause of silence aside from the sound of clapping, which came from Nina, who was clearly the only one who enjoyed what Wally brought in for show-and-tell.

Finally, the rest of the class held up crumbled-up paper, and Wally was pelted with paper balls that nearly knocked him off his feet.

Despite the reception, Wally tried to salvage his presentation, “Any questions?”

One boy sitting in the front row mockingly responded, “Yeah. Why are you such a weirdo?”

The rest of the class was so unimpressed by what Wally had brought in that another boy in class proceeded to complain, “This is lamer than the time you brought in a dirty pot you found in a cave.”

A girl even joined in on the complaining, “Or the time you brought some boring cat statue you found in Egypt.”

Annoyed at being reminded of how much his past show-and-tells failed to please his classmates, Wally argued, “I was trying to prove that the curse surrounding the artifacts wasn’t real.”

Nina spoke up, “But at least you were able to prove that you found a real watch that takes you to other dimensions.”

However, Wally began to sweat nervously as he stated, “Uhhh, well...I haven’t been able to turn it on yet. I have concluded that the battery is dead and just needs the correct kind of USB plug.”

A disgruntled groan was heard and Wally sees the second boy that was heckling him state, “Ugh! Still the same archeologist.”

The first joined in on the teasing, “You mean dorkeologist.”

The rest of the class begins laughing at Wally’s expense. He began to feel disappointed since no matter what ancient discovery he shared with his classmates; they would never take him seriously as an archeologist, and he was certain that hearing he had discovered interdimensional travel would get their respect. But like everyone he showed the watch to, they never believed him.

Finally, the teacher, Mr. Phillips, stepped away from his desk and decided to intervene. “Alright, I think that’s enough show-and-tell for today. Wally, thank you for sharing your latest buried treasure.” As Wally starts heading back to his desk, Mr. Phillips added, “Not every kid is lucky enough to find a smartwatch that somebody lost.”

After hearing this, Wally stopped in place and spun around to argue with his teacher. “It’s not a smartwatch. It’s an interdimensional artifact.”

“Wally,” Mr. Phillips scolded, “Take your seat so we can begin today’s lesson.”

The dejected Wally took his seat. Not even bothering to pay attention to the lecture, Wally fiddled with the watch, still wondering how he can get it to work. In the seat next to him, Nina stared in pity. Wally was never popular in school for his strange interests and hobbies; and if it hadn’t been for her, he’d probably not even have any friends.


The school bell rang and the students exited their classes, all too eager to head home and start their weekend. As Wally walked down the hall, Nina caught up with him.

“Wally, wait!” Nina called out. She rushes in front of him and eagerly asked, “So what are we gonna do next? Excavate the sandbox? Stroll through an old temple? Find evidence that monkeys used to inhabit this town?”

Despite enjoying Nina’s enthusiasm for his excavations and adventures, Wally wasn’t in the mood to do any of his usual favorite activities. All he could think about is the watch, and he was determined one way or another to get it open.

“Sorry, Nina,” Wally apologized, “But I’m gonna go home and work on the watch some more.”

Disappointment swept over Nina’s face. “Wally, ever since you found that watch, it’s all you ever think about. We used to go on adventures every week, but now it’s practically every other week. Don’t you think you should give it a rest? I mean, you’ve tried everything to break it open.”

“Not everything I’m sure. Nina, this is the biggest discovery of a lifetime. You know how much I want to discover the unknown universe. There’s not really much to discover in this boring town, so it’d be great to find something new.”

Suddenly, the school’s bully, Reg, a large 13-year-old boy, walks past them. “Who are you calling boring?” he asked after hearing Wally’s previous statement. He slapped Wally on the back of the head as he went on his way.

Wally was completely unamused as he adjusted his goggles. “Maybe find something that’s cursed for once.” He added under his breath.

 “Even if you do figure out that watch, what do you think will happen?” Nina asked.

“I can’t say for certain, but if I can find a way to create a portal to another dimension like that girl I met a year ago, I will have discovered something even more incredible.”

Nina still appeared unsure. But she did not want Wally to be without any support, so she put on a brave face and responded, “Sure, Wally. No one else may believe you about that, but I definitely do.”

Wally failed to notice her true feelings and instead smiled and held Nina’s shoulder.  “Thanks, Nina. I can always count on you. I’m so close to figuring it out, I can feel it.” As he walks away, he shouts, “I’ll talk to you later!”

With no other choice but to wait if he makes a breakthrough, Nina waves goodbye to Wally. However, it began to dawn on her that every time Wally discovers something new, he spends days and days trying to uncover its secrets without any kind of help. But now that he discovered something literally out of this world, it was taking him even longer and he still had no help. She decided that enough was enough of Wally trying to do things on his own.

“Don’t worry, Wally. I’ll figure out a way to break open that watch.” She said with determination.


Soon, Wally made it home and as soon as he entered through the front door, he was approached by his 1-year-old boy with blonde hair and brown eyes. “Wally!” he babbled cheerfully.

Wally pat him on the head and greeted his younger brother, “Hey, Dale.”

The baby lost his balance and fell on his bottom, though he was no hurt. As Wally walked through the living and was prepared to go upstairs, he was approached by his mother Paula, a woman with blonde hair and brown eyes.

“Wally,” Paula said in a firm voice. “I got a call from your teacher. He said you failed another test.”

“What?” Wally asked, a bit alarmed that the school actually contacted his mother this time after failing yet another test.

“Have you been falling asleep in class again?”

Wally quickly responded, “No, no. It’s nothing like that.”

While this was normally the cause of his poor grades since examining the archeological discoveries he found on his adventures and him inventing gadgets to help him on his archeological adventures often cut into his sleep time and effected his performance in school, this was not the reason he failed today’s math quiz.

However, his mother was not entirely convinced. “Your father and I are fine with your cute little interest in archeology, but not if it effects your schoolwork.”

“Yeah, of course, Mom.” Wally assured. “I’ve just been a little preoccupied lately. I’ve nearly figured out that watch.”

“Oh, not the magic watch again” an exasperated Paula groaned. She had grown tired of hearing her son try to convince her and her husband that he had found a watch in the woods that opened portals to other dimensions. What kind of archeologist would find something like that?

“It’s not magic.” Wally harshly insisted since he knew his parents were among the ones who didn’t believe what the watch was capable of, but he knew it was not something as fictional as magic. “You know there’s no such thing as magic.”

No matter what it was, Paula did not want her son falling behind in school, but also did not want it to stop him from doing what he loved. “Wally, I know you’re a smart kid and you’re very passionate about what you love, but if you don’t focus on what’s really important, then I’m afraid you can’t do anymore of this archeology stuff.

A look of panic swept over Wally at the thought of not being able to explore and discover. “What?! No!” he cried out, but he quickly calmed down and assured, “I promise, Mom. If I don’t figure out this watch by tomorrow, I’ll put it away forever and spend the rest of the weekend studying.”

Paula sighs and smiles as she responds, “Alright, Wally. But it wouldn’t hurt to give the archeology thing a rest once in a while. Maybe go play with other kids and make new friends.”

Wally fell silent for a moment. While his parents always tried to support his strange interest in archeology, he also knew they wanted him to do things that were more akin to a kid his age and would help him make more friends. But Wally never really ventured outside his own interests and he knew that none of the other kids in town ever showed interest in adventuring or archeology.

But still, he never wanted to worry his parents, so he simply assured his mother, “Uhhh, right. I’ll...spend the weekend doing that as well.”

Afterwards, he went straight upstairs to his bedroom. It was a complete mess with papers littering the floors that either had schematics or treasure maps drawn on them. There were boxes filled with gadgets that Wally built to help him on his archeological adventures, and there were shelves filled with artifacts that Wally discovered on his adventures that he decided to keep for himself to study or use at some point in the future.

Wally threw his backpack onto his bed and grumbled in dismay over the conversation he just had with his mother. “Make friends with other kids, pfft. Play with them.”

He took a seat at his work desk as he added to himself, “Other kids would rather skateboard, play soccer, and play online games than find out how an ancient civilization thrived.”

He turned on the desk lamp and placed the watch on the table before opening his toolbox. With a cocky smile, he points out, “But just you wait because the next ancient civilization to be discovered will be in a distant universe, and it will be discovered by me.”

Lastly, he lowered his goggles over his brown eyes and began work to break open the watch.

The first thing Wally did was take out a laser pointer that he had converted into a real laser and tried to pierce through the watch’s backing. But the laser did not even leave any scorch marks.

Next, Wally tried using a scalpel to forcibly pry the watch apart, but the harder he tried, it eventually caused the scalpel to fling out of Wally’s grasp and fly across the room. Wally grew more and more frustrated with his repeated failures.

Hours passed and Wally was still trying to break the watch open. Despite it now being late at night, Wally showed no signs of wanting to quit. He was used to staying up late and pulling all-nighters, whether it be studying an ancient artifact or working on a new invention- though it had drawbacks when it came to his performance in school.

Wally continued to try and break open the watch to no avail, until eventually he gave up and fell asleep at his desk.


The next morning, the sun was rising over Cullertown. Wally was still sleeping at his work desk with the indestructible watch lying right next to him on the desk. On Wally’s bedroom windowsill was the power crystal that Wally found a year ago, which he had placed there as decoration after deeming it useless. As the sunlight moved through the window, it shined through the crystal, creating green rays of light that moved across Wally’s bedroom and hit the watch sitting on the desk. After a few seconds, the watch’s screen turned on.

Waking up, Wally groaned as he lifted the goggles from his tired eyes and yawned. He was exhausted from staying up so late. While the didn’t normally mind since he usually did so and he always conducted great research or created a useful gadget to assist him on archeological digs; this time, he accomplished nothing and only proved that the unusual watch he found can never be destroyed and therefore he would never find out anything else about it.

Discouraged, Wally took one last look at the watch before finally deciding to give up on it. When he opened his desk drawer, he reached for the watch only to discover something shocking.

The watch was activated and the screen was displaying words.

“The watch!” Wally exclaimed. “It’s on! But how?”

Wally couldn’t imagine why after all this time the watch was finally working. He noticed an illuminating green light shining over the watch. He followed it to see the power crystal creating a light in the window which was aimed right at the watch. Curious, Wally snatched the watch off the desk and placed his phone in its spot. As the light hit the phone, the screen showed an image of a battery charging, which became full within a few seconds.

Wally was amazed by what he just discovered. “I don’t believe it.” He said with building excitement. “I can’t believe I didn’t realize it sooner. Early natives didn’t have electricity back then; they relied on solar power.”

He grabbed the crystal from the window and held it up while declaring, “I’ve just discovered an ancient method of solar power!” he jumped up and down with joy, cheering, “Yahoo!”

Wally stopped when he remembered what his primary focus was: the now operational mysterious watch.

He put the crystal in his backpack and put the bag around his shoulders before grabbing the watch off the desk and strapping it around his left wrist.

“Wait’ll Nina sees I figured out both the crystal and the watch.” He curiously looked at the watch’s screen to see what appeared to be a list of options. He noticed an option that reads “MAP”.

“Ooh, built in GPS.” Wally eagerly tapped the option on screen, and reacted in shock when a small holographic map appeared above the watch. “What the…”

The map displayed what appeared to be an image of outer space, but while there were stars everywhere, there appeared to be no planets were instead four separate dots, which Wally could only assume were meant to represent planets despite the fact that the map was four planets short.

“This…this is unbelievable.” Wally said with his eyes bright with astonishment and a huge ecstatic grin. “Could this be a map of the universe?”

His thought process was interrupted when he heard a knock at his bedroom door.

“Wally!” his mother called out from the other side of the door. “Do you want some breakfast?”

Wally immediately became nervous, fearing his mother would barge in and see what he had just discovered. He was so fearful that he quickly moved his wrist behind his back in order to hide the watch from view. This caused the map to disappear and a large blue portal to appear behind him.

Wally quietly gasped in astonishment at what was happening. But since Wally didn’t answer his mother’s question, another knock was heard at the door and she called out to him, “Wally?”

Once he was over the shock, Wally responded in the most normal way possible, “No thanks, Mom! I’m a little busy…studying!”

“That’s great, honey! Just come down if you get hungry!”

Once he was sure that his mother was gone, Wally slowly approached the portal. Upon closer inspection, he immediately recognized it as the same one he saw a year ago, which that girl had emerged from. He looked at his watch and noticed the holo-map gone, but the screen reads “CANCEL”.

Curious, he stuck his hand through the portal and realized, “A portal to another dimension?”

By the time Wally realized he was halfway inside the portal, it was too late. He stumbled inside and fell all the way through. The portal disappeared into thin air, leaving no trace of it or Wally.

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Chapter 3: The Magical Boy

 Wally wasn’t sure what had happened after he entered the strange portal. He was overwhelmed with both excitement and terror at the same time. When Wally was finally ejected from the portal, he was flung to the ground with a hard thud.

Groaning in pain, Wally pushed himself to his feet. “Huh? Where am I?”

He turned to see the portal behind him had already disappeared.

Looking around, Wally saw a tall bridge leading to a bright-looking city. “I get the feeling I’m not in Cullertown anymore.”


Wally looked up and reacted in shock to see a griffin flying above his head.

At first, Wally wondered if he was disoriented from the portal that brought him here, but he then heard a gruff voice shout, “Darn griffins always causing a racket!”

Wally looked below the bridge to see the complaining coming from a troll who was living under the city’s bridge. As he watched the troll disappear from view, Wally took a picture with his phone and excitedly shouted, “And I get the feeling I’m not in the same dimension anymore!”

Squealing in excitement, he says, “I was right! This watch really can take me to other dimensions!” he jumped up and down in joy. “I discovered interdimensional travel!”

He turned around and noticed a large sign, which read “WELCOME TO SPARKLE SITY”.

“Sparkle Sity? That’s not how you spell “city”.” Wally complained, “This dimension must be home to lesser intelligent lifeforms. I better take notes.” He reached into his backpack and pulled out his notepad and pen.

As Wally started writing down what he had learned so far, he walked towards the city in order to learn more about the strange dimension he had entered.


Within the city inside a suburban home lived a 10-year-old boy with neatly combed brown hair, brown eyes, and a white and purple sailor suit with a pink heart brooch. This boy, Ollie Vanderbilt, was loafing on the living room couch, playing a handheld videogame.

Entering the living room was Ollie’s twin sister, Bonnie, who greatly resembled her brother, except for tying her long brown hair in two pigtail buns and wore a white and purple sailor suit with a skirt.

Seeing her brother goofing off, Bonnie frowned in anger and yelled, “MOOOM! Ollie’s not doing his job again!”

A woman with dark purple hair and brown eyes entered the room. The woman, Serena Vanderbilt, looked at her son with a disapproving glare and scolded him, “Ollie, you’re supposed to be doing your daily patrol.”

Angered at having his videogame interrupted, Ollie daggered at Bonnie, who looked at him with a cocky smirk. She was always pleased to watch her brother suffer after getting him in trouble.

“Aww, come on, Mom!” Ollie complained, “Why do I have to be some lame Magical Girl?” he removed his brooch and it magically transformed into a pink wand with a heart-shaped jewel and decorative wings. “I don’t even want this stupid wand.”

Bonnie eagerly raised her hand. “I can be a Magical Girl. I can take the wand. I’ll be just as good as you were, Mom.”

Serena was honored by how much her daughter admired her. “I’m sure you would, Bonnie.” She gently assured her daughter, “But you know that Ollie is the only one who can control magic, so he gets the wand.”

“She can have the wand.” Ollie argued, “She can be a Magical Girl and I can go back to doing what I want.”

Serena was beginning to lose her patience with her son. “Ollie, how many times do we have to go through this? Your great-grandmother was a Magical Girl, your grandmother was a Magical Girl, I was a Magical Girl, and now you have to be a Magical-”

“GIRL!” Bonnie yelled in Ollie’s face as a cruel joke.

Upset by his mother’s nagging and sister’s torment, Ollie threw his wand on the ground and defiantly crossed his arms. “No way!”

“Ollie Vanderbilt!” a man with brown hair and brown eyes shouted as he entered the room. Serena’s husband, Mark Vanderbilt, stood next to his wife and scolded his son, “Listen to your mother. You know how important this is to her, so there’s no point in arguing.”

With both his parents confronting him, Ollie growled in dismay and reluctantly grabbed his wand before standing up and leaving the house. Serena and Mark smiled lovingly at each other as they come closer. Despite the attitude their son gave them, they were proud of him and believed he can become a great Magical Girl just like his mother before him. However, Bonnie was not proud of Ollie and was scowling in anger that her twin brother was living her dream of being a Magical Girl.


Out in the city, Wally was walking around and exploring while taking notes he can use for later. He learned that while this was a different dimension, it still had humans living in it and they drove cars to get to their destinations just like in his own. However, he also sometimes saw a flying carriage being pulled by Pegasus. While Wally tried to take a picture of the phenomenon, he unknowingly wandered into traffic and nearly got hit by a car. When he stumbled back onto the sidewalk, he was yelled at by the driver to be more careful.

Despite the near-death experience, Wally took more notes, “Different dimension, same physics.”

Wally was startled when a small glowing pixie flew past him. “Perhaps this dimension had some sort of nuclear explosion that mutated it or something.” He grinned in excitement, “Neat! I’m the first archeologist to discover mutants!”

Wally soon comes upon a restaurant called The Uni-Corndog Hut, which Wally naturally assumed sold corndogs. He was eager to try one in order to see if they tasted anything like the ones in his dimension. Before he could go up to the restaurant, he noticed two teenage girls sitting on a bench.

They were both staring at a phone that was playing a video. The first girl said, “This video of a fuzzle playing piano is so cute.”

Wally became confused since he had no idea what a fuzzle is and was intrigued that people in this dimension used technology for meaningless reasons just like people in his own dimension.

“Okay, maybe they’re not mutants.” Wally admitted to himself. “Still, this is incredible. This dimension is almost identical to mine, except it houses not only humans, but creatures with horns and wings where horns and wings shouldn’t be. I need more information about this.” He began to approach the girls. “Excuse me.”

However, the girls failed to notice him and stood up from the bench. The first girl states, “Let’s go. The weather report says there are monster sightings in town.”

The second teenage girl responded, “A Magical Girl will take care of it, right?”

“Ha!” the first girl laughed. “I hear the new one’s not even a girl.”

Wally became even more confused than before. “Magic and monsters? Now this is really absurd.”


In Sparkle Sity’s local park, many people were enjoying the nice sunny day while kids were playing on the playground. However, it was soon disrupted by a harpy that came flying in and started terrorizing everyone. The kids on the playground screamed and ran to their parents. However, two young children were unlucky enough to still be in the sandbox as the harpy hovered over them while they could do nothing but scream.

When it looked hopeless, Ollie ran onto the scene and twirled through the air as he aimed his wand and shouted, “SPARKLE GLITTER BLAST!”

A blast of sparkling magic fired out of the wand and hit the harpy away from the children. This was enough to make it retreat and fly back to where it came from.

“Phew,” Ollie sighed in relief. “Glad that’s over.”

The two young kids stared at the boy who saved them with his magic. Ollie expected praise and gratitude for his actions.

But instead, the little boy pointed at Ollie and laughed at him. “You have a girl’s wand!”

The little girl joined in on the teasing. “You can’t be a Magical Girl! You’re a boy!”

Ollie scowled in anger, though he wasn’t surprised since this was the usual reaction he received when people witnessed him doing a job that was associated with girls. But it was about to get worse for him.

He noticed a flash that nearly blinded him, and he turned to see Bonnie pointing her phone at him, having taken a picture of Ollie being laughed at for using a Magical Girl wand.

“This is definitely going on my blog.” Bonnie said with sadistic pleasure.

“Bonnie!” Ollie shouted in anger as he marched over to her. “You know I don’t like you following me when I have to do this Magical Girl junk.”

“And miss out on you humiliating yourself? No way.” Bonnie responded as she hovers her finger over her phone. “Of course, I won’t totally humiliate you worldwide if you were to, say, give me the wand.”

“Okay.” Ollie answered as he held his wand out to her.

Bonnie was pleased that she was getting the wand she so deeply desired and she could finally fulfill her dream of being a Magical Girl. But when she reached for the wand, Ollie immediately pulled it back.

“Oh, wait, that’s right. You can’t do magic. Ha! Ha!” Ollie teased.

Bonnie growl in anger. Since Bonnie liked to torment her brother and make him as miserable as possible, Ollie was always eager to fire right back when he could. But this proved to be a bad move since Bonnie tapped her phone and posted the picture of Ollie online.

Many parents and kids who were still in the park got the notification on their phone and saw the post with Ollie’s embarrassing moment. They all began to laugh at Ollie as a result.

The only thing Ollie could do now was scowl in anger and walk as far away from the park as possible.


Back with Wally, he was holding his pen and notepad as he interviewed a local resident of this city. “So, would you say you are considered an anomaly in this dimension?”

This was a poor choice of words, however, as the person he was interviewing was a gnome, who wasn’t amused by Wally treating him as some freak of nature.

“Get out of here, kid.” The gnome angrily demanded. “You act like you’ve never seen a gnome before.”

Before Wally could say that he really hadn’t seen a gnome before, the gnome walked away and got on the bus.

Despite this little setback, Wally took notes as he read out loud, ““Abnormalities are normal in this dimension.”” He stopped writing and began to sulk, “This isn’t anything like I imagined it. It’s occupied by humans and...non-humans. I can’t name it after myself since it already has an incorrectly spelled name.” however, he quickly began to perk up. “Still, I am the first to person in my dimension to discover it.”

Wally puts his pen and notepad in his backpack and took out a glass vial. “Now I just need a sample from this dimension that I can take home for study.”

Wally ran into a wide alley, failing to notice a sign posted on the wall next to it, which read, “MONSTER’S ALLEY. KEEP OUT!”

The inside of the alley was dark with trashcans and graffiti. But this did not scare Wally as he began to search the inside of the trashcan for any rare artifacts that he could take home with him. “One foreign dimension’s trash is a foreign traveler’s treasure.” He cheerfully said to himself.

A noise was heard and Wally turned to see three small wolf monsters rustling through the nearby trashcans. They noticed Wally’s presence and viciously growled at him. Wally was both captivated and terrified by their odd appearance that he dropped his vial on the ground, shattering it.

“What on earth are those things?” Wally wondered. “They can’t be real monsters, that’s impossible.”

The wolf monsters growled and began to slowly approach Wally while he backed away in fear.
“Hello.” Wally nervously said, hoping the monsters were able to talk like all the other strange creatures he saw today. “Don’t be alarmed, I come in peace.”

Unfortunately, they did not understand him, and they growled even harder and barked at Wally as they continued advancing towards him.

Meanwhile, Ollie was walking down the sidewalk as he ran his wand across a metal fence without caring about the possibility of damaging the wand. When he passed the entrance of the alley, he stopped when he heard the monsters growling. He knew the alley was where monsters liked to hide, and he knew that the only reason they would sound vicious was if someone ignored the warning sign and wandered into their territory. Ollie rushed into the alley and found Wally cornered by the wolf monsters.

“Dang it. Why would anyone come in here?” Ollie wondered as to why someone would just walk into Monster’s Alley, knowing they could be killed. But Ollie still had to think fast and save the helpless boy.

“Don’t worry, dude!” Ollie shouted to Wally, “I got ya!” he held out his wand and whispered, “Sparkle Glitter Blast.”

Nothing happened.

Ollie whispered to his wand again, “Sparkle Glitter Blast.”

Again nothing happened.

Ollie started to get frustrated since his purpose for whispering was to prevent anyone nearby from hearing the embarrassing phrases he must shout to activate the magic wand and get laughed at again. However, the wand refused to work without the proper activation technique.

With the delay, one of the wolf monsters leapt towards Wally, who dove out of the way and landed at Ollie feet. The Wolf Monsters began to advance towards both of them.

Knowing that if he waited too long, the boy he was trying to rescue would be seriously harmed, and so would he. Ollie had no choice but to properly activate his wand.

Holding his wand up, Ollie twirled around in place and held out his wand while shouting, “SPARKLE GLITTER BLAST!”

The wand glowed and a blast of sparkling magic fired out and hit one of the wolf monsters, causing it to vanish into smoke. Seeing what happened, the remaining two wolf monsters ran away and disappeared further into the alley.

Amazed by what he just saw, Wally stood up and turned to the boy who just saved him. “That was amazing…whatever that was.” He excitedly stated. “Thanks for the save.”

Ollie nonchalantly shrugged. “Don’t mention it…really.” He turned and started to make his way home until Wally moved into his path.

With an enthusiastic grin, Wally held out his hand to Ollie and introduced himself, “Wally Hewitt.”

Surprised by the strange boy trying to be friendly with him even after witnessing him perform that humiliating feat of magic, Ollie stared at him for a moment until finally deciding to shake Wally’s hand. “Ollie Vanderbilt.” He replied.

Wally pointed at the wand and expressed interest in it. “That device you have is quite extraordinary. Were those lasers you fired at it before? And why does it look so…pink?”

“What? This?” Ollie asked, confused as to why the strange boy would take interest in his magic wand. “It’s my mom’s wand.”

“Your mom built that?” Wally asked, growing excited as he took out his pen and notepad to start taking notes, “Tell me, is she a scientist? Or better yet, did she find it? Did it come like that or did she convert an ancient tool into something proficient?”

Ollie was more baffled by the weird questions he was being asked. “Whoa, hold on a sec. This is my mom’s magic wand, and I don’t know or care enough to know where it came from or how it works.”

Wally nearly chuckled when he heard Ollie’s explanation. “Magic? Ah, nice one. Next, you’ll tell me that the horse I saw in that stable was really a unicorn, or that guy I talked to before was really a gnome.”

“Uh, yeah.” Ollie answered, disbelieved that Wally could really not think magic was real despite it being all around him. “Why wouldn’t it be real?”

Wally argued, “I’ve been on a ton of archeological missions and I’ve never found any magical or cursed artifacts.”

“Did you hit your head or something? There are tons of magical objects wherever you go.”

“Riiight,” Wally sarcastically replied as he rolled his eyes, still not believing anything that Ollie told him. “Then would you know where I can acquire a sample of a “magical artifact” for study?”

Ollie frowned in annoyance, deciding he’s had enough of the strange kid, and shoved his wand into Wally’s grasp. “Here. Knock yourself out.” He said as he started walking away.

Wally was amazed that Ollie just gave him his magic wand, especially since he recalled being told that it had previously belonged to Ollie’s mother. Wait,” Wally called out to him. “You’re just gonna give me this?”

Without bothering to turn around, Ollie carelessly replied, “Yeah. It’s yours. Have fun.”

After Ollie departed, Wally stared at his new trinket with interest. He held it in both hands to closer examine it, and then held it out as he smiled, happy to have a new undiscovered item to study.

“I don’t know exactly what this thing is, but after seeing what that kid did, I can’t wait to slice this thing open and find out how it works.”

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Chapter 4: A Slight Detour

 A few minutes after meeting Ollie and being given his magic wand as a souvenir, Wally went back to the restaurant he saw earlier and bought a corndog to eat since he hadn’t eaten anything from the moment he woke up that morning. Wally was intrigued to see that the corndogs were curled as if they were unicorn horns, hence the name of the restaurant: The Uni-corndog Hut. He took a bite of the corndog and was pleased to discover that it tasted just like any other corndog he had eaten in his own dimension.

Wally wrote in his notepad, ““Food tastes no different than Cullertown’s.””’ he then grabbed the wand off the table, and became intrigued as he remembered what he saw Ollie do with it earlier. “I wonder how that kid activated this thing.”

Despite this, he remembered very clearly how Ollie activated his wand, and knew that even thinking about it felt ridiculous. But he realized that while doing something like that in Cullertown would be deemed crazy, it must’ve been normal in Sparkle Sity. So, Wally stood up in his chair and swung the wand out.

He couldn’t remember the exact phrase, so he shouted out, “Sparks and Glimmer Flash!”

Nothing happened. Defeated, Wally sat down in his chair and stared at the wand. “Must require a specific voice frequency.”

He began to wonder why Ollie even bothered giving him the wand if he was the only one who knew how it worked. But he was still glad to have something from this dimension to take back home with him.

“Well, I guess I might as well go back home, so I can study this thing properly.” Wally said as he was about to turn on his watch.

“Hey!” a voice shouted. Wally looked up to see Bonnie sitting at a nearby table.

She approached him, and angrily demanded, “Who are you? Where did you get that wand?”

“Huh?” Wally asked, wondering how she knew about the wand. “A boy named Ollie Vanderbilt gave this to me.”

“What?! He gave the wand to you?!” Bonnie exclaimed, shocked that Ollie could be so careless as to give their family’s wand to a complete stranger. “I can’t believe him! I doubt you can even use it anyway!”

Wally’s eyes widen in surprise. “Wait! You know Ollie?”

“Duh! He’s my idiot brother! The one who’s supposed to be a Magical Girl!”

“Magical Girl?” Wally questioned, having never heard the term before, and was especially confused at how Ollie could be called such a thing since he was certain that Ollie was a boy.

“What, do you live under a rock?” Bonnie rudely responded before explaining, “Magical Girls are the ones who protect this city from monsters and bad guys! Our mom was one when she was a kid, and now my brother is one! That’s why she gave him her wand!”

Wally was stunned by what he heard. He looked down in contemplation at the wand he was holding. “Gee, I had no idea how important this thing really is.”

“Duh!” Bonnie rudely shouted. She held her hand out, expecting him to hand her back the wand. “Now if you’ll just hand it over, so I can keep the wand and Ollie will be-”

But Wally ignored her and stood up. “There’s obviously more to this dimension than I realized.”

However, Bonnie wasn’t interested in hearing about his feelings, and just wanted to finally get the wand for herself. “Yeah, sure, whatever. So, just give me the-”

“This dimension is plagued by those things that attacked me earlier, and this wand is the only thing that can provide protection.” Wally realized as he began to feel remorse for wanting to take the wand for himself just so he can study it while also putting a thriving dimension in danger.

“Hello!” Bonnie continued to yell in order to get his attention. “Earth to weirdo! I want my mom’s wand for my-”

With a depressed sigh, Wally knew what he had to do. “This thing is too important to take from its natural environment. If I wanna preserve this dimension, I have to find Ollie and return it.”

Wally grabbed his things and ran off.

“Hey!” Bonnie shouted after him, but Wally refused to come back. She growled in anger at missing her chance to claim the wand for herself.


Meanwhile, Ollie was strutting through the city as happy as he can be. Now that he was finally free of the magic wand and having to be a Magical Girl, he could do whatever he wanted and no longer be a laughingstock.

Ollie rejoiced, “This rocks! No more having to go on patrol, no more twirling around, and no more waving around a lame wand. I’ll just tell Mom the wand got eaten by a monster. I better make myself look beaten up to make it look convincing.”

As Ollie turned a corner, he was met by the two wolf monsters he neglected to finish off before. They growled at him viciously while a frightened Ollie took a step back.

“I don’t need to make it look that convincing.” Ollie said with fear. He reached for his collar until realizing he no longer had the brooch that would turn into his wand.

The monsters advanced towards Ollie, who slowly backed away since he now had no way to defend himself due to giving up his wand.

Back around the corner, Wally was walking down the sidewalk, trying to search for Ollie so he can return the wand. While he had no idea where Ollie would be, he was certain he could find him since, being an archeologist, he considered himself an expert in tracking.

“If what that girl said is true, these Magical Ladies, or whatever they’re called, are charged with fighting monsters. So, they’re bound to be wherever these monsters are. One of them has to know where Ollie is.”

Wally walked around the corner to see the same wolf monsters that attacked him earlier have now cornered a boy. Wally recognized the boy as the one who had saved him from those monsters and gave him the wand that he could now be using to protect himself.

“Ollie,” Wally muttered in worry. He reached into his backpack and pulled out his trusty whip.

As one of the monsters jumped at Ollie, the whip wrapped around his stomach and yanked him backwards away from the monster before it could pounce on him.

When Ollie landed on the ground, he opened his eyes to see the one who saved him.

“Wally?” Ollie asked, surprised to see him again.

“No time to talk.” Wally quickly gave Ollie back his wand. “Something tells me you’ll still need this.”

Ollie was stunned yet secretly relieved to have his wand back, but had no time to thank Wally for rescuing him. One of the wolf monsters started running towards the two boys with the intent of mauling them. Thinking quickly, Wally jumped to the right and swung his whip out, wrapping the end around the monster and restraining it. Wally swung the monster through the air, slamming it into the wall of a building and causing the monster to vanish into smoke.

The remaining wolf monster jumped at Wally, who had little time to react. Ollie twirled around once before holding out his wand and shouting, “SPARKLE GLITTER BLAST!”

A blast of glittering magic shot out of Ollie’s wand and hit the wolf monster in midair, obliterating it into smoke.

Wally smiled and realized this was the second time Ollie had saved his life since he arrived in this dimension. “Thanks, Ollie.”

Turning his wand into a heart-shaped brooch that he pinned on his collar, Ollie responded, “I should be the one thanking you. For some weirdo who doesn’t think magic is real, you’re pretty cool.”

Flattered by the compliment, Wally tried to play it cool. “Well, through my adventures, I’ve had to fend off a lot of rats, snakes, foxes, and raccoons. I never imagined I’d have to fight off real monsters.”

Ollie was confused as to how Wally could not have seen a real monster before if he lived in Sparkle Sity. Before he could ask him about it, a voice called out, “Hey! That kid’s the new Magical Girl!”

They see a bunch of people surrounding the area, including the two teenage girls Wally saw earlier.

“Like, he really is a boy!” the girl shouted in amusement.

“Where’s your dress?” the other girl asked Ollie.

Everyone began to point and laugh at Ollie. Wally stared in confusion while Ollie scowled in annoyance and stormed away.

“Ollie!” Wally called out as he followed Ollie away from the laughing crowd. “Wait!”

Thinking that Wally followed him just to make fun of him like everyone else, Ollie turned around and angrily asked, “What do you want?”

Wally calmly explained, “I just wanna to talk. You have to tell me as much about this place as possible.”

“What the heck are you talking about?” Ollie asked, uncertain about what this strange kid he had met a while ago could be asking him about.

Taking out his pen and notepad, Wally explained, “This girl named Bonnie told me about you.”

Hearing that Wally was already acquainted with his sister, Ollie began to fear the worst. “So, you’ve met my ugly sister, huh? What sort of untrue stuff did she say about me?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Wally kindly assured. “Just that you were something called a Magical Girl.”

Ollie winced at the fact that he was basically being interviewed about what he considered the worst job imaginable. Ollie wanted to tell Wally to get lost, but since he wouldn’t be alive right now if it hadn’t been for this strange kid, the least he could do was tell him what he wanted to know so he would go away.

“Fine, yes. I am a Magical Girl, but I’m not a girl. I’m just able to control magic like one. But my mom says that means I have to go out and protect Sparkle Sity from monsters just like any other Magical Girl.” Ollie groaned in frustration. “I hate it so much.”

Suddenly, he hears Wally chuckling, just like Ollie predicted he would do once he found out that Ollie really was doing the job of a girl.

“Oh, great. Now that you know the truth, you’re gonna laugh at me like everyone else.”

But to his surprise, Wally explained, “No, it’s not that. It’s just amusing to believe that magic actually exists in this dimension. How is that even possible?”

“Dimension?” a confused Ollie questioned. “What the heck are you talking about now?”

Wally realized he hadn’t even told Ollie that he wasn’t from this dimension, which explained why he was so bewildered by Wally’s skepticism of magic. “Oh, right. You see, I hail from another dimension.”

There was a moment of awkward silence until Ollie bursts out into hysterical laughter. “First you say magic isn’t real, and now you’re saying you come from another dimension?”

Wally started to get almost as offended as he previously made Ollie feel. “It’s the truth!” Wally argued. “I came here with this technological portal watch I found; and unlike magic, this is actually real.”

Getting close to Wally’s face, Ollie argued, “I’d believe magic isn’t real before I believe you’re from another dimension!”

“Because magic isn’t real and my interdimensional portal watch is!” Wally argued back as he too stared Ollie in the face. “And I’ll prove it!”

Without taking his eyes off Ollie, he tapped the screen of the watch and activated the holo-map that displayed itself right between the two. Ollie was so stunned that he jumped back a few feet.

“Holy…” Ollie shouted with his eyes widened.

Wally smirked in triumph. “Told ya so.” he held his chin as he observed the map. “Okay. So, I think last time I hit that little dot, which brought me here. So, this dot right over here must lead back to Cullertown.”

He touched the spot on the map he presumed to be where his own dimension was. After he does so, the map disappeared and a portal appeared in front of him. Ollie was shocked even more by what he was seeing.

“Whoa!” Ollie shouted, holding his head.

Right before taking a step towards the portal, Wally waved goodbye. “Well, it was nice meeting you, Ollie. Hope we can meet again someday.”

Suddenly, he was shoved aside by Ollie, who stood in front of the portal. “This really leads to another dimension?” Ollie asked in excitement, “I wanna see it!”

Wally quickly moved in front of Ollie to block his path. “Are you nuts? I can’t bring a foreign entity to another dimension.”

“Who are you calling an entity?” Ollie argued, “If you can just waltz into my dimension and look around, why can’t I do the same in yours?”

Wally wasn’t sure how to respond. He never expected anyone in this new dimension to actually be interested in following him back home to his own dimension.

“Because…” he stammered, struggling to come up with some kind of excuse to keep Ollie from following. “My dimension isn’t anything like yours. You…may not survive.”

But Ollie wasn’t buying the excuse. Compared to the stuff he’s faced in this dimension, he could surely handle anything else.

“I think I’ll be fine.” Ollie dully responded. “Now let me in.”

Ollie tried to shove his way past Wally to go in the portal, but Wally refused to let him in and they both walked towards the portal, trying to shove the other aside so they could make it through first.

“This is my watch and this is my portal home, so I’m going and you’re not.” Wally childishly argued.

Ollie responded in the same manner, “You’re not the boss of me, nerd. I’m going.”

However, both boys ended up stumbling into the portal together and it disappeared, taking them to another dimension.


In a dark city during the late hours of the night, all was eerily quiet until the sound of an alarm bell went off. The loud noise came from the inside of a bank with a single car parked in front of it and the passenger door wide open. Two men dressed in black with ski mask concealing their faces rushed out of the building with bags of loot. They jumped into the car and the driver stepped on the gas pedal, causing the car to speed away down the street.

As the robbers drove away, satisfied with their success, their smirks disappeared when the car suddenly jerked to a stop. The driver pressed his foot on the gas pedal, revving the motor, but the car didn’t move. When the robbers stuck their heads out the windows to see if something was blocking their path, they saw the road was completely clear and the car had a black glow around it.

Looking straight ahead, they saw the one responsible for their delay: a horned figure cloaked in the shadows, hovering in the air with his glowing black hands held out to his sides. Was it a human or something else?

The figure spoke in a gruff, but rather young, sounding voice, “I believe you just ran a stop sign…which is only one of three laws you broke tonight.”

Frightened by the mysterious vigilante, the two robbers exited the car and tried to make a run for it. However, the mysterious being held out his right hand that glowed with dark energy, and the robbers’ bodies glowed as well, causing them to float in mid-air as they thrashed around.

The vigilante spoke again, “Make that four.”

As if on cue, loud sirens were heard and a bunch of police cars arrived on the scene. When they stopped, the two robbers were thrown onto the hood of the lead police car just as the officer stepped out from the driver’s seat.

Before he could ask any questions, the hero who foiled the bank robbery flew away into the night. Staring intently, the police officer narrowed his eyes, knowing just who it was that did their job.

“D. Evil.”


In a small neighborhood, the same vigilante stayed in the shadows as he flew through the night sky and floated down into an alley next to an apartment building in order not to be seen. Snapping his fingers, the figure was surrounded by dark energy, changing his appearance as he walked out of the alley. Standing in the hero’s place was Dean Devlin, a 14-year-old boy with messy black hair and yellow eyes.

Dean entered through the front doors of the building and made his way upstairs to his apartment. As he opened his front door, Dean called out, “Mom! I’m home!”

Lucy, a woman with chestnut brown hair and blue eyes, entered the living room. She had a look of both disappointment and worry. “Dean, where have you been?” she asked. “Don’t you know how late it is?”

Dean was remorseful about worrying his mother, but he definitely did not want to tell her he had been out fighting crime, so he left that part out of his excuse.

“Sorry, Mom.” He apologized with a nervous smile. “Jason and I were having so much fun at the concert, I sorta lost track of time.”

While Lucy did not approve of her son staying out late and not calling her, she smiled, happy to have him back home safe and sound. “Well, I hope you’re at least keeping your you-know-what under control.”

Dean did not even need to be reminded about what she was implying. With a mischievous smile, Dean held up his right hand that glowed with dark energy. On the kitchen counter was a basket of muffins. One of the muffins glowed with dark energy and telekinetically lifted out of the basket and flew all the way into Dean’s hand.

Answering his mother’s question, Dean responded, “Every day.”

Dean took a bite of the muffin and started levitating off the floor. While he was always forced to hide his powers in public, he always felt comfortable using them at home and around his mother. His strange powers made him unique and he has had them his whole life. However, there was no mystery as to why he had them. He knew exactly where they came from- as did Lucy.

“What do you think Dad would say if he saw me now?” Dean asked his mother.

Dean was always curious about his father since he had never met him, but he knew his powers came from him.

Lucy had always told Dean what his father was, but she never told him who his father was. But every time Dean tried asking, Lucy was always capable of finding a way to dodge the question.

Lucy playfully responded, “I think he would want you to go to bed and get some sleep.”

Dean rolled his eyes in annoyance, but smiled as he floated over to Lucy. “Night, Mom.” He said before giving her a kiss goodnight and floating down the hall to his bedroom.

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Chapter 5: D. Evil

After Wally created a portal to leave Sparkle Sity and go home to his own dimension, Ollie wanted to tag along and explore a new dimension as well and would not take “no” for an answer. Both Wally and Ollie took a trip back to Cullertown- or so they thought.

A portal appeared on the sidewalk. Wally and Ollie emerged from it, rolling on top of each other. Once they come to a stop, Ollie pushed Wally off of him and observed his surroundings. He noticed they were in a large city not unlike his own Sparkle Sity, but less colorful and bleaker with no magical creature in sight.

“This is what your dimension looks like?” Ollie asked, looking unimpressed yet intrigued by how different it was from his own. “What were you so worried about?”

Wally stood up and looked around, realizing the watch had not taken him to his dimension, but to a completely different one. “This isn’t Cullertown. I think we were brought to another dimension.”

Wally’s body tensed up and his breath became heavy as if he were having a panic attack. Ollie noticed this and became concerned that Wally was freaking out like a scared child who was lost in an unfamiliar city.

“Hey…are you okay?” a concerned Ollie asked, hoping he could do whatever he could to calm Wally down.

But to his surprise, Wally had a large grin on his face and his panic was no more than excitement as he jumped up and down. “Am I okay? I’m better than okay!” Wally shouted. “I’m in another dimension! I always knew there was more than one dimension out there, but now I know it’s true!”

Wally took out his phone and ran off to take pictures of the new environment. Ollie stayed behind and looked around.

“This place kinda looks like Sparkle Sity, but gloomier.” Ollie said to himself, amazed by how the buildings and streets looked. But he looked down and lifted his left foot to see that he had stepped in some chewing gum, grossing him out. “Ugh! And dirtier.”
He continued to walk along the sidewalk, noticing that things were not well kept as they were in Sparkle Sity, as if something was terrorizing the city. “This place looks like it has a real monster problem.” Ollie said to himself. “Come to think of it, where are the Magical Girls?

He knew that a town or city with monster problems would normally be handled by the local Magical Girl so why wouldn’t this place have one?

Before he could think it over, a crowd of people rushed past Ollie, and he got swept in while heading in one direction. He tried to break free and yell at them to let him out, but the people were too busy talking over each other.

“There’s another report on the demon boy.”

“I heard he was spotted last night.”

“Whoever heard of a good demon?”

Ollie finally managed to make his way towards the front of the crowd when they reached the square. He was amazed by the interesting sights like the tall buildings and the giant television screen hanging high above in the center. Soon, Wally managed to make his way through the crowd to join back up with Ollie.

“Ollie, there you are.” Wally said in a chipper tone. “You know, coming here may not have been my intention, but I’m kinda glad I did.”

He took a picture of the square with his phone and wrote notes in his notepad. However, Ollie began to feel slight unease as he remembered all the gossip he heard in the crowd. He felt he should warn Wally about it. “Wally, there’s something weird about this place.”

Rather than be alarmed, Wally assumed that Ollie’s unease was just from being in an entirely new dimension just like he previously felt. So, he decided to offer him some comforting advice. “That’s only because we’re in a different dimension. What may seem weird to you might be normal to everyone here, which I have learned from being in your dimension.”

Ollie just stared, having no idea what Wally was talking about. “What? No. I mean, what if this city has monsters of its own?”

“Monsters? Ollie, that’s absurd. You can’t expect every dimension you visit to be full of monsters.”

“What kind of dimension do you come from that makes you think monsters aren’t real?”

Suddenly, they hear a jingle and look up at the mega screen to see a news report being broadcasted,

Last night, a robbery occurred at the Overville Bank. By the time authorities arrived, the criminals had already been apprehended by the demon boy who calls himself “D. Evil”. Despite his heroic actions, many call his morality into question since demons have been known for their monstrous and chaotic behavior.”

The screen showed an image of D. Evil. Despite being a demon, he looked like a human teenage boy with black hair, yellow eyes, and a black jumpsuit with red gloves, boots, a cape. His face concealed by a mask decorated with horns.

After the broadcast was over, Wally walked away while writing on his notepad. When Ollie noticed him leaving, he followed him.

“I knew it! This place has monsters.” Ollie said while Wally was too preoccupied with taking notes. “Well, more like demons, but still, monsters. Not to mention, a real superhero.”

Wally read his notes out loud, ““Landed in city called “Overville”, dimension contains humans and demons.”” He paused while grumbling to himself, “Man, I could give it a better name than “Overville”.”

“Oh, brother,” Ollie groaned in annoyance. “Why bother taking a bunch of lame notes?”

Wally explained, “I like to research my findings. These notes on what I discover will help me later.”

“That is so lame. Why not just live in the moment? You’ll end up missing what’s right in front of you.”

“That’s absurd. As an archeologist, I’m always aware of my surroundings.”

As they turned a corner, Wally bumped into someone, causing him to drop his pen and notepad and the other person to drop his phone.

“Oh, yeah.” Ollie sarcastically noted. “You’re super aware.”

The person Wally bumped into was Dean Devlin, who kneeled to pick up Wally’s belongings. “I am so sorry.” Dean apologized to Wally. “It was totally my fault.”

Ollie remarked, “No, it wasn’t. Someone was taking nerd notes instead of paying attention to where he was going.”

Wally glared at Ollie, but Dean did not show any anger at the boys. “Uhhh, it’s totally cool. Forget about it.” Dean said.

After returning Wally’s things to him, Dean picked up his phone and stood up. Before he could leave, Wally called to him, “Wait. Before you go, can you tell us anything about D. Evil?”

Hearing the two boys he just met ask him about his secret identity, Dean started to become nervous. “Wha…what about D. Evil?” he stammered.

“Do you know where we can find him?” Wally asked.

Ollie added, “Yeah, you live here, so you’ve must’ve seen him?”

Dean quickly answered, “Sorry. Never seen him before in my life.”

He rushed away without another word while the two boys stared, wondering how he could not have seen D. Evil despite living in the same city as him.

“Hmph, loser.” Ollie commented.

Wally groaned in disappointment. “Oh man, I was hoping to find D. Evil so I can ask him for all the information on this dimension and the demons residing in it.”

Ollie approached Wally and held his shoulder. “Well, D. Evil is a demon, right? You just gotta find another demon who knows him.”

Wally looked unsure of the idea. “I don’t know. That reporter we saw said that demons are dangerous.”

“And you think a demon with the word “Evil” in his name wouldn’t be?”

Wally rolled his eyes in annoyance and grabbed Ollie’s arm. “Let’s start by looking around.” He said before dragging Ollie away while the latter yelps.


They decided to start their search for D. Evil by looking in what they thought were scary places. Unfortunately, the only place they could find nearby was the back of a convenient store. Wally was searching underneath the dumpster and behind boxes, hoping to find anything that looked like it belonged to a demon.

“No signs of anything unusual.” Wally announced.

But Ollie was bored out of his mind. “This is so dumb. You know, the only reason I’m hanging around you is because your watch-thingy is my only way home.”

Wally was unimpressed with Ollie blaming him for ending up in this dimension. “Oh, please. You’re the one who followed me here when I told you not to.”

Ollie argued back, “Because I wanted to see someplace cool, and now that we’re here, you’re taking all the cool out of it.”

“Interdimensional traveling requires research and if you knew a thing about-”

“Aaaah! Cease that infernal noise!” a voice called out from inside the dumpster.

The lid of the dumpster opens and they are stunned to see a Bat Demon. His body was slender, he had wings under his arms, and long fangs. The demon was displeased to see the boys staring at him. “Humans. I should have known.”

“What are you?” Wally timidly asked as he and Ollie back away.

“You’re a demon, aren’t you?” Ollie asked since the creature wasn’t anything like the monsters he had seen in Sparkle Sity.

Seeing the two human boys in the isolated area without any adult supervision, the Bat Demon smirked as he replied, “Clever, aren’t you? I was hoping to feast upon the human in that building when he comes out to dispose of his waste. But why let easy prey slip by?”

The Bat Demon crawls out of the dumpster on all fours and crawls towards Wally and Ollie with sadistic intent.

As he clung to Wally’s arm, Ollie whispered, “There’s your demon, Hewitt. But I don’t think he’s in the mood to talk.”

Wally tried to remain calm and chose to speak to the demon, “Wait! Would you happen to know D. Evil?”

Hearing Wally mention that name, the Bat Demon cringed and hissed as if he was recalling the last encounter he had with D. Evil. “That demon child. I have lost so many good meals because of him.”

Realizing that the demon they were talking to was not someone they should be talking to, Wally tried to end the conversation as quickly as possible. He nervously chuckled, “Do you know where we can find him?”

“No.” the Bat Demon answered until he smirked at the boys. “But I know how we can make him come.”

Without warning, the Bat Demon lunged at the boys, shoving Wally aside and grabbing Ollie as he pinned him to the ground with ravenous intent.

”Ollie!” Wally called out, seeing Ollie in danger.

“Get off me!” Ollie shouted as he laid at the mercy of the bloodthirsty demon.

But the Bat Demon hissed and stated, “I’ll eat one of you, and your screams will bring the demon child here!”

The Bat Demon barred his fangs and drew them close to Ollie’s neck as he prepared to bite him. Ollie tried to push the demon off, but his grip was too strong. Finally, Ollie reached for his brooch and pulled it off his collar.

“I said…get…” Ollie stated as he changed his brooch into the wand. “…OFF!”

He smacked the demon in the face with the tip of his wand, knocking him away. Once recovered, the Bat Demon was none too pleased.

“Why, you lousy little…” The Bat Demon said right as he was about to pounce back on Ollie.

He was suddenly hit in the back of the head with a whip. He turned around to see Wally reel in his whip. “Get away, you…demon!”

Wally and Ollie stood together, armed with their weapons. The Bat Demon snarled as he realized he was facing no ordinary children.

“Enough of this!” he shouted in dismay. “I’ll get my meal somewhere else!”

The Bat Demon flapped his arms and flew off. At the front of the store, Dean was exiting as he drank as slushee and texted on his phone. When he glanced up, he noticed the Bat Demon flying overhead, which he knew meant trouble. Afterwards, Dean narrowed his eyes and finished off his slushee before he tossed it aside and ran off to do his duty.

Wally and Ollie came out from behind the store to see no sign of the demon or anyone else.

“Where’d that demon go?” Wally asked in panic. “We have to stop it before it hurts someone.”

Before they could start searching, they heard a screeching noise and turned to see a bus swerving on the road as the Bat Demon hung on the front of the bus, clawing at the windshield as if trying to break in. While the driver and passengers screamed, the demon could only laugh maniacally.

“Give me all your blood, humans!” the Bat Demon yelled.

Wally and Ollie gasped in horror when they see the bus starting to swerve towards a gas station.

Right when it was about to drive off the street, the bus came to a halt. D. Evil was in front of the bus, holding it still with his supernatural strength.

“Sorry,” D. Evil said to the demon, “But you’re required to have exact change.”

D. Evil levitated in the air and grabbed the demon by the back of its neck.

As he was hoisted in the air, the Bat Demon sees D. Evil and became enraged, “You again!”

“Awww, you remember me.” D. Evil said in false flattery. “I’m sure you remember this.”

D. Evil punched the Bat Demon in the face, knocking him through the air.

From a distance, Wally and Ollie arrived and saw what was going on. They were amazed to see D. Evil beating the demon that nearly got a bus full of innocent people killed.

“It’s D. Evil.” Wally said with a large grin full of excitement.

Even Ollie couldn’t hide how amazed he was at seeing a real-life superhero. “It really is.”

The Bat Demon was hit with an energy blast, and D. Evil flew forward, punching him into the ground. The Bat Demon lied in the cracked pavement while D. Evil hovered over him.

“You gonna go back home?” D. Evil playfully asked. When the Bat Demon growled in response, D. Evil asked once again, “You gonna stay home?”

The Bat Demon growled once again, but D. Evil just smiled in pleasure and responded, “I’ll take that as a “yes”.”

D. Evil charged his hands with dark energy and converted it into a blast that he unleashed from both of his hands, firing it at the demon and obliterating it into darkness that disappeared.

“Whoa…” Wally and Ollie both said with their jaws lowered.

Wiping his hands clean as he hovered in the air, D. Evil announced, “That takes care of that.”

D. Evil flew through the air, causing Wally to panic that he was missing his chance to meet the superhero.

“Hey, wait!” Wally called out, but D. Evil of course could not hear him.

“Bummer.” Ollie said. “We still don’t get to meet him.”

“Not if I can help it.” Wally said in determination before he grabbed Ollie’s arm and dragged him away.

“Hey!” Ollie shouted, unamused by Wally dragging him by the arm again.


After landing in an empty alley, D. Evil made sure the coast was clear and snapped his fingers. Dark energy surrounded his body and his appearance changed into his human identity of Dean Devlin.

Dean took a breath of relief since he could now relax after another fight with a rogue demon. However, his break was short-lived.

“Oh, my gosh!”

With his eyes widened in horror, Dean turned around and he screamed in shock to see Wally and Ollie staring at him from the corner of the alley’s exit.

“You’re the demon boy?” Ollie asked in surprise, recognizing him as the teen he and Wally encountered earlier. “You’re D. Evil?”

Wally could hardly contain his excitement. “I can hardly believe it myself.” He shook Ollie by the shoulders as he exclaimed, “A real life superhero who’s a kid, just like us!”

Dean recognized them as the two boys he ran into earlier, only now they knew his secret, and he wasn’t prepared for anything like this to happen. Dean started to tremble and his forehead sweated.

“Uhhh, I…I…I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Dean stammered while he wrung his hands. “Who’s this “D. Evil” guy?”

Ollie could not believe that the cool, confident superhero they saw just moments ago was now a timid, awkward teenager.

“Wow.” Ollie sarcastically said. “A real life superhero who screams like a girl and can’t even think of a good lie.”

An excited Wally zipped over to Dean and shook the awkward teenager’s hand.

“Please forgive my associate.” Wally said to Dean before whispering, “He’s new to the whole interdimensional traveling thing.”

“Inter-di-what?” Dean asked.

Still shaking Dean’s hand, and probably not even realizing that he was doing so, Wally introduced himself, “My name’s Wally by the way. Wally Hewitt.”

Ollie casually waved to Dean and introduced himself, “Ollie Vanderbilt.”

Now feeling less nervous, Dean pulled his hand away and calmly introduced himself as well, “Devlin. Dean Devlin.”

Wally squealed in delight. “I have so many questions about this dimension you live in, Dean. It’s so much different from mine or Ollie’s.”

Dean became even more confused by what Wally was talking about. “Dimension?” he questioned, wondering if the two boys were actually demons from the Underworld.

Suddenly, Ollie spoke up with his hand raised. “I got a question: Why are you a superhero?”

“Well…” This was a question that Dean could easily answer, but before he could figure out how to explain it, Ollie interrupted him.

“How did you get your powers?”

“Umm, I’m actually…” This was another question that Dean could easily answer, but wasn’t sure how to explain it in a way that two children could understand.

Not even giving Dean time to answer, Ollie bombarded him with another question, “Why’d you choose the name “D. Evil” anyway?”

Chuckling, Dean started to explain, “It’s a funny story really, you see…”

Once again, Ollie interrupted him, “I mean, what kind of superhero has the word “Evil” in their name?”

Finally exasperated with Ollie’s constant questions (and this possibly not being the first time he’d been asked this), Dean angrily shouted, “It’s supposed to be ironic!”

Even Wally had enough of Ollie taking up Dean’s time. “That’s enough, Ollie.” Wally demanded since he still wanted to ask Dean the questions he thought were important. He turned to Dean with his phone held out so he can record him, “So about my questions regarding Overville…”

However, Dean held his hands up to stop him. “Look, you both seem like nice kids, but I gotta go. So, if you guys can keep quiet about everything you saw just now, I’d really appreciate it.”

Wally and Ollie glanced at each other in silence. Despite getting no response, Dean took their silence as an agreement.

“Greaaaat.” Dean nervously said before making his way past the two. “Well, nice meeting you guys. Bye.”

Afterwards, Wally started to get discouraged about not getting the opportunity to talk with a real superhero, despite now knowing the guy on a personal level.

Ollie held his shoulder and tried to offer some comfort. “Sorry, Wally. I guess it’s true what they say about those famous superhero types.”

Wally narrowed his eyes with determination and declared, “I’m not ready to give up. This wouldn’t be the first time I had to chase after a treasure. One time, there was a rare snake whose venom could be used as a powerful adhesive. I had to chase after that thing for hours until I finally caught up with it to get what I wanted, and that’s what I’m gonna do now.”

“Ugh!” Ollie groaned in dismay after hearing the amount of work they were going to have to do. “Now we have to search this demon-infested place just to find a demon kid right after we just avoided being eaten by a demon?”

Wally remained positive and assured him, “I consider myself an expert when it comes to tracking. Follow me.”

He grabbed Ollie’s arm and dragged him away while Ollie shouted, “Will you quit pulling me already?”

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Chapter 6: Demon Hunting

After saving innocent civilians from the terrorizing demons and meeting two strange boys who discovered his identity as D. Evil, Dean left to go about his business. In front of the electronics store was Jason Fuller, a 14-year-old boy with blue eyes and a black afro under his hoodie. He was texting on his phone until he noticed his best friend, Dean, approaching.

Jason waved and greeted, “Dean. There you are, man. Run into demon trouble?”

Other than Lucy, Jason was the only one who knew about Dean’s powers, but he was the only one who knew Dean and D. Evil were the same person.

Dean nodded and answered, “Among other things. But nothing I couldn’t handle.”

“Well, while you were gone, I bought the new ePhone.” Jason eagerly showed off his phone to Dean. “With this baby, I can stream all your fights online.”

“I don’t know.” Dean nervously replied, “All those people watching me on the internet.”

Knowing how intimidated Dean could be when faced with an audience, Jason placed a hand on his best friend’s shoulder and assured, “No fret, dude. They’ll be watching D. Evil. They won’t have any idea that it’s you.”

Dean started to feel a little more comfortable until a familiar voice interrupted, “Won’t it still be Dean on the internet?”

The two teens turned around to see Wally and Ollie, the former holding out his camera phone.

Dean’s eyes widened when he saw the two. “You guys?!”

“You know them, Dean?” Jason asked, wondering how Dean was acquainted with a couple of kids.

Wally responded, “Don’t mind us. I’m just gathering data on what a typical day is for a native in this dimension.”

“Doesn’t look any different from what I do every day.” A bored Ollie mentioned. “You’d think having demon powers would be more exciting.”

A shocked Jason whispered to Dean, “Wait, they know?”

Dean whispered back, “Yes, they saw me transform.”

“Are they gonna keep quiet?” Jason quietly asked.

Dean quietly answered, “I didn’t know what else to do.”

Jason quietly suggested, “Scare them by saying D. Evil will eat them.”

But Dean was uncomfortable with the idea and whispered, “Jace, they’re kids.”

Suddenly, Ollie called out to them, “You know we can hear everything you guys are saying.”

As he recorded everything with his phone, Wally mentioned, “Thankfully, the camera did too.”

Jason approached the kids and kneeled close to them as he spoke to them in a friendly voice, “Hey, guys, how about I buy your silence with a selfie with D. Evil? Or one of D. Evil’s test papers? Or he can show up at your birthday party?”

Not liking that his best friend was making all these promises that he did not want to keep, Dean pulled Jason back and assured him, “Uhhh, Jason? I don’t think any of that will be necessary.”

But Ollie curiously asked, “Is the whole trying to eat us thing why you’re called “Evil”?”

Hearing them missing the point of his ironic name, Dean’s face scrunched in anger as he grumbled, “It’s supposed to strike fear in my enemies.” He turned to his best friend, “Let’s go, Jason.”

Dean walked away while Jason followed him, leaving Wally and Ollie alone and disappointed.

Ollie said, “I think you scared him off, Hewitt.”

An offended Wally snapped, “And you making fun of his name didn’t drive him away, Vanderbilt?” But Wally quickly regains his determination, “But that doesn’t matter. If I cannot gain my research through direct contact, I’ll get it by observing.”

Ollie crossed his arms and rolled his eyes, groaning, “That sounds kinda lame.”

An annoyed Wally rolled his eyes and grabbed Ollie’s arm. “Come on.”

As he was being dragged away, Ollie complained, “Again with the pulling!”


After ditching the two boys, Dean explained to Jason how Wally and Ollie had discovered that he was D. Evil and were now insistent on talking with him about it. Dean and Jason decided to go to lunch at the Burger Palace. During which, Jason told Dean all about how the news of his heroic actions as D. Evil were spreading all over the internet.

“Did you notice that you are trending right now, man?” Jason said as he showed Dean a news article on his phone. “You should’ve become D. Evil a long time ago.”

Dean couldn’t help but be impressed. “Wow. I really didn’t expect all this positive reaction.”

“I...didn’t exactly say it was positive.”

Hearing this, Dean’s mood dropped as he realized that gaining the public’s adoration while also being a demon would not be as easy as he thought.

What they didn’t know was that at the children’s play area, Wally and Ollie emerged from underneath the ball pit.

“Is this really what archeology is supposed to be?” Ollie asked.

“Shhh!” Wally hushed as he held out his phone and used the camera to zoom in on Dean and Jason.

Since they didn’t know they were being spied on, Dean and Jason continued to converse.

“You know, maybe you should reconsider the name.” Jason suggested.

An annoyed Dean responded, “The name is fine, Jace. What I need to do is show everyone that I’m not like other demons.”

Still hoping that Dean would take his idea of streaming D. Evil’s fights online, Jason held out his camera phone to Dean and playfully said, “Stream online.”

But once he saw himself on the phone’s screen, Dean became nervous. “I…I’m still not sure about that.” But when Dean looked at the screen, his eyes widen when he noticed something. “Wait a sec.”

Dean took the phone and stared at the screen. Other than seeing himself, he looked at the background and saw the play area where Wally and Ollie were watching him from the ball pit. Dean turned around while Wally and Ollie ducked down into the ball pit, realizing they had been caught.

But Dean marched over to the ball pit and reached inside until he pulled Wally and Ollie out.

“Seriously?” a disapproving Dean asked them. “You guys are spying on me now?”

Not wanting to get blamed, Ollie pointed at Wally and declared, “He said it was observing.”

Despite this, Wally explained, “I’m sorry, Dean, we were just interested in knowing what life was like here. But now that we’ve got you here, maybe you can tell us yourself.”
Wally held his phone out to Dean again, but just seeing a camera pointed at him was enough to make Dean freeze up for a moment, until he snapped out of it and went back to being angry at them.

“No, no, no, no. I already told you I’m not interested. So just leave-”

Before he could finish scolding the two boys, a voice called out, “Well, well, well.”

Dean winced as he could recognize that voice anywhere. He turned and saw a fourteen-year-old boy pale skin and dark hair. “Devlin, I didn’t know you took up babysitting.” He said in a mocking voice.

“No, Lance, totally didn’t.” Dean responded in an annoyed tone since he had pretty much gotten used to Lance harassing him both in and out of school.

Lance stated, “My friends and I were planning a conjuring to see if we can summon that demon kid from the Underworld. You should come. We’ll need a sacrifice, after all.” He laughed as he walked away.

All Dean could do was roll his eyes as he muttered, “Always did peg him for a worshipper.”

“You sure you don’t wanna pick a name that doesn’t make you sound like a bad guy?” Ollie asked Dean, making him grit his teeth in anger.

Wally was more interested in what Lance had said. “What did he mean by “Underworld”?”

”Enough!” Dean shouted to them. “Quit following me, alright?”

Before either Wally or Ollie could respond, a scream was heard, followed by a man shouting, “Demon in the bathroom!”

Dean frowned in dismay since there were a few places that he did not like fighting demons, and public restrooms were one of them.

“Great. My favorite.” Dean sarcastically groaned. He turned to Wally and Ollie and commanded, “Don’t move.”

Afterwards, he ran towards the bathroom and looked towards Jason. Dean signaled him to wait outside until he finished off the demon. Jason understood the message and nodded before running out of the restaurant.

While D. Evil was fighting the rogue demon in the men’s restroom, Wally and Ollie stood around, wondering what their next move would be.

“We’re gonna keep following him, right?” Ollie asked Wally.

Wally responded with an enthusiastic, “Definitely.”


After finishing off the demon, Dean snuck out of the Burger Palace and met up with Jason. In the hopes of losing the boys that were following them, the two teens ran off to hide in the city’s local black magic shop; a place where people go to buy items that are supposed to ward off any demons.

Peeking out the window and seeing no sign of Wally or Ollie, Dean informed Jason, “I think we lost them. Good thing I thought of hiding in this place.”

Jason nodded in agreement. “It’s a good thing kids are scared of dark supernatural stuff.”

However, they couldn’t be more wrong. Wally and Ollie were already in the store, watching them from behind some merchandise shelves. Wally glanced around the strange store and wrote down some notes. ““Dimension contains a shop that includes supposedly supernatural items to the superstitious residents residing in dimension.””

As he fiddled with some of the items on the shelf, Ollie overheard him and asked, “You say that after seeing me use real magic against actual monsters and nearly being eaten by a real demon?”

Jason asked Dean, “Though I can’t help but wonder, was that the only reason you decided to come in here?”

Knowing just what Jason was referring to, Dean glanced towards the checkout counter where a beautiful 14-year-old girl with red hair and green eyes was working. Just seeing the girl made Dean’s face go red, his heart race, and his body tense up. In fact, Dean felt like this every time he laid eyes on her.

“You should go talk to her.” Jason encouraged.

But Dean appeared unsure of himself. “I don’t know, Jason. You know how I get every time I try to talk to cute girls. Plus, I just fought a demon in a public restroom.”

“Relax, this is Angie. It won’t matter to her how dumb you sound or how bad you smell, so give it a try.” Jason shoved Dean towards the checkout counter so he can go chat up his crush.

While Wally was busy writing notes down, Ollie picked up a stitch doll from the shelf and stared at it with curiosity. He then glanced over at Wally and discreetly tried to pluck a strand of hair from his head. Before he could, Wally looked over at him, making Ollie quickly hide his hands behind his back. But Wally remained oblivious and went back to observing Dean.

“Whoa, look at Dean.” Wally quietly told Ollie. “He looks kinda sick.”

They watched Dean approach the counter, and he cleared his throat a couple times before speaking, “Umm…hi, Angie.”

When Angie noticed Dean, she gave him a friendly smile and greeted, “Oh, hey, Dean. How’s it going?”

While speaking to his crush, Dean became so flustered, he could hardly speak, “Oh, um, it’s…it’s going…going great. I…uhh, how are you going? Doing! How are you doing?”

As Wally and Ollie watched Dean go from a brave confident hero who fought demons and saved lives to a shy awkward teenager who couldn’t even talk to a girl, Ollie was leaning against the shelves stocked with merchandise until accidentally knocking over some boxes of vampire teeth.

This caused Dean and Angie to notice them. An embarrassed Wally tried to hide his face behind his notepad while Ollie just casually waved.

“Hey, Dean,” Ollie greeted. “Why do you look so nervous around that girl? Do you like her or something?”

Angie looked at Dean, wondering if he really knew the two boys.

Dean nervously laughed and stated, “Kids. Am I right?” When he got no chuckle from Angie, he started backing away. “I’ll…just…see you later, Angie. Bye.”

He rushed out of the shop in an embarrassed wreck with Jason running after him.

Angie was confused by the whole thing, but remembered she had a job to do, which was clean the mess Wally and Ollie made

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Chapter 7: Joining the Fun

Soon, Dean and Jason made it back to their apartment building with Wally and Ollie nowhere in sight. They stood outside the front doors after having made sure they lost the two boys.

“Well, dude, looks like those kids aren’t following you around anymore.” Jason informed Dean.
Sighing in relief, Dean replied, “Thank goodness for that. I mean, it’s flattering and all, but give a guy his privacy.”

They walked through the front doors and went upstairs.

“I’m telling ya, if you really wanted them to leave you alone, you could’ve put on that scary demon rage to scare them away.” Jason suggested.

Amused by the suggestion, Dean responded, “Come, Jason, you know I’m trying not to look like that kind of demon.”

“Well, once I get that blog up about D. Evil, everyone will know not all demons are evil.”

“Looking forward to it.” Dean said as he waved goodbye to Jason, who goes down the hall to his own apartment.

The two of them had not only been best friends for as long as they can remember, but also neighbors. Jason lived with his parents in the apartment down the hall from the one Dean and his mother lived in.

Dean entered through his front door while calling out, “Mom! I’m home!”

Lucy came out of the kitchen, holding a plate of cookies she just baked. “Hello, Dean.” She greeted her son. “Welcome home.”

Once Dean noticed the baked goods she was holding, he helped himself to one. “Cookies? Sweet.”

As he took a bite, Lucy explained, “I just baked them for your little friends.”

Dean nearly choked on the cookie. “…friends?” he asked in shock.

Following Lucy into the living room, Dean’s eyes widened in shock as soon as he sees Wally and Ollie sitting on the couch, drinking milk that Lucy had already offered them. She set the plate of cookies on the coffee table in front of them.

“Here you are, boys.” Lucy said with a friendly smile.

“Thanks, Ms. Devlin.” Wally said as he and Ollie snacked on the cookies.

Dean could not believe that Wally and Ollie were in his home and were already acquainted with his mother.

Lucy did not notice the horror on her son’s face and just smiled blissfully. “It’s so sweet that my Deanie-Beanie has some new little friends who look up to him so much.”

Hearing his mother call him that in front of people, Dean’s face turned red with embarrassment. “Mom!” he shouted in dismay.

“Oh, okay, Dean. I’ll be right here if you boys need anything.”

Once Lucy walked away to the kitchen, Dean scowled at Wally and Ollie, demanding to know, “How did you find out where I live?”

Wally answered, “That girl you were talking to before.”

Trying to talk to.” Ollie pointed out and concluded, “We told her you were supposed to babysit us today, and she told us where we can find you.”

“When we arrived, your mom answered the door and we told her we wanted an interview with you to learn what living in Overville is like.”

“We didn’t tell her you were D. Evil.” Ollie mentioned before eating a cookie.

Dean’s right eye started to twitch as he fumed with anger. He calmly asked the two, “Can I talk to guys…alone?”

Wally and Ollie followed Dean into his bedroom. Once they were all inside, Dean closed the door and turned to them with a furious scowl.

“Alright, what’d you want from me?” Dean angrily asked them, “Money? My autograph? A lock of my hair to keep under your pillow?”

“Eww, no.” a disgusted Wally answered. “We don’t want anything like that.”

“Although, now that you mention money…” Ollie was interrupted when Wally put a hand to his face.

Wally confessed to Dean, “Overville is just so much different from my dimension or Ollie’s, and I wanna learn as much about it as possible.”

Dean was surprised to hear him talking about other dimensions again. “Were you guys serious about that whole dimension thing? Are you two really demons from the Underworld?”

“The Underworld?” Ollie questioned, having remembered Lance mention the place, but still not knowing what exactly it was.

“Where do you think all the demons come from? Obviously, if you’re not from this world, you slipped out of the Underworld just to terrorize everyone here. You have a pretty interesting way of doing it too.”
“We’re not demons.” Wally held his watch out to Dean as he explained, “I found this watch and it has the ability to create portals to different dimensions. That’s how I met Ollie. I traveled to his dimension, which unlike mine, has nonexistent magic.”

Hearing Wally still deny the existence of magic, despite everything he has seen up to this point, Ollie mentioned, “Magic that you have actually seen me do!”

Wally ignored him and continued his explanation, “We then ended up in this dimension that’s inhabited by demons. Not to mention an actual superhero,” he started flipping through his notes. “Who, according to my notes, manages to balance a normal life with his superhero life, displays bravery and quirkiness when facing adversaries, mingles with normal humans quite well...”

Ollie coughed as he said, “Moderately well.”

Flipping a page, Wally concluded, “…Hides his superhero identity beneath a timid demeanor, and manages to balance both lives while living in a comfortable home environment.”

Dean’s anger disappeared and he now seemed impressed by the data Wally had collected about him. “Wow. You really learned all that just by following me around for a couple of hours?” he asked.

Crossing his arms, Ollie recollected, “Well, we did stop for a bit because Mr. Archeologist just had to pick up a rock off the ground.”

Wally argued, “It was smeared with demon ooze. It could contain valuable information.”

Chuckling in amusement, Dean was now starting to warm up to the boys. “Different dimension or not, maybe you guys aren’t so bad after all.”

Wally jumped close to Dean and eagerly asked, “If you’re still offering, I would like a lock of your hair…for research purposes, of course.”

“Okay, now it’s getting weird again.” said an unamused Dean. “But if it’s me and this dimension you wanna learn about, I might as well tell you.”

Clearing his throat, Dean began, “Yes, I am D. Evil. But I’m also Dean Devlin: the son of a human and a demon.”

Hearing this, Wally and Ollie reacted in shock. “So, that’s why you have demon powers.” Wally realized.

Ollie also realized, “If your mom’s human, then your dad must be a demon. Where is he?”

“I don’t know.” Dean admitted, “I’ve never met him.” He walked over to the window and stared outside as he continued explaining, “That’s part of why I became superhero.”

Wally eagerly took out his notepad to catalogue everything he learns.

Looking at his hands that glowed with dark energy, Dean further explained, “In Overville, demons have proven to be nothing but despicable, vicious monsters, and if anyone knew about me, they probably wouldn’t think I’m any different. But as D. Evil, I can show everyone that even with the powers of a demon, I can still do good with them, and maybe one of those demons I run into could be my missing father. If he knew about all the good I’ve been doing, maybe he’d be proud of me.”

As he listened, Wally had stopped taking notes, having become intrigued by Dean’s story. Ollie was even captivated by it. Neither of them would have pegged a teenager like Dean to have such a motivation for wanting to be a superhero.

Suddenly, a noise was heard outside. Dean opened his window and crawled out onto the fire escape to see a wave of black winged demons flying across the street, causing havoc. Wally and Ollie joined Dean on the fire escape to see what was going on.

“Those are demons, aren’t they?” Wally asked.

“That’s what happens when you live in a city that’s right next door to the Underworld.” Dean replied. “That means it’s time for me to go to work.”

Dean held up his right hand and snapped his fingers. His body was wrapped in dark energy and his clothes were transformed into the outfit he wears as D. Evil. Wally and Ollie were amazed by seeing this.

With his transformation complete, D. Evil floated in the air and informed Wally and Ollie, “You two wait here until I get back.”

After D. Evil flew away, Ollie turned to Wally and asked, “We’re gonna go help him, right?”

Wally smiled in determination and answered, “Definitely.”


Demons from the Underworld proved to be a lot more destructive in groups. The horde of demons that were terrorizing the neighborhood was formed together in a wave that smashed into parked cars, streetlights, and the sides of buildings. People ran away in panic as they tried to avoid being swept in the chaos. D. Evil flew through the air to catch up with the demons.

“I’ve heard of crowd surfing, but this is ridiculous.” D. Evil said before flying ahead of the demons and stopping front of them.

Dean fired an energy blast from both hands. But the hoard was so powerful that the blast deflected off the surface. Seeing that he was about to be rammed, D. Evil created a large wall of dark energy, which the hoard of demons crashed into while D. Evil struggled to keep the barrier up.

“Can’t…let them…break through.” D. Evil muttered while his strength started to give out.

Ollie ran towards the battle, grabbing hold of his brooch and magically transforming it into his wand. Waving his wand above his head, Ollie shouted, “RAINBOW WAVE!”

His wand magically created a rainbow that shot out and hit the demons, breaking them apart and sending them raining down onto the street. Wally arrived, holding his whip, and he gave Ollie a pat on the back. “Nice work, Vanderbilt.”

“Thanks, Hewitt.” Ollie said with a smile.

D. Evil landed next to them and was mystified by what just happened. “What was that?” he asked, having never seen real magic before. “Did you just make a rainbow appear out of that pink wand?”

“No!” Ollie quickly answered, passing the wand into Wally’s hands. “It was him! Wally’s the one training to be a Magical Girl, not me!”

While Wally did not like Ollie pinning his embarrassing job onto him, he knew now was not the time to argue since the demons, while split apart, were still causing havoc.

“There’s no time for this.” Wally said while passing the wand back to Ollie. “D. Evil, we have to unite stop these things before it gets any worse.”

D. Evil agreed, “Right. I’ll ask my own questions later.”

He flew into the air and fired multiple energy rays at the demons, obliterating them. During this, D. Evil shouted some helpful information to his comrades, “Knock them around hard enough and they’ve got an instant trip back to the Underworld!”

“Thanks for the tip, D. Evil!” Wally shouted as he ran across the field, swinging his whip left and right, eliminating the demons into smoke.

Rather than use his magic, Ollie swung his wand around like a baseball bat and smacked the demons away from him, until a demon launched itself onto Ollie’s back. He tried to shake it off him, but the demon refused to let go and attempted to bite him.

Suddenly, a black glow appeared around the demon and it was telekinetically pulled off Ollie and lifted into the air. It flew towards D. Evil, whose right hand glowed with black energy like the demon.

Once it was right in front of him, D. Evil shouted, “See you in the Underworld!” and punched the demon with his other fist.

Wally wrapped the end of his whip around a demon and he swung it at the other demons like a wrecking ball. When the last demon remained, D. Evil noticed it coming towards him and he swung his leg, kicking it into a puff of smoke.

With all the demons gone, the three boys came together. D. Evil couldn’t help but be impressed by what Wally and Ollie can do.

“Wow,” D. Evil said. “You guys were really amazing. Not bad for a couple of 10-year-olds.”

“Oh, uh, thanks, D. Evil.” Wally said with a chuckle, “But actually, I’m eleven.”

Hearing this, Ollie bursts into laughter. “You’re eleven?” he asked in amusement. “I’m a year younger than you and you’re shorter?”

Wally became mad since he was not fond of people pointing out his short height. “Oh, really funny, Vanderbilt.” He said in anger. “You sure you didn’t use your girly magic to make yourself taller?”

This remark got under Ollie’s skin. “What was that, dorkeologist?”

Before the fight could escalate, a voice called out, “NICE FIGHTING, D!!!”

They looked towards Dean’s apartment to see Jason hanging out his bedroom window, having recorded the whole battle with his phone. He waved to them and shouted, “YOU KIDS WERE AWESOME TOO!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO STREAM THIS ONLINE!!!” He went back inside and shut his window.

Ollie asked D. Evil, “None of those demons we just fought was your father, right?”

“Doubt it.” D. Evil answered, “I’m not totally bummed though. The Underworld has loads of demons in it. I’m bound to run into him eventually.”

“I know you will, D. Evil.” Wally warmly encouraged, “I may not know much about demons or this dimension, but I do know you’re a real hero.”

D. Evil looked away shyly, flattered by Wally’s compliment. “Thanks, Wally. If…you need any help with whatever research you’re doing, I’d be glad to lend a hand.”

Wally’s face brightened up at the thought of someone from one of these new dimensions giving him all the information he needed to learn about them. “You will?”

Ollie rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Oh, great, just what we need: two nerds.”

Wally looked at his watch and turned it on. “If only I can get this watch to function properly. Then I can get Ollie back home, and I can get back home.”

He activated the holo-map, which showed four dots representing the other dimensions. Ollie and D. Evil looked over his shoulders as they examined it as well.

Ollie pointed at the map and stated, “That white dot must be where you are right now.”

While unfamiliar with the device, D. Evil was able to decipher, “So, I’m guessing one of those other two dots must be where you come from, Wally.”

As he stared at the map, Wally began to realize how the watch can get him home. “You guys are right. Since this dot was colored when I first turned on the watch, and I touched that dot which took me to Sparkle Sity, then that would mean…” he touched the first dot on the map, which created a portal.

“This portal will take me back home.” Wally excitedly concluded.

Wally turned off the portal and looked at the holo-map again. “And I should be able to create a portal to take you home as well, Ollie.”

Before he could activate a different portal, Ollie interrupted him, “Hold on a second, Hewitt. Why can’t I see what your dimension looks like?”

Wally let out an exasperated sigh, given how Ollie arguing with him about this was what caused them both to end up in Overville in the first place. “Ollie…”

Before he could protest, D. Evil said, “I wouldn’t mind seeing another dimension myself.”

Wally fell silent, seeing that someone else from another dimension wanted to travel with him as well. He was still unsure about it given how different his dimension was from Sparkle Sity and Overville.

Still unable to decide on what to do, Ollie urged, “Come on, Hewitt. We’ve shown you our dimensions. It’s only fair that you show us yours.”


In a darkened room at an unknown location, a man in a suit was sitting at a computer, which flashed a red alert on screen. The man typed on the keyboard until an image appeared on screen.

He spoke in a stunned voice, “A signal from Dimension J-152, coming from one of our interdimensional portal watches.”

His hands trembled as they hover over the keyboard. His voice shook, “C-C-Could it be?”

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Chapter 8: A New Dimension 

It was mid-afternoon when Wally returned to his dimension, but he did not return alone. He brought his two new interdimensional friends: Ollie and Dean. Since they had been good hosts to him in their dimensions, Wally decided that it was his turn to do the same. The only problem was that Wally didn’t know what things would be exciting for them, considering what they were used to. So, he decided to tour them around his favorite places.

He started by bringing them to the arcade where he demonstrated the automatic doors by stepping on the foot panel repeatedly.

“This is Demo Arcade.” Wally explained, “It’s a place with videogames for everyone to play.”

However, Ollie and Dean do not look impressed or even surprised. Dean informed him, “I know what an arcade is, Wally.”

“Those exist in Sparkle Sity too.” Ollie said in an amused tone.

Wally chuckled sheepishly, having had a feeling that perhaps people in Dean and Ollie’s dimension knew what arcades were. He tried to save his tour by adding, “They also have great pizza in case you’re interested.”

The next stop on Wally’s tour of Cullertown was the Natural History Museum, the ideal place for any aspiring archeologists since it contained history found only in that dimension. So, naturally, he thought it would be something that would impress foreign visitors.

“This is the Museum of Natural History.” Wally eagerly introduced. “It has all the town’s history, and every ancient artifact that has been discovered.” He then added with a smug smile, “Well, that has been discovered so far.”

Groaning was heard, after which Ollie stated, “You think I would go to the museum in my dimension?”

Not wanting to be rude to Wally as well, Dean said, “I can’t even go into the museum in Overville. It’s been taken over by demons.”

Wally’s enthusiasm deflated, realizing that Ollie and Dean were so used to seeing mystical creatures and other supernatural occurrences he knew didn’t exist in this dimension, that being here was probably boring to them. Wally knew if he wanted to grab their attention, he had to step up his game.

For his next stop on the tour, Wally took them to Buttercream’s Ice-Cream for a treat. He enjoyed the ice-cream they served and if asked, he would say it’s the best he’s ever had. Hopefully, Dean and Ollie would think the same.

With an ice-cream cone in his hand, Wally turned to Ollie and Dean, informing them, “And this is our local ice-cream joint. It has wi-fi.”

While enjoying his own ice-cream, Ollie appeared annoyed as he responded, “We have that too.”

After taking a taste of the ice-cream, Dean added, “Along with the ice-cream. But this kind doesn’t seem to have any demons in it.”

Wally began to feel like an idiot for thinking that kids like Ollie and Dean wouldn’t have ice-cream or internet in their own dimensions. As much as he hated boring Ollie and Dean, he knew he had to finish the tour like he promised. Fortunately, they only had one stop left.

Bringing them to the park, they stared at an overhead view of a large lake. By this point, Wally was melancholic that he hadn’t impressed Ollie and Dean with his dimension.

“And this is the park. People come here to feed the ducks sometimes and...” Wally’s voice trailed off until he sighed heavily. “I’m sorry, guys.”

Ollie and Dean became concerned when they noticed how depressed Wally had become.

“Sorry for what?” Dean asked.

Wally shamefully admitted, “It’s just that the dimensions you guys come from are so exciting and unique, and mine is so...normal.”

Hearing that Wally was feeling so insecure by how boring and uninteresting he felt his dimension was compared to theirs, Dean and Ollie shared a glance and suddenly burst into laughter. This made Wally confused, thinking they were laughing at him.

“Huh?” Wally wondered. “I don’t understand.”

When his laughter died down, Ollie responded, “You’re so dumb! We don’t care that your dimension is boring.”

An equally amused Dean reassured Wally, “Yeah, I mean our dimensions have magic and paranormal stuff in it all the time and yours doesn’t. It’s kinda nice that a place so simple can really exist.”

“It’s not every day I see a lake that doesn’t have a kelpie in it.”

After hearing that his new interdimensional friends actually found his normal dimension fascinating, Wally’s mood began to lift, and he smiled.

“Wow. Thanks, guys.” Wally showed them his watch and shared some good news that he had, “Oh, and by the way, I think you would be interested to know that I’ve located another dimension on this watch.”

Dean smiled with excitement. “Wait, you mean there’s another dimension out there that’s different than this one or even ours?”

Wally shrugged and replied, “Could be.”

Overcome with excitement, Ollie urged, “Well, stop talking about it and activate that watch already.”

“Shhh! Not here.” Wally whispered. “We can’t risk anyone else knowing that we have access to interdimensional travel.”

While he liked his two new friends, Wally realized that allowing anyone else to learn that he had access to other dimensions could attract a lot of unwanted attention. He was content with making sure no one in Cullertown, Sparkle Sity, Overville, or the new dimension they visit never learned where they’re from.

Ollie and Dean nodded in agreement, though Ollie whispered to Dean, “If it’s a secret, then why has he been recording everything and taking notes?”

Thankfully, Wally didn’t hear him and suggested, “Let’s go over to my house. We can activate a portal there.”

“Well, I’m in.” Dean agreed.

Ollie nodded. “Me too.”


In another dimension, unlike the ones previously visited by Wally, this one was completely under the ocean. Among all the sea life, there was a civilization inside a large dome, containing what appeared to be ordinary humans that were able to swim and breathe underwater thanks to their bodies having gills and webbed hands and feet. Inside this underwater town was a large palace with guards swimming around to protect it from intruders.

Upstairs in one of the rooms was the prince of this castle, Rokalburahm, a 17-year-old with blue eyes, long blonde hair, a white tank top, and blue shorts. He swam over to his dresser and opened a drawer, taking out a pair of binoculars.

He was about to leave until his bedroom door automatically slid open, and a much older man entered. His father, King Garthomal, stared at his son, looking displeased.

The king spoke firmly to his son in a foreign language, “Rokalburahm, what are you doing now?”

Rokalburahm cheerfully responded in the same language, “I plan on seeing the jellyfish migration.”

Hearing that his son was planning to spend the rest of the day goofing off, King Garthomal asked, “And what of your sorcery training?”

Learning the magic of their society for combat was a requirement for all their people, and his son was no exception. Even though Rokalburahm had no interest in such things, he was ordered by his father to learn sorcery just like everyone else. But whenever he protested about it, it led to arguments just like now.

“Father, I have already trained enough for today. I deserve some time off.” Rokalburahm said.

But the king was still not pleased that his son was not taking his duties seriously enough. “You spend too much time fooling around! You must prepare for the future.” He argued, on the verge of losing his temper.

“I am just trying to have some fun!”

“You call learning the language of surface dwellers and swimming outside the safety of our city more important than your duties?”

Finally, Rokalburahm lashed out, “Those are your duties, Father! I am not yet the king!”

Without another word, Rokalburahm swam past King Garthomal and left the palace. The king watched his son in tranquil fury. He wanted nothing more than for his son to accept his responsibilities in preparing for his role as future king. But with how rebellious his son had become in recent years, he wasn’t sure that day would ever come.


After leaving the castle, Rokalburahm swam all the way out of the kingdom as far away as he could get. It was what he loved to do in order to escape the stress of both his father and his role as prince. He took a seat on a bed of seaweed and watched a large stream of jellyfish swim through the ocean.

Rokalburahm watched the whole scene through the binoculars he brought with him, admiring the beauty and tranquility of the jellyfish. After a few minutes of watching, he put down the binoculars and began to sulk as he recalled what happened moments ago. Rokalburahm loved his father and had a lot of respect for what he does for the kingdom, and knew that he will one day have to succeed him as king. But what he loved just as much was his freedom and did not want to have to give that up so soon. He just wished he and his father could see eye to eye.

Smiling, Rokalburahm swam up and approached the school of jellyfish as they continued swimming in one direction. He loved seeing all the aquatic creatures of the ocean, and especially loved getting an up-close look at them- whether it was a good idea to do so or not.

Wanting to get an even closer look, he swiftly reached inside the hoard and pulled a single jellyfish out. Holding it in his palm, he gently stroked the top of it. But the jellyfish ended up stinging his palm and it swam back to join its group. Rokalburahm yelped in pain and held his hand, which really hurt from the jellyfish sting.

However, this did not dissuade his love for the creatures, and he was prepared to grab another one to pet as well. Before he can follow through, he noticed a bright light in the corner of his eye.

On the bottom of the sea floor was a blue portal; nothing going in it and nothing coming out of it. Having never seen such a strange phenomenon, Rokalburahm swam towards it with curiosity.

He was not sure what to make of this strange occurrence and he stuck his head through the portal as if it were a window. When he failed to see anything, he leaned in further and further until he fell through, disappearing inside. As soon as he was gone, the portal disappeared, leaving no trace of the prince anywhere and no hint to where he might have ended up.

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Chapter 9: The Interdimensional Visitor

In Cullertown, Wally had brought Ollie and Dean to his house and led them to his backyard after informing them of the new dimension he discovered. He had used his watch to create a portal that would lead them to the new dimension. But rather than going in it right away, he decided to make it a grand occasion by giving Ollie and Dean a motivational speech.

“Prepare yourselves, gentlemen.” Wally spoke while standing next to the portal, “We’re about to discover another dimension completely alien to us.”

Excited at what they might possibly find in this unknown dimension, Ollie couldn’t help but guess, “So, it’s full of aliens?”

Wally became stumped since he too was wondering what they might find and became incapable of answering Ollie’s question. “No...Possibly...I don’t know.”

However, it was because they didn’t know what they would find that Dean became cautious. “But is it safe to just walk right in there?”

Wally showed no signs of fear or worry. “Of course, Dean.” He calmly and confidently assured, “I’ve been taking notes and every dimension has been safe up to this point.”

Right when Wally started to take a step towards the portal, a tall figure flew out of it and slid across the grass until he came to a stop at Ollie and Dean’s feet. The two backed away as they screamed in shock.

The portal disappeared as Wally also screamed in shock by what had just emerged from it.

It was the blonde teenager, Rokalburahm, from the underwater dimension. Wally, Ollie, and Dean stared in bewilderment as the stranger opened his eyes and pushed himself to his knees, observing his surroundings.

Unsure of where he was, he became scared and confused. “Ti synavi?” he muttered. “Po eimai?”

“Wally,” Dean cautiously called out. “What’s going on?”

But Wally was just as confused as the other two were. “I don’t know.”

When he noticed that he was not alone, Rokalburahm looked at Dean and Ollie with fear in his voice, “Poios eisai?!”

However, neither of the boys understood his strange language. “Huh?” Ollie wondered. “What’s he saying?”

“I….I don’t know.” Wally replied, intrigued that this interdimensional native had his own foreign language.

Before the stranger could speak anymore, he suddenly choked and clutched his neck.

“Hey, what’s happening to him?” Ollie asked in concern.

Rokalburahm fell on his side, gasping as he continued clutching his neck. This only made the three boys worry more; wondering what could be going on with the strange boy.

“Guys, I think something’s wrong.” Dean alerted them.

While the boy continued to lie on the ground, struggling to breathe, Wally surveyed his body to figure out what the problem was until he set his sights on the boy’s neck to see a pair of gills.

Wally’s eyes widened in horror as he realized the boy in front of them was dying of asphyxiation.

“Oh no!” Wally yelled out. “He can’t breathe!”

Wanting to help him, Ollie panicked and asked, “What can we do?”

Signaling the others to follow him, Wally instructed, “Bring him this way! And quickly!”

Dean and Ollie grabbed the boy’s arms and held him over their shoulders while they dragged him towards Wally. The boy’s breathing slowed as he started slipping out of consciousness.

Wally led them to his family’s swimming pool, and he stepped to the side when Dean and Ollie dragged the boy towards the pool and tossed him into the water without a second thought.

They watched the unconscious boy sink to the bottom of the pool. Rokalburahm soon opened his eyes and realized he was able to breathe again.

Wally, Ollie, and Dean anxiously stood near the edge of the pool, fearing that they had only succeeded in drowning the boy. However, their fears were quelled when the boy splashed out of the water and did a backflip through the air. The three couldn’t believe what they saw as the boy dove back into the water.

Soon afterwards, he emerged from the water and swam over to the boys who saved his life.

“Efcharisto!” he happily spoke to them in his native tongue. “Sas efcharisto poly pou me sosate!”

Not understanding what he was saying, the three just stared at him. Ollie whispered to Wally and Dean, “Any idea what he just said?”

Wally responded, “I don’t recognize it as any kind of foreign language I’ve heard.”

“It’s not Spanish.” Dean pointed out.

“Maybe it’s some kind of elf language.” Ollie assumed.

Seeing that the three were not acknowledging him, and the fact that they were above water without any sort of dilemma, Rokalburahm began to realize what kind of world he stumbled into. “Perimenete ena lepto.” he excitedly asked the three, “Eiste katoikoi tis epifaneias, sosta?”

Discouraged that he and the others were unable to communicate with the newcomer, Wally spoke to him in a stilted voice, “Sor-ry. But we can’t un-der-stand you.”

Despite the language barrier, Rokalburahm wanted to communicate with them as well. “Eleo. Perimene. Geia.” however, he soon realized that he was perfectly capable to doing so. “Hello. Nice to meet you.”

Wally, Ollie, and Dean gasped in shock at hearing the boy suddenly speaking English. “You can talk?” Wally asked.

Rokalburahm chuckled and responded, “Yes, I can talk. I have studied your language.”

“But where did you come from?”

Ollie reminded him, “He fell out of your portal, duh. He probably came from another dimension.”

Rokalburahm held his chin as he tried to recall what had happened before ending up in Cullertown. “All I remember is I was in Atlantis, and I saw this strange light.” He explained. “I fall inside, and I am here, and there is no water for me to breathe.”

“Atlantis?” Wally repeated in surprise. “The city beneath the ocean?”

He had read about the legendary city on the internet and in books, but had never thought it actually existed somewhere in the universe.

However, Ollie and Dean couldn’t help but feel angry at Wally for nearly leading them into a dimension completely submerged in water, where they would’ve drowned the minute they entered.

“Safe huh?” Dean bitterly asked Wally, reminding him of how he had previously assured him that the dimension they were going into was safe for them to enter.

Ollie also wasted no time in chewing out Wally. “If we had listened to you, we would’ve ended up like that guy.”

“Rokalburahm.” The boy in the pool suddenly spoke.

But the three did not catch what he had said, so Wally asked, “What was that?”

The boy cheerfully repeated, “Rokalburahm.”

Ollie became annoyed with the language barrier and reminded him, “Dude, we don’t speak Atlantis.”

Despite this, he retained his cheerful demeanor and told them, “That is my name: Rokalburahm.”

Even with the misunderstanding cleared up, the three still looked confused.

Ollie tried to pronounce his name, “Row...kawlll boo-ram?”

“I think it’s pronounced Roo-kal-burawwm.” Wally assumed.

As he sat there, an unimpressed Dean crossed his arms and bluntly stated, “Yeah, I’m just gonna call you “Rook”.”

Hearing the nickname, Rokalburahm’s eyes brightened in wonder. ““Rook”?” he repeated to himself before smiling with joy. “I love that! No one has ever called me anything like that before. “Rook”!” Overjoyed at his new name, he fell backwards into the water and resurfaced while repeating, “Rook, Rook, Rook, Rook!”

Wally, Ollie, and Dean smiled at his positive reaction. “Rook it is, then.” Wally said.

“Anyway,” Dean said to Rook. “I’m Dean.”

“Ollie.” Ollie introduced himself as well.

“My name’s Wally.” Wally introduced before taking off his backpack and digging around inside until he pulled out his notepad and pen. With his excitement growing, he asked Rook, “If you don’t mind, can I ask you a couple questions about your dimension?”

Rolling his eyes at Wally’s behavior, Ollie dully stated, “Here we go.”

But Wally’s excitement continued to grow as he asked, “Like how long has it been underwater? What’s the architecture like? What’s a normal Sunday for you?”

However, Rook ignored Wally’s questions and asked, “Forget my home. I wish to know your home.”

His excitement grew and grew as his fists trembled with excitement. On top of his hands and wrists were blue tattoo symbols that began to glow. Suddenly, a large stream of water emerged from underneath Rook and lifted him out of the pool, dropping him onto the lawn. Wally, Ollie, and Dean stared in astonishment by what they saw.

Rook struggled to balance on his own two feet since he only ever used them for swimming. From behind, Ollie took a step towards him and asked, “Whoa! How’d you do that?”

Once he gained his balance, Rook casually turned to them and repeated, “Do that?”

Having been to two other dimensions that contained magic and demons, Wally began to assume that whatever Rook just did had to be an ability that was a normal occurrence in the dimension he came from. “Is that some kind of ability native to your dimension?” Wally asked Rook.

“Yes.” Rook answered with a smile. “I have learned since…” he gasped for breath and his voice became raspy, “O, Poseidonas.”

Wally, Ollie, and Dean became concerned when they saw Rook fall to his knees, clutching his neck as he started to asphyxiate like last time.

“Rook, are you okay?” Dean called out to him.

Unable to respond, Rook’s tattoos glowed and he stretched out his right arm. A stream of water emerged from the pool behind Wally, Ollie, and Dean. They quickly moved out of the way as the water flew through the air and wrapped itself around Rook’s head, forming a sphere of water that Rook magically holds, allowing him to breathe.

The three were baffled by Rook. The fact that he could control water and that he couldn’t survive outside of it. Wally was so intrigued by it that he took a picture of Rook with his phone and wrote down some notes on his notepad.

While using his powers to hold the sphere of water around his head, Rook glanced down and realized what he was standing on. “Is that grass?” he asked in excitement.

Having never seen real life grass before, he just had to bend down and touch it with his own hands. However, in doing so, he lost concentration in holding his water helmet and it splashed around him onto the grass he was touching. Rook realized his mistake too late when he started gasping for breath.

Ollie rolled his eyes, now annoyed that Rook kept suffocating every time he was on dry land. But Dean remained sympathetic for him and quietly suggested to Wally, “Maybe you should send him back to his own dimension.”

Even though Wally wished to talk with Rook some more and learn about his dimension, Wally knew that sending him back was the best thing if Rook was to survive. “Good idea.” He responded.

Wally tapped on his interdimensional watch and activated the holo-map. Before he can select Rook’s dimension on the map, a voice called out, “Wally? Are you home?”

Wally recognized the voice as his mom. He panicked and hid the watch behind his back. “Oh no! We can’t do this out here!”

“But what about Rook?” Ollie asked, pointing to Rook, who was still asphyxiating on the ground.

“I know what we can do for the time being.” Wally said. “Follow me.”

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Chapter 10: Hiding Out

With his mother, Paula, having returned home from the grocery store, Wally knew he had to hide his new interdimensional friends, especially the one who needed water in order to survive. Thankfully, Wally knew just what they could do. He had Ollie and Dean drag Rook into his house, and with stealth and precision, they were able to sneak past Paula and head upstairs into the bathroom.

They placed Rook in the shower, and Wally plugged the drain before turning on the water. The shower filled up like an aquarium fish tank, allowing Rook to float inside.

Rook pressed his face against the glass door in order to observe his surroundings. “This is quite strange.”

A loofa floated by him and he curiously examined it. He then spotted a bar of soap sitting on a small shelf and he curiously picked it up and stuck it in his mouth, only to spit it out in disgust due to how awful it tasted. He spotted Wally on the other side of the glass, watching him.

To Wally, it felt like he was watching a human-sized fish swim around in a tank.

“Sorry, Rook,” a remorseful Wally said, hoping Rook could hear him from inside the tank. “This is just a temporary solution until I can get you back home.”

He took a moment to write down some notes in his notepad. Sitting on the toilet seat, Ollie jokingly asked, “Do you have to, Hewitt? He makes a great pet.”

“Not funny, Ollie.” An unamused Dean said while leaning against the sink. He looked towards Wally and stated, “Sending him back is probably the right choice, Wally. He can’t even survive here.”

“Excuse me!” Rook’s voice called out from inside the shower. He looked displeased as he stared at them from the other side of the glass. “You are talking about what you want to do with me, but you are not asking me what I want to do with me.”

Wally, Ollie, and Dean shared a glance, realizing that Rook obviously did not want to go home just yet. They secretly wanted him to stay as well, but knew that there was no possible way he could stay without having to keep him inside a tank the whole time.

“We’re sorry, Rook.” Dean sincerely apologized, “We’re just doing what we think is best for you. We did bring you here by total accident.”

“Wally did it.” Ollie bluntly stated while pointing at Wally, who was not amused.

Rook, however, was unconvinced. Frowning in dismay, he showed them the glowing tattoo on the back of his right hand. This caused the water inside the shower to move slightly.

Before they knew it, water from inside the shower dropped onto Wally and Dean, drenching them.

Ollie couldn’t help but snort and laugh in amusement. “I like this guy already.”

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and Paula called from outside, “Wally, are you in there?”

Panic swept over Wally’s face and he rushed to the door. He slightly opened it to see his mother standing there. “Hey, Mom.” He nervously greeted.

“What’s going on in there?” Paula asked until she noticed his clothes and hair were damp. “Why are you all wet?”

“I’m just…” Wally struggled to come up with an excuse to prevent her from finding out what he’d been up to, until he managed to come up with a convincing lie, “…brushing my teeth.”

Thankfully, Paula believed the lie and informed him, “Your friend, Nina, is here to see you.”

Wally’s eyes widened in panic as soon as he remembered his best friend, Nina, who he hasn’t seen since yesterday and hadn’t even told her that he got the watch working or that it was capable of creating portals to other dimensions. He wasn’t even sure how he was going to explain the interdimensional beings he brought back with him.

Not wanting to arouse suspicion, Wally told his mother, “I’ll be right there.”

After Paula left, Wally quickly dried his hair with a hand towel and decided to go downstairs and see Nina.

Before he does, Ollie took a moment to tease Wally, “Ooooh! Who’s Nina?”

Wally gritted his teeth in annoyance and responded, “Just keep an eye on Rook till I get back.”

He shut the bathroom door behind him and ran downstairs. He opened the front door to find Nina standing there.

“There you are, Wally.” an exasperated Nina said. “Where have you been all day?”

“Oh, uh…” Wally nervously answered, “I was just on one of my expeditions. Kinda short notice.”

Even though she found it strange that Wally would go out on an adventure without asking her to come along for help, Nina decided not to question him about it and chose to tell him her reason for coming over.

“Anyway, I think I know a way you can break open that watch. There’s a monster truck rally coming to town next week and-”

Before she can finish, Wally shouted, “NO! I mean...that won’t be necessary. I’m kinda over the watch now.”

A confused Nina pointed to his wrist. “Then why are you wearing it?”

Wally looked at his left wrist to notice that he was still wearing the interdimensional portal watch, which he had been doing since he got it working. But then, a splash was heard from upstairs, which Wally assumed was coming from the bathroom where he was hiding the interdimensional visitors.

“What’s that noise?” Nina curiously asked, “It sounds like it’s coming from the bathroom.”

Thinking quickly, Wally came up with the excuse, “Oh, that’s just my mom potty training Dale.”

Nina knew that could not have been true given how she has met Wally’s baby brother. “But he’s one.” She pointed out.

With a nervous grin, Wally responded, “He’s very advanced. Runs in the family. Sorry, gotta go.” He quickly slammed the door in her face and rushed upstairs.

Still standing on the porch, Nina was perplexed with the way Wally was acting. She was prepared to go confront him about it, but looked down and noticed that Wally had dropped his notepad, which he always used to catalogue an adventure. She picked it up and curiously read its contents.

When Wally reached the bathroom door, he stopped just before opening it to see water leaking out from underneath. Wondering what was going on in the bathroom, he slowly opened the door, only to be met with a small wave of water. When he went inside, he saw the shower door open, water all over the floor, and Ollie, Dean, and Rook lying on the wet floor. Wally was appalled by the mess they made.

“Guys, what are you doing?” Wally asked in dismay, “My mom’s gonna kill me!”

Sitting up, Ollie spits out some water and angrily pointed to Rook. “Ask him.”

Rook paid no attention to the trouble he had caused and was shakily trying to stand up without falling over. Once he gained his balance, he picked up a wet hand towel from the floor.

“I am sorry, Wally.” Rook said. “I wish to try out my land legs.”

He started to have trouble breathing again. He looked at the dripping wet hand towel he was holding. Getting an idea, he wrapped the soaking wet towel around his neck so that it was covering his gills. When he inhaled, he happily realized that he could now breathe without being submerged in water. Before he could continue celebrating, something of interest caught his eye.

“Ooh, what is that?” Rook giddily asked before rushing over to the bathroom sink. He turned the knobs until water came out of the faucet.

He pumped some liquid soap out of a dispenser, which also fascinated him to no end. Rook spotted the nearby toilet and rushed over to it in excitement, lifting the lid to see nothing but water in the bowl.

“Kovero, this place has everything.” Rook said as he poked the toilet paper like a curious child.

While Rook still explored human toiletries, Wally, Ollie, and Dean still believed this place was not safe for someone like Rook.

“Uh, Wally?” Dean quietly said. “Don’t you think it’s time Rook went home?”

“You’re probably right.” Wally agreed before holding up his watch.

However, Rook had overheard them and spun around in alarm while yanking a long string of toilet paper over his body.

“Ohas!” he cried out in dread, “You cannot do that yet! I am having too much fun!”

“Just do it, Wally.” Ollie urged while ignoring Rook’s pleas, “Turn on the portal.”

Before Wally had a chance to turn on his watch, a panicked Rook lifted both his hand up, which made water from both the sink and the toilet levitate in the air. Realizing what Rook was intending to do, all three boys could only look on in dread.

“Tell me he’s not.” Dean said.

From out in the hallway, a SPLASH was heard. The bathroom door swung open and Rook ran out, rushing down the stairs and escaping out of the house. Ollie emerged from the bathroom, enraged at being soaked with both sink and toilet water.

Ollie shook his fists and shouted, “I take back what I said about liking that guy!”

Wally and Dean emerged from the bathroom, just as angry, but much calmer than Ollie.

“We have to go after him.” Wally insisted, “He’s in a foreign world. He may not last long.”

But Dean mentioned, “You two lasted pretty well in Overville.”

Ollie smirked and gestured to Wally. “But you should’ve seen how lost this guy was in Sparkle Sity.”

“Can we focus here please?!” an annoyed Wally shouted. He quickly calmed down and instructed, “Ollie and I can search for Rook from the ground. Dean, you should search from the sky. Can you do it?”

“Leave it to me.” A confident Dean answered. He snapped his fingers and transforms himself into his alter-ego, D. Evil. He shrugged and asked, “I mean, how much trouble can a fish kid get into?”


Rook had left Wally’s neighborhood and wandered all the way into town. He went into an alley and saw a garbage can full of trash. He slowly moved towards it like a curious puppy and peered inside, staring at its contents with fascination.

“This is what holds garbage?” Rook asked. “Why does Father always say it ends up in the ocean?”

Before Rook could see what kind of garbage people on dry land throw away, a Meow was heard. Rook turned around and was startled to see a cat in front of him. He fell back against the trashcan and knocked it down, spilling the contents. Rook had never seen a cat before.

“One of the creatures that inhabits dry land.” Rook said until his eyes sparkled in admiration. “It has so much hair!”

Rook reached out to pet the cat.

Feeling threatened, the cat hissed viciously at him.
Not expecting this reaction, Rook screamed in alarm and bolted up, running out of the alley and far away from the terrifying land creature.

After leaving the alley, Rook stopped and marveled at the town’s buildings, trees, and people who go about their business. He had lived under the ocean his whole life and the only knowledge he had of the surface world were historical records, which he enjoyed looking through in his spare time. Seeing it with his own eyes felt almost like a dream to Rook.

“How have I not seen this before?” Rook asked himself, enraptured by the sights.

Suddenly, two skateboarders rode right past Rook, nearly knocking him over. Rather than being annoyed, he just watched with interest as they rode off. Then something else caught Rook’s eye.

“Ooh, what is that?” he excitedly asked before running off.

He stopped in the middle of the street and examined a manhole. Bending down to get a closer look, he saw no visible way of opening the cover. “A secret passageway. I thought only the palace had these.” He put an ear close to the surface and heard the sound of sewer water. “I do hear water underneath.”

Since Rook was sitting in the middle of the street and not paying attention to anything around him, he failed to notice an oncoming car. He heard a car horn and turned his head to see a car coming directly towards him.

Rook screamed and raised his arms up while his tattoos glowed. The manhole and a large stream of sewer water shot up between Rook and the car. The car swerved and caused the other cars behind it to collide.

Rook backed up, seeing the damage he caused and felt remorse for what he had done. However, his guilt was short-lived when something else caught his eye.

“Ooh, what is that?” Rook excitedly asked before running off in a random direction.

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Chapter 11: Fish Out of Water

 In a dark room lit only by the dozens of computer monitors being used by people dressed in suits while sitting at desks, one desk was occupied by a man with neatly combed dark brown hair and his eyes covered by dark sunglasses. He was approached by an older man with a bald head, who was also wearing sunglasses and a black suit.

The older man, Agent Feller, asked the younger man, “Agent Muldoon. Any new developments regarding your recent discovery?”

Agent Muldoon answered, “So far, sir, I have detected some unusual readings coming from Dimension J-183. Similar to the ones I detected in 110 and 152.”

“Can you identify it?”

“It appears to be interdimensional technology, sir.”

Agent Feller’s reacted in shock. “Impossible. We’re the only ones in possession of such technology.”

Agent Muldoon turned away from the computer and faced Agent Feller, nervously suggesting, “Perhaps it could be our technology, sir.”

Agent Feller could not believe that there would be someone outside their group that would have their technology to travel to other dimensions. He demanded to know the answer, “Explain.”

“Could it be possible that our technology may have been leaked to one of those dimensions? There’s a strong indication that a civilian may have discovered it and is dimension hopping as we speak.”

“But how could they have activated our technology?”

Agent Muldoon explained, “If you recall, there was a report a year ago that one of our interdimensional portal watches had gone missing. Could it be possible that these readings are coming from that watch?”

Pondering this information, Agent Feller started to recall hearing the report that one of their portal watches had gone missing. As hard as their field agents tried to locate the watch, they were unsuccessful. Their tracking equipment was even unable to locate it, which they presumed was because the watch’s battery was dead. But if it was working once again, that would mean someone had reactivated it and discovered the existence of other dimensions.

Finally, Agent Feller gave his orders, “Send a Trooper to Dimension J-183. Find that watch and the person in possession of it.”

With a nod, Agent Muldoon responded, “Yes, sir.”

When Agent Feller leaves, Agent Muldoon turned back to his computer and typed up the orders.


Meanwhile in Cullertown, Rook was still wandering around by himself, marveling the sights of the surface world. His tour led him into Demo Arcade and he walked through the automatic doors. He marveled at all the children playing arcade games, trading tickets for prizes, and eating food from the concession stand.

Rook approached a boy from behind, who failed to notice Rook due to being too immersed in his game. Rook was just as fascinated with the video game, having never seen such a device. Rook was nearly mesmerized by the colorful and flashy images on screen.

“It is so pretty in here.” Rook said with a smile growing on his face. But had to cover his ears to drown out the noise of the arcade, “And so loud.”

He smiled once again when something else caught his eye. “Ooh, what is that?”

He ran across the room to find a virtual reality console and he sat in the chair. “Is this a throne?” he asked, believing that this dimension had a prince just like him.

His theories were seemingly proven when he noticed a VR helmet that was connected to the console. “What a strange crown.” He said right before putting it on to see how it felt.

Rook was baffled that a crown would cover the entire top half of his head, especially since he could not see anything. However, the visor in the helmet showed a virtual simulation of a haunted house. Thinking he had been transported to another world, Rook was almost tempted to explore it until an image of a horror movie character suddenly appeared and slashed at him with a chainsaw.

Seeing this was enough to make Rook jump from his seat and scream, “AAAAHH!!! FRIKTOS!!!

He tried to run, but the VR helmet connected to the game caused him to fall halfway to the floor. But he still waved his arms and legs around while shouting, “Voithea! Voithea!”

When it seemed like Rook would never escape from that nightmare dimension, the helmet was suddenly pulled off his head. Rook opened his eyes to see that he was back in the arcade, lying on the floor of the console, in front of a boy who was holding the VR helmet while glaring a Rook for hogging the game.

“If you’re not gonna play, then move!” the boy demanded so he could have his turn on the game.

Grinning sheepishly, Rook stood up and said, “Sygnomi. That is to say, sorry.”

The boy ignored Rook’s apology and sat in the seat. He inserted his token card into the machine and put on the helmet to start the game. Rook watched the whole thing, bemused as to why someone would want to experience something so scary like he did moments ago. However, Rook’s shaken nerves were gone once he spotted something nearby.

“Ooh, what is that?” Rook excitedly asked before running in another direction.

Entering the arcade through the automatic front doors were Wally and Ollie, who had been wandering around town, looking for Rook.

“I hope we can find Rook in here.” Wally said as he glanced around.

Suddenly, a girl shouted from across the arcade, “My pizza!”

Ollie spoke in a deadpanned voice, “He’s here.”

Wally and Ollie rushed over to the snack area where Rook was stuffing someone else’s pizza into his mouth. Rook started to feel out of breath and noticed the towel around his neck starting to feel dry. He spotted a glass of water on the table and grabbed it to pour water on the towel until it felt damp again, allowing him to breathe again. Now that he was rehydrated, Rook proceeded to help himself to someone else’s pizza slice.

When Rook turned around, he noticed Wally and Ollie approach him. He cheerfully waved and greeted them, “Chairet Wally and Ollie.”

“We’ve been looking for you everywhere.” Wally told Rook.

Before he could convince Rook to come back with them, a loud voice called out, “Goggles!”

Wally flinched when he was approached by the arcade’s manager. A large middle-aged woman with a nametag reading “Beth”, who was displeased by Rook disrupting the other guests.

She proceeded to angrily confront Wally. “Goggles, is Blondie here with you?”

Wally responded, “Umm, yeah. I guess you can say that.”

“Well, get him outta here.” Beth demanded, “He’s disrupting business.”

Smiling confidently, Wally assured her, “Don’t worry, Beth. I’m already all over it.”

He then felt Ollie tap his shoulder. “Umm, Wally?”

Wally turned around and saw Rook nowhere in sight. Becoming frustrated, Wally shouted, “For crying out loud!”


Rook had already left the arcade and he ran down the street until he spotted another place that interested him: Buttercream’s Ice-Cream.

“Ooh, what is that?” Rook asked before he ran up to the building.

At a table outside, a couple was enjoying their ice-cream sundaes, staring into each other’s eyes until Rook popped up from underneath their table just to marvel their sundaes. He had never seen something that looked so beautiful; he just had to know what it was.

“Ooh, what is that?” he asked about the dessert, but rather than wait for an answer, he pointed to something else that interested him, “Ooh, what is that?”

He approached a condiment stand filled with utensils, napkins, and sugar packets. The thing that interested him the most were the small packets. He grabbed one and shook it, wondering what was inside. When he fiddled with the packet between his fingers, he accidentally tore it open, spilling sugar on the counter. Rook curiously picked up some sugar and dabbed it onto his tongue. His expression turned to stun over of how sweet it tasted. In excitement, Rook tore open another sugar packet and dumped all the contents into his mouth.

High in the sky, D. Evil was flying through the air, trying to locate Rook. He looked down and smiled when he finally spotted Rook at the ice-cream parlor. Rook was still in front of the condiment stand, eating sugar packet after sugar packet.

D. Evil landed behind Rook and noticed what he was doing. “You know, eating those might make you a bit jittery.” D. Evil warned.
Rook spun around with a huge grin and his eye twitching. As soon as he saw the masked teenager with horns, Rook screamed hysterically while tossing the sugar packets in the air.

“Who is jittery? I am not jittery.” A hyperactive Rook said while trembling, “What is jittery? Who are you? I do not know you!”

Realizing that Rook had not yet seen him in his demon outfit, D. Evil attempted to calm him down, so he could explain himself. “Rook, it’s okay!”

But Rook still panicked while speaking in a fast-paced voice, “How do you know my name? Are you a monster? Do you wish to eat me?”

“Rook, it’s m-” D. Evil was about to reveal his true identity, but stopped when he realized that yelling it out would only alert everyone else to his secret identity. He decided to whisper so only Rook could hear him, “Rook, it’s me: Dean.”

However, Rook still trembled from the sugar high and shouted at D. Evil, “You are lying! You look nothing like Dean! Dean is kind! Dean is not you!”

Rook raised his arms up and his tattoos glowed. D. Evil was not aware of what was going on until he glanced around and noticed the customers’ ice-cream levitating in the air thanks to Rook’s hydrokinesis.

All D. Evil could do was react in dismay, “You’ve gotta be kidding me.”

Rook threw his arms forward and D. Evil was pelted with all different flavors of ice-cream, knocking him off his feet. Fidgeting nervously, Rook’s twitchy eyes spotted something else of interest.

Jumping with excitement, Rook rapidly shouted, “Ooh! What is that? What is that? What is that?”

He ran away at fast speed.


After ditching the ice-cream parlor, the sun started to set while Rook walked down the sidewalk and admired the beautiful color of the sky. He passed by a store window and stopped when something inside caught his eye. Rook smiled upon seeing small tanks containing fish displayed in the window of the pet store. This did not surprise him since through his studies on surface life; he learned that when fish were in tanks, they were either being kept as pets or as food. This practice was not much different from how sea life was treated in Atlantis, with the exception of himself since he voluntarily chose not to eat seafood due to loving fish and other sea life too much to wanna feast upon them.

However, seeing the fish kept in a small tank began to dour his mood and he leaned forward on the glass, almost in a depressed state. “I know how you all feel.” He said to the fish, “I too was in a glass box.”

He heard the sounds of heavy breathing and turned to see Wally and Ollie running up to him, both out of breath.

“There...you…are.” Ollie said, completely exhausted.

Seeing the two, Rook smiled and cheerfully greeted, “Oh, chairet, Wally and Ollie.”

But Wally was in such a bad mood from having to chase him around all afternoon. ““Chairet”?” he snapped at Rook, “Is that all you have to say?”

D. Evil landed behind Rook, equally annoyed with his arms crossed. “I’d like to know the Atlantean word for “annoying”.”

When Rook turned around to saw D. Evil, he screamed in fright due to still having no idea who the masked boy with horns was.

“Watch out!” Rook yelled as he ran behind Wally and Ollie, cringing in fear. “He claims to be Dean!”

With an annoyed frown, Ollie pointed out, “Rook, that IS Dean.”

Wally calmly explained to Rook, “We haven’t told you yet. Dean is a superhero called “D. Evil”. He has superpowers because he’s half-demon.”

Though annoyed by it all, D. Evil decided to confirm his identity by lifting up his mask and showing Rook his familiar face.

Once Rook sees that the demon he had ran away from out of fear really was Dean, he laughed sheepishly. “Oh. Why did you not just say so?”

Putting his mask back down, D. Evil spoke in a serious tone, “Alright, Rook. Fun is fun, but it’s time to stop.”

Finally realizing the hard time he had given Wally, Ollie, and D. Evil, Rook began to feel remorse. “I am sorry for all the trouble I caused you. You see, I have never been anywhere but my home. So, I wished to see and learn as much as I can about this new world. I suppose I became a little too excited.”

Ollie chuckled and glanced at Wally. “Gee, who does that sound like?”

Upon hearing this, Wally blushed with embarrassment as he realized that Rook’s excitement about being in another dimension was no different than his own excitement while he was exploring the other two dimensions. Except Rook had not seen anything above the ocean, so how could he not take advantage of the opportunity to see what life was like on the surface?

Their anger at the Atlantean started to disappear.

D. Evil held Rook’s shoulder and he gently assured him, “We understand how you feel, Rook, and we’d be happy to show you our dimensions. But maybe you can try not to wander off?”

Rook’s forehead started to sweat, but he managed to pull off a joyful smile at D. Evil’s offer. “That would be…” he started to gasp for breath, and he spoke with a rasp, “…wonderful.”

The three became concerned when they noticed Rook looking dehydrated again.

“Rook, are you okay?” Wally asked.

Rook felt the towel around his neck and noticed that it is now barely damp, meaning his gills are not getting enough water. He struggled to speak clearly to the others, “I do not...feel...water...anymore.”

“He needs water pronto.” D. Evil stated. “Wally, is there a large source nearby?”

Wally quickly thought it over and answered, “There’s a lake in the park I showed you guys earlier, but it’s still two blocks away.”

Ollie wondered, “How is Rook gonna survive going from here to there?”

While D. Evil and Ollie panicked over Rook slowly losing his ability to breathe, Wally was already thinking of a plan. He stared at Rook, and then stared at the fish in the pet store. As he glanced back and forth between the two, an idea formed in his head.

“Rook, I think I have an idea that’ll help you.” Wally proudly stated.

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Chapter 12: The Unexplained Visitor

 Racing against the clock before Rook completely lost his ability to breathe; Wally came up with a plan to use the water in the fish tanks for Rook to use his powers to form a water helmet around his head until they can get him into a large source of water.

Ollie held the door, and D. Evil quietly used his powers to telekinetically cause a few items behind the counter to fall off the shelf, distracting the clerk to pick them up.

Once it was clear, Wally gave Rook a nod, which Rook returned before holding out his hands while his tattoos glowed. The water in the fish tanks began to lift in the air with all the fish safely swimming inside, none the wiser. The water flew out of the shop and formed a sphere around Rook’s head, allowing him to breathe as well as have the company of the fish inside.

With their plan successful, the four proceeded to walk all the way to the park. They honestly weren’t sure how long Rook could hold that orb of water around his head, but Rook did not seem to be showing any signs of exhaustion and was smiling and laughing at all the fish swimming around his face.

When they finally made it, the park was completely empty due to how late it in the evening it was. The three led Rook through the park until they approached the lake.

“We made it.” Wally announced.

Rook tranquilly smiled as he stepped into the lake and sank to the bottom. Wally, Ollie, and D. Evil peered over the edge, but were unable to see anything in the water. Rook surfaced from inside the lake while levitating a small sphere of water in his hand, which contained a fish from the pet store that he released back into the lake.

Wally tossed the hand towel into the lake, which Rook grabbed and wrapped around his neck. With a freshly wet towel covering his gills, Rook stepped out of the lake.

“How’re you feeling now, Rook?” D. Evil asked.

Squealing in excitement, Rook jumped up and down in excitement. “Thank you! Thank you! Wally, Ollie, D. Evil, thank you for all that you have done!” he shouted with joy before wrapping his arms around Wally, Ollie, and D. Evil, pulling the three in a tight hug. “Kioles.”

The three were discomforted by Rook hugging them, but also confused by what he had said in Atlantean.

“What does that mean?” Ollie asked Rook.

“Friends.” Rook answered, still hugging them.

Wally, Ollie, and D. Evil were momentarily stunned that Rook had now thought of them as his friends. But they soon smiled at each other, realizing that after having spent the whole day together and helping each other out, they did consider themselves friends now.

However, this tender moment was disrupted by a loud cry of, “WALLY HEWITT!!!”

The four reacted in surprise and looked straight ahead to see Nina, furious with her hands on her hips.

“Nina!” Wally cried in surprise as he broke away from the group.

Nina marched over to Wally. “Where the heck have you been?” she demanded to know.

“I can explain, Nina.” Wally insisted until Nina shoved his notepad into his chest, causing him to realize that Nina had looked through it and now knew everything he had done today.

“Explain what?” Nina furiously asked, “That you got your watch working, made friends with interdimensional freaks, and you didn’t tell me about it?”

Ollie casually pointed at Dean and Rook. “These guys aren’t freaks that much.”

D. Evil and Rook did not appreciate the comment, especially since she was referring to him in the same manner.

Wally was caught in the moment, glancing back and forth between his best friend and new friends. With a defeated sigh, Wally said, “Nina, I’d like you to meet Ollie, D. Evil, and Rook.”

Nina looked at the strange group with both interest and suspicion. Ollie looked bored, but gave her a small wave. “Sup.”

Looking shy behind his mask, D. Evil awkwardly waved while greeting, “Hi.”

Rook had a large smile on his face, and he gave the most enthusiastic wave as he greeted Nina, “Chairet!”

Seeing the group that Wally had brought back with him on his adventure, Nina’s anger disappeared and was replaced with a look of excitement as she shrieked in delight. “What are you planning to do with them, Wally?” she asked, “Observe them? Cut them open and examine their insides?”

Ollie, D. Evil, and Rook reacted with shock and horror upon hearing this. Since meeting him, Wally had been persistent on observing everything they did so he could learn about their dimensions, but was he really so obsessed with learning that he would be willing to dissect them like frogs?

“No, no.” Wally insisted that he wasn’t planning to harm or keep them like lab rats. But he realized that he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his new friends after getting the information he wanted. “I...actually, I haven’t really...”

Before he could think of anything to say, a large portal identical to the one Wally’s watch can create, appeared straight ahead of them.

From out of the portal came a large robot with a single glowing red eye. The five kids stared in shock, wondering where this robot may have come from.

Once the robot set its target on Wally’s interdimensional portal watch, its single eye glowed brightly and it moved towards the group at fast speed.

“Look out!” D. Evil shouted as he quickly shrouded everyone with dark energy and threw them in different directions while levitating himself into the air, causing the robot’s attack to miss everyone.

Wally and Ollie sat up from the ground, and the latter asked, “Wally, what is that thing?”

“I don’t know.” Wally answered.

“I thought Cullertown was supposed to be boring.”

“It usually is!”

While the two argued, the robot turned around and spotted the watch around Wally’s wrist. Once its target was in sight, it proceeded to advance towards Wally and Ollie.

Seeing her best friend in danger as the robot closed in on Wally and Ollie, Nina stood up and reached out to him. “Wally!” she cried.

But Wally did not appear worried at all. Instead, he calmly reached into his backpack and pulled out his whip, which he wrapped around a high tree branch. He quickly pulled Ollie close and swung them both through the air, going over the robot’s head. As he came back down, Wally stuck his legs out and kicked the robot in the head, pushing it forward.

As they hung from the branch, Ollie removed his brooch and it magically transformed into his wand. Ollie dropped out of Wally’s grasp and twirled through the air. Upon landing, he posed while pointing his wand at the robot.
“SPARKLE GLITTER BLAST!” Ollie shouted, firing a blast of sparkling magic from his wand, knocking it forward on the ground.

Seeing the progress being made, Wally smirked with an idea. He shouted, “Rook! Grab it!”

Having been hiding below the lake, Rook surfaced his head from underwater upon hearing Wally’s orders. He narrowed his eyes, and a large vortex of water lifted Rook out of the lake. Rook motioned his arms and lifted a stream of water from the lake, which took the form of a giant hand. Motioning his own right hand, the giant water hand moved at fast speed and grabbed the Trooper in its fist, trapping it.

“D. Evil!” Wally called out, “Help bring it down!”

Hovering above the trapped robot, D. Evil powered dark energy in his fist, stating, “Time to knock this rust bucket back to the dimension it came from!”

He dived downward and slammed his fist on the robot, creating a large dust cloud. Wally, Ollie, Nina, and Rook approached as the dust disappeared. Wally held out his whip, Ollie pointed his wand, Rook levitated a small stream of water above his head, and D. Evil floated above the damaged robot. Its blinking eye finally powered off.

A look of relief appeared on Wally’s face. “Phew, that was close.”

“That was AWESOME!” Nina shouted in excitement, “You guys were, like, the perfect team! You were totally in synch with each other!”

As he recalled what just happened, even Ollie had to admit he and the others worked well together, “Huh...I guess we were.”

Smiling widely, Rook said, “This was the most fun part of the day.”

Wally thought it over as well and recalled that he had fought alongside Ollie and D. Evil in each of their dimensions. But it wasn’t until this recent battle that he realized how well they all worked together. “Hmmm...I have to admit, I have enjoyed fighting alongside you guys.”

D. Evil landed in front of the robot and removed its head like a hatch. D. Evil’s eyes widened at what he saw. “Well, this is unexpected.”

Wally, Ollie, Nina, and Rook approached from behind and peered inside the robot, seeing that it was full of blinking lights, electrical dials and buttons, but no one piloting it.

“Isn’t there supposed to be someone inside this thing?” Nina asked, wondering why no one was inside the robot controlling it.

Wally assumed, “Perhaps it was being remotely operated.”

“But remotely operated by who?” D. Evil asked.

“It came out of a portal just like Rook.” Ollie said, “It could be someone from another dimension.”

Rook gasped in shock and asked, “There are more dimensions?”

Wally activated the watch and turned on the holo-map in order to verify if there were dimensions other than the four they each come from. But to his dismay, he didn’t find any other marks on the map. “The only dimensions I see are the four we each come from.”

“Could that mean the robot came from one of our dimensions?” D. Evil wondered.

Ollie smiled at the thought of this. “Cool. I hope it was mine.”

But Rook started to panic, believing that if there was one robot, then there could be more coming. “They came here and they attempted to attack us.” He paced back and forth. “What are we to do?”

While the four speculated and panicked over what just happened, Nina calmly walked into the middle of the group and announced, “Boys, boys, boys. I think there’s only one simple explanation to all this.”

When it seemed like she wasn’t going to follow up with anything, a mildly annoyed Wally asked, “And that explanation would be?”

“I was pausing for dramatic effect.” Nina hissed at him.

She regained her composure and continued her speech, “It would seem that something out there is threatening all of our dimensions. Obviously, fate has brought the four of you together for me to form a team comprised of one member from each dimension and assign you all to protect them from whatever evil is lurking about. With the way you guys handled that evil robot just now, I say it’s clear that you are the perfect team to keep all of our dimensions safe. So, are you in?

Wally shook his head, amused by her wild assumption. “Nina, I highly doubt that-”

But he is cut off when Rook squealed with joy. “You mean we get to spend more time together...as friends?” he jumped up and down, raising his hand up while shouting, “I want to join!”

Even D. Evil seemed taken with the idea. “I did wanna be a superhero and help as many people as I can with my powers, so being part of a superhero team could be good for my rep. Count me in.”

Ollie grinned, liking the idea as well. “If I get to see more of these cool other dimensions and get to hang out with guys and not do lame Magical Girl stuff, I’m in too.”

Everyone turned to the only one who hasn’t given his answer: Wally.

“Well, Wally?” Nina eagerly asked, “What’d ya say?”

As they awaited his response, Wally thought it over to himself. When he started exploring the dimensions, he never imagined meeting anyone there that he would form a team with. But he realized that if he were on a team with people from other dimensions, he could learn things no other archeologist would ever learn and he would be the first to discover them, so he knew this would be one opportunity he could never pass up.

Finally, he gave his answer, “I suppose this could benefit my research on interdimensional travel, so I say yes.”

With the votes unanimous, Nina, Ollie, Rook, and D. Evil cheered and started to leave the park, ready to do whatever needed to be done to start forming their new team. Wally, however, lagged behind and looked back at the robot they just destroyed.

He rushed towards it and his eyes widened when he noticed an interdimensional portal watch just like his own embedded on its left wrist. Wally kneeled towards the robot and grabbed hold of the watch, pulling it out of its body. He noticed that the watch didn’t have a strap like his own.

Making sure no one was watching him, Wally took off his backpack and discreetly stuck the second watch inside. He quickly put the backpack on and rushed off to join the others, not saying a word about what he just discovered.

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Chapter 13: A Sleepover

 Soon, the sun went down, and Nina walked with Wally and his new team through the neighborhood while the streetlights brightened the way. They were still pretty impressed with themselves after having beaten a robot that came out of an interdimensional portal.

“…and the way Rook trapped it with his magic water, and then D. Evil came down and pounded the heck out of it!” Nina shouted while punching and kicking the air, “HI-YA!”

“There’ll be a lot more “hi-yas” in the future.” Dean said.

Looking confused, Rook asked, “What is a “Hiya”?”

Nina turned to Wally and said, “That watch was the greatest discovery you ever made. You brought back actual interdimensional heroes instead of weird rocks and clay pots this time.”

A dejected Wally responded, “I thought you liked all the rare undiscovered items I find.”

Nina crossed her arms and bluntly stated, “I don’t like watching you cut them up and examine what’s inside them.”

Unfortunately, the rest of the group heard them,

“Hey, you said there’d be no cutting involved!” Ollie yelled at Wally.

Rook screamed in panic. “Are we truly to be cut up?”

Dean simply shrugged. “I knew this was gonna happen to me someday.”

But Wally assured everyone, “Guys! I told you, I’m not planning on cutting anyone up. But I can’t deny that meeting you guys and learning about your dimensions has been an enriching experience, and I can’t wait to learn more.”

Nina chimed in, “Which is all the more reason for you to form the perfect hero team.”

“It is a dream come true.” Rook said with a dreamy smile. “A dream that I did not know I had.”

But Dean stated, “You know, this has been fun and all, but don’t you think it’s time we all went back home?”

“Aww, do we have to?” Ollie complained.

As if he were Ollie’s age, Rook hysterically complained, “I too wish to stay longer rather than return home!”

But Dean remained positive and assured them, “Come on, guys. We all have to return home eventually. Besides, now that we’re a team, we can come back tomorrow thanks to Wally’s watch. Right, Wally?”

“Right you are, Dean.” Wally said with a wink. He looked at his watch and tapped the screen, but it did not turn on. “That’s odd. The battery must be dead.”

“Wow,” Dean said in dull surprise. “A watch that can create portals to other dimensions and it runs on batteries?”

Ollie frowned in annoyance and asked, “Do interdimensional watches come with interdimensional chargers?”

“Not that I know of.” Wally answered, but smiled when he remembered how he charged the watch last time. “But I do have a way to charge the watch. Follow me to my house.”


Upon reaching the Hewitt Residence, Wally rushed upstairs to his room while Nina brought everyone to the backyard to wait for Wally. He set his backpack on the bed and dug around inside.

“It’s gotta be in here somewhere.” Wally said as he searched his backpack until he finally pulled out the Power Charge Crystal. “Got it. Now I just need a way to use it without the sun.”

Wally wasn’t sure what to do since the sun wouldn’t come out for hours and he couldn’t make the sun come out when he wanted. He thought for a moment until he came up with an idea. He ran over to a shelf and grabbed a flashlight. He returned to his backpack to put the crystal and flashlight inside.

However, Wally froze when he noticed something inside his backpack. He reached inside and pulled out the strapless interdimensional portal watch he found on the robot. He compared it to the one he wore on his wrist, which looked identical.

“This looks exactly like the portal watch.” Wally said before he tapped the watch’s screen and activated the holo-map. He gasped when he noticed that it was the exact same map he had on his watch.

Wally became excited as he concluded, “That’s because it IS a portal watch.” He turned off the map and became confused. “But who would imbed a portal watch into a robot?”

As he pondered the possibilities, his eyes widen in worry as he realized that the robot couldn’t have had the watch for no reason. “Could it be the one who created that robot?” he wondered. “But why?”

Wally began to wonder if the watch and the robot that attacked him earlier could truly be connected, and he began to dread what would happen if anyone who knew he had a watch to different dimensions could send another robot to attack him and his friends.

Before he could ponder about this any further, he heard his mother calling him, “WALLY!”

Wally panicked and ran over to his work desk. He opened a drawer and shoved the extra watch inside, deciding to keep it a secret in order to prevent anyone else coming after them.

“Until I know for sure what’s going on here, no one can know about this.” Wally decided.


Wally ran downstairs and passed through the living room where he found Dale playing on the floor with his toys. When he noticed his older brother coming, Dale held out his hands and tried to get Wally to come over and play with him. “Wally!” Dale babbled.

“Sorry, Dale, can’t hang out right now.” Wally gently explained. “Got some big kid stuff to do.”

Wally noticed the backdoor open, so he assumed that everyone was already outside. He entered the backyard, but the moment he did, he heard, “Wally, there you are.”

Wally winced and noticed Paula standing there, having been waiting for him. “Where have you been all day?”

Paula then noticed the rest of the group standing around on the lawn, and didn’t recognize any of them, save for Nina. “And who are they?” Paula asked.

“Hi, Mrs. Hewitt.” Nina cheerfully greeted.

Wally became awkward as he tried to think of a way to explain his new interdimensional friends without giving away that they were from other dimensions. “Oh, well, you see, Mom, these are my new friends. I’ve been hanging with them all day.”

“Did I hear correctly?” said Eric Hewitt, a man with thinning brown hair and brown eyes, as he entered the backyard and stood next to his wife. “Did our son actually bring home more than one friend? No offense, Nina.” He asked his son, “Tell me, where did you find these guys, Wally?”

Before Wally can think of an explanation, Ollie approached them and began explaining, “You’re not gonna believe it, but Wally here…” he is interrupted when Wally shoved him to the ground.

“…We met at the park earlier today.” Wally quickly explained. “We’re part of an archeology club. You were right, Mom. I just needed to go out and make some friends, and I did.”

Nina, Dean, and Ollie gave odd stares at Wally’s explanation to hide the fact that he picked them up from different dimensions. While Wally’s parents were bemused that their son actually found three other people who shared his strange love of archeology, they smiled.

Paula hugged her son in joy. “Oh, sweetie, I’m so happy for you.”

Eric added, “They sure don’t look like archeologists, but what do I know about that stuff?”

As they walk back into the house, Paula said, “You have fun with your friends, Wally. If they wanna stay the night, they’re more than welcome to.”

Wally waved to them and said, “Thanks, Mom.”

Dean chuckled in amusement. “Real smooth, Wally. You couldn’t just tell them the truth?”
Wally explained, “I’ve just been thinking recently, and maybe we should keep our interdimensional traveling a secret. You never know who else out there might want this.”

Thinking he had to explain to them about his thoughts on the robot and its possible connection to the watch, Nina spoke, “If you mean more scary-looking robots that come out of portal thingies, I say good point.”

Wally was glad that they all understood his concerns and agreed to keep it a secret, though his relief was short-lived when Ollie punched him in the arm as revenge for pushing him earlier.

“You could’ve at least said we were part of something cool.” Ollie complained.

“Archeology is cool.” Wally argued.

Ollie crossed his arms and replied, “Yeah, if you live in a dimension where magic doesn’t exist.”

Wally gave his own sarcastic retort, “You’re right. I suppose it’s not as cool as being a Magical Girl.”

“Huh?” Ollie gawked at the smirking Wally.

Scratching his head, Rook curiously asked, “What is “ar-key-aww-logy”?”
However, Dean chose to intervene, “Uh, guys? Maybe we should focus on what really matters, like Wally using his watch to get us home.”

“Right.” An uninterested Ollie said. “What’s this “brilliant” way to get your watch working, Hewitt?”

Wally brightened up and replied, “Glad you asked.”

He opened his backpack and pulled out the Power Surge Crystal, but to everyone else, it looked like a rock.

Rook was the only one fascinated by it. “It is so pretty.”

“It is a rock.” an unimpressed Ollie stated.

Nina was just as unimpressed as Ollie. “The same rock you said was worthless when you found it?”

“I thought it was.” Wally explained with a proud smile. “Until I discovered that this power crystal is a solar power crystal.”

Frowning in dismay, Dean pointed out, “So, it only works when there’s sunlight?” he points upward. “Meaning the sun has to be out.”

Feeling the sun’s absence was to blame, Rook shook his fist and angrily grumbled, “Katapa ton shilo.”

Even though Dean was correct in pointing out that solar power only works in the sun, Wally had already thought of everything. “Fear not!” he pulled the flashlight from his backpack. “I have already taken preparations for this.”

He set the watch on the ground and held the crystal over it. He held the flashlight in his other hand and shined the light through the crystal, letting the crystal illuminate over the watch. A few seconds passed, and the watch only seemed to gain a one percent charge.

Things became awkward as Ollie, Dean, Rook, and Nina shifted their glances from the watch onto Wally.

“Does it usually take this long?” an annoyed Dean asked.

“Maybe you need a better flashlight.” Nina suggested.

Ollie walked away in a huff. “I knew you’d blow it.”

Wally became defensive and argued, “Guys, I swear this thing can charge the watch.”

Rook put a hand on Wally’s shoulder and tried to give him some sympathy. “I believe you, Wally.”

Dean sits on the ground and leaned against a tree. “Well, looks like we’re not going home, at least until morning.”

Wally began to feel bad for letting them down and preventing them from going back to their dimensions and to their families. “I’m sorry, guys.”

He turned away and realized that he technically could send them all home since he had an extra watch that was fully charged and had a map with all their dimensions on it, but was reluctant to tell them about it at the risk of putting them all in danger.

“Maybe I should use the extra watch.” Wally whispered to himself.

Before he could confess to everyone, Nina popped up behind and pulled him and Ollie together. “Come on, guys. It’s not so bad.” She cheerfully said. “This means we can have a sleepover.”

“Sleep…over?” Rook questioned since he had never heard the term before.

Thankfully, Nina came over to explain everything to him. “Oh, you’re gonna love it, Rook. There’s smores and everything.”

“Smores?” Rook asked before he smiled in excitement. “I love smores!” he paused and asked, “What is smores?”

Dean shrugged and stood up. “I guess staying the night in another dimension could be cool. I mean, it’s not like we can all go home if that watch won’t be charged till morning.

“Not to mention this is the perfect time to discuss our new team.” Nina suggested.

Ollie carelessly shrugged and agreed, “Whatever keeps me from having to go back home and do Magical Girl stuff.”

“Sleepover smore!” Rook cheered, but coughed and gasped when he realized the hand towel around his neck was dry and he could no longer breathe. “Need more water.” He said in a raspy voice.

He removed the towel from his neck and jumped into the pool, splashing everyone, much to their annoyance.

“I’ll get my dad’s fire pit.” Wally announced.


Meanwhile, in the mysterious dimension, Agent Feller entered a room which contained the robot that had been destroyed by Wally and his new comrades. Inside the room was a woman in a lab coat with glasses and dark hair tied in a beehive.

“Professor Sanders, what happened here?” Agent Feller demanded to know.

Professor Sanders answered, “It was brought back like this from Dimension J-183. Its portal technology has been extracted as well.”

Subtle panic appeared over Agent Feller’s face. “How is this possible?” he asked, “Who could’ve possibly been able to overpower a Trooper?”

“It might interest you to know that the Trooper did capture some very interesting images during its final moments.” She said before going over to a laptop that was connected to the Trooper’s single eye.

Agent Feller came over to the laptop and viewed the screen, which flipped through still images of Ollie pointing his wand, Rook being lifted by a vortex of water, and D. Evil diving down towards the screen.

Raising an eyebrow in confusion, Agent Feller asked, “Who are those boys?”

He was baffled by the fact that a group of children could have possibly defeated one of their robots specifically designed to remove any anomalies presented in one of the dimensions.

The screen shifted to a still image of Wally hanging from a tree branch by his whip. Suddenly, Agent Feller’s eyes widened behind his shades and he immediately said, “Zoom in on that image.”

Professor Sanders used her laptop to zoom in on the image of Wally. This helped them notice that on Wally’s left wrist was the interdimensional portal watch.

“The watch!” Agent Feller exclaimed, “That boy has the missing watch!”

“Could it be possible that he also has the Trooper’s watch?” the professor wondered.

Realizing that the signals coming from the other dimensions were the result of Wally traveling from one dimension to another, and that he had brought beings from other dimensions to his own. It became clear that immediate action had to be taken.

Agent Feller turned to Professor Sanders, “Prepare two more Troopers for interdimensional transport. And set up your camera and microphone.” Narrowing his eyes behind his shades, he darkly added, “I need to speak with them myself.”


A few hours later, Wally had brought the fire pit that he used to light a campfire for everyone to sit around. Wally, Ollie, Dean, and Nina roasted marshmallows while Rook gorged on them straight out of the bag. They also decided to tell Nina about themselves since she wasn’t around to see their dimensions.

“…and that’s how I discovered my demon powers.” Dean finished explaining.

“Wow.” Nina said, amazed by the story. “But how is it that you were born a half-demon? Did your parents perform some sort of ancient demon ritual to give you powers like your dad?”

Dean knew that wasn’t true, but since the real story was most likely not age appropriate, Dean just agreed, “Y-Yeah. That’s totally how it happened.”

With a dull frown, Ollie lamented, “I wouldn’t mind having parents like that. Just because I inherited a rare magical gene from my mom, it means I have to go out and be a Magical Girl just like she did as a kid. Well, I have better things to do than fight monsters with a dumb girly wand.”

“Oh, yeah?” Wally slyly asked. “Like what?”

“Umm…” Ollie hesitated before he answered, “Like finishing up all my video games and skateboarding.”

Wally didn’t completely buy Ollie’s excuse, but chose not to press for more detail.

Nina was just impressed by how interesting their lives were while living in a different dimension. “You guys are so amazing.” She then turned to the only one who hadn’t told his story yet. “What about you, Rook? What’s your dimension like?”

“That’s right.” Dean said with interest. “We never got the chance to see it.”

On cue, Wally took out his pen and notepad. “Give as much detail as you can.”

Ollie dully frowned and remarked, “And here’s the return of the dorkeologist.”

While trying to eat a chocolate bar with the wrapper still on, Rook stopped once he noticed everyone staring at him and quickly composed himself before answering Nina’s question. “It is under the ocean, which has many things I enjoy. Such as…” before he could continue, he felt the towel around his neck dry up again and he could not breathe once again, to the point where he coughed out the word, “Water!”

Rook quickly removed the dry hand towel and jumped into the pool, splashing everyone and dousing the fire.

Dean was especially annoyed by this as he tossed away a smoggy smore. “I guess that’s a sign we should turn in.”

An equally annoyed Ollie agreed, “You read my mind, Dean.”

But Nina wasn’t ready for all of them to go to sleep just yet. “Hey, what’s the rush? Don’t forget, since you guys are a team now, you still need a team name.” she started to try and think of a name. “But what?”

Hearing this, Rook splashed out of the pool and wrapped the newly wet towel around his neck. He raised his hand and shouted, “Ooh, ooh. How about “Oi Kaloi Kioles”?” There was a beat of silence since no one understood the meaning behind Rook’s Atlantean name for them. Rook then clarified, “It is Atlantean for “The Good Friends”.”

With an amused smile, Dean suggested, “Err, maybe something that’s a little easier to pronounce.” His face lit up when he came up with a name idea, “Oh, how about “The Avenging Squad”?”

But Ollie shook his head in disagreement. “Nah, let’s go with “The League of Awesomeness”.”

Wally then spoke up, “You know, maybe we should hold off the team name for now and decide who should be team leader.”

Everyone seemed to agree with this suggestion.

Wally gained a smug smile as he motioned to himself and declared, “Of course, since I was the one who brought us all together and I have the watch that allows us to travel to each other’s dimensions, I’m sure that responsibility should fall on...”

Before he could finish insinuating himself as the ideal choice for team leader, Ollie quickly realized what he was doing and sprung up in his face. “No way! Why should you get to be leader? I’m the one who can do real magic!”

Wally retorted, “Magic you don’t even wanna do!”

Despite how true this was, Ollie continued to argue with Wally, “What are you gonna do? Bore everyone with facts about dinosaurs?”

“That’s a paleontologist, you ignoramus! I’m an archeologist!”

Before their fight could escalate any further, Dean moved between the two and pushed Wally and Ollie away from each other. “Guys, guys, knock it off.” He demanded.

Once Wally and Ollie ceased their quarreling, Dean informed them, “You’re forgetting that I’m the only one here with any experience fighting crime.” He turned almost as smug as Wally previously was and pointed to himself. “So, if anyone should be leader, it should be me.”

Ollie could not believe that even Dean was throwing his hat into the ring to be leader of their new team. Wally was in disbelief as well since even though Dean had actual experience at being a superhero, what did he know about being a leader?

“Are you kidding?” Ollie furiously asked.

Wally grumbled, “Yeah, right.”

Listening to their argument, Rook interjected, “I think I can be a good leader. After all, I am the eldest and have the most wisdom.”

But his humble statement went unheeded as the three broke out into an argument. Dean stated the obviousness of him being a superhero with actual superpowers, Wally claimed that he was the perfect candidate with him having already been on tons of adventures, and Ollie refused to listen to either of them because he believed that he could do a better job at being leader.

As the three continued to argue over each other, Rook narrowed his eyes in anger from being ignored by the others and them not even considering that he had the potential to be leader of their new team. Rather than try and stop them, he decided to join in the arguing.

Rook shouted over them in Atlantean that he could be a skilled and fun leader while leading them to victory, Wally reminded everyone that he was the one who brought them here with his watch and therefore deserved to be leader, Ollie claimed that he would be good at being leader since he fought monsters all the time, and Dean continued to insist that he had experience unlike the rest of them and they weren’t even real superheroes.

Watching the whole argument was Nina, who gritted her teeth in dread since they were fighting over the team that she suggested and couldn’t help but feel responsible. “What have I done?” she muttered.

Their arguing was stopped when two portals appeared in the backyard and a Troopers emerged from each one. The group gasped in shock and immediately noticed that they looked just like the robot they fought earlier.

“It’s that robot again.” Ollie pointed out.

Narrowing his eyes, Dean added, “And it looks like it brought a friend.”

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Chapter 14: The Fallout

 With two Troopers in his backyard and remembering how violent they could be, Wally knew he would be in so much trouble if his parents woke up and saw this. If they found out his new team were from other dimensions and that he was being attacked by robots from other dimensions, who knew what they would do.

“Excuse me?” Wally sheepishly said as he cautiously approached the Troopers. “My parents are trying to sleep, so can you maybe come back in the morning?”

What Wally didn’t know was that the First Trooper’s mechanical eye was broadcasting an image of Wally all the way to a monitor that was being operated by Professor Sanders. Agent Feller was standing behind her, wearing a headset.

The First Trooper spoke to Wally in Agent Feller’s voice, “So you are the one in possession of interdimensional portal technology and have been illegally dimension hopping.”

“Whoa, it talks now.” Nina said in surprise.

The First Trooper continued, “You will hand over the watch, and then you and the rest of these interlopers will come with us.”

Hearing this, Wally’s eyes widened in shock. Not only were the strange intimidating robots invading his dimension, but they wanted to take the watch he discovered and take him somewhere. While the thought of seeing another new dimension did intrigue him, he did not feel comfortable accompanying a violent robot.

Wally moved his left arm containing the watch behind his back and responded, “No way. I can’t give you my watch.”

Ollie, Dean, Rook, and Nina come to Wally’s side to confront the Troopers.

Dean said to the Trooper, “And I don’t see any reason why any of us should go with you.”

Rook yelled out to the Trooper, “You are not acting very nice!”

“So pfft to you!” Ollie shouted while blowing a raspberry.

Seeing that the kids were not going to come quietly, Agent Feller gave the signal to Professor Sanders. She typed on her computer and gave the orders for the Troopers to attack and apprehend the group.

Once they received the signal, the two Troopers lifted their arms out and slowly advanced towards the group. The four boys reacted in surprise           as they realized the Troopers were not going to leave them be.

Staying calm as she hid behind Wally, Nina whispered to him, “Something tells me they’re bad guys and it’s time for your first battle as a team. Think you can handle it?”

Wally took off his backpack and reached inside until he pulled out his trusty whip. After releasing the whip, Wally responded, “There’s two of those things and four of us, so I think if we...”

Before he could announce the plan he already formulated in his head, Ollie interrupted, “Whoa, whoa, hold on there, nerd. You’re not the leader of this team.”

But Dean joined in on their arguing, “Neither are you because I should be.”

Even Rook argued, “I believe I make a good leader.”

“Excuse me!” Wally yelled over them, “But I’ve already formulated a plan for victory.”

With the group distracted, the two Troopers advanced towards them, but Wally, Ollie, and Dean were too busy arguing with each other to notice.

“What, are you gonna take notes and study it?” Ollie mocked Wally.

Like Wally, Dean also didn’t appreciate Ollie’s mockery and decided to dish out some of his own, “Are you gonna twirl around like a fairy princess and wave your wand?”

This pushed the wrong kinds of buttons for Ollie and he was ready to pounce on Dean. “Oh, that does it!” Ollie snarled.

“Guys! Watch out!” Nina called out to them.

Since Wally, Dean, and Ollie were arguing, they were too distracted to notice that the First Trooper was right next to them and was about to strike them with its fist. However, it was suddenly pushed away from them by a large stream of water. They saw Rook standing by the pool with his hand held out while the glow of his tattoos dimmed down.

“Do not worry!” Rook enthusiastically shouted as he jumped up and down. “As leader, I shall protect my friends!”

He ran towards the Troopers, eager to prove himself as a born leader. But Ollie quickly realized his intent.

“Oh, no, you don’t!” Ollie angrily yelled at Rook, “I’m the leader!”

Ollie removed his brooch and it magically changed into his wand. Afterwards, he ran towards the Troopers in order to prove that he was the better choice for leader.

Dean approached the First Trooper, smiling in confidence as he held up his right hand. “Watch how a real leader does it.” He said as he snapped his fingers and transformed into D. Evil.

Watching the whole scene in fury, Wally narrowed his eyes in dismay.

Nina didn’t even approve of how everyone was behaving. She turned to Wally, hoping he could convince everyone to work together. “Wally, are you seriously gonna-”

But Wally was not even listening to her and only believed she was concerned that he won’t get the position of leader. He responded, “No way, Nina. I’m not gonna let them show me up.”

“That’s not what I...”

But rather than listen to her concerns, Wally ran off into battle. Nina groaned in annoyance.

In the lab, Agent Feller covered his microphone and stated, “We are experiencing some resistance. Prepare apprehension by force.”

Professor Sanders responded, “Yes, sir.”

She typed the orders on the computer, and they are transmitted to the Troopers.

The Second Trooper split apart from the first one to apprehend the some of the boys.

Rook confronted the approaching Trooper by levitating a stream of water that he shaped into an eel. He faced his adversary with eager determination.

“You are about to face...” Rook started to say until he became breathless and realized that the towel around his neck was no longer wet enough to help him breathe.

He was forced to use the water he was controlling to form a sphere of water around his head, giving him relief that he could breathe again.

Since Rook had no way to defend himself, the Second Trooper approached him and was prepared to strike Rook from behind. Ollie quickly moved in between them, deflecting the punch by holding out his wand.

As he held the Second Trooper back, Ollie said, “Step aside, Rook. A real leader doesn’t need Magical Girl magic to win a fight.”

With a yell, Ollie jumped forward and started hitting the Trooper with his wand since he refused to use magic, knowing that the others would see him twirl around while waving his wand, and they would never take him seriously as a leader.

But despite this preferred method, using the wand like a blunt object proved ineffective, and the Second Trooper nonchalantly smacked Ollie away.

Ollie flew across the yard until he crashed into Rook and they both fell to the ground. While Ollie ended up unconscious, this proved far worse for Rook because he lost his water sphere and was lying on the ground, gasping for breath.

The Second Trooper approached the two fallen boys and when it tried to grab them, Nina quickly moved between them with her arms spread apart. “No!” she yelled out defiantly.

While she didn’t have any weapons or special abilities like Wally and his team, she was prepared to defend her new friends.

Meanwhile, the First Trooper was attempting to grab Wally with its giant fists, but the boy dodged and rolled out of the way. D. Evil hovered in the air as he fired an energy blast at the Trooper, doing minimal damage. It suddenly grabbed D. Evil by the ankle and swung him across the yard. Seeing this, Wally smirked in pleasure, believing that it proved he was the efficient leader who could now finish off the robot himself.

Wally deflected the Trooper’s punch by swinging his whip at it, causing the Trooper to recoil.
“You are wasting your time, son.” The First Trooper spoke to Wally. “Surrender yourselves and I assure you that by tomorrow, all this will be nothing but a dream.”

Wally paused for a second, wondering what the robot could possibly be talking about. But he quickly dismissed it as nonsense and scowled. “I’ve already dreamt enough about a discovery like this. I’m not gonna let you or anything else take it away from me.”

He swung his whip at the First Trooper and it wrapped around its ankle. Wally proceeded to yank on the whip in order to cause the Trooper to fall on its back. But this proved to be a struggle due to the Trooper’s large size and Wally couldn’t even get it to budge no matter how hard he pulled. The Trooper just stood there in place, watching him struggle, as if it were toying with him.

However, this did provide a distraction so that D. Evil could fly down and punch the Trooper in the face, sending it flying across the ground. But this unintentionally caused Wally to be yanked forward with it thanks to his whip still being attached to the First Trooper’s leg.

As they watched from the monitor, Agent Feller and Agent Sanders reacted in shock from their Trooper being taken down. In all their experience dealing with people who threatened to expose interdimensional travel, they have never met this much resistance.

After getting over the shock, Agent Feller spotted the image from camera connected to the Second Trooper and quickly formed an idea.

He regained his stoic demeanor and stated, “Do as I say.”

D. Evil hovered above the fallen Trooper with a smirk of confidence, knowing he had just proven why he was the best choice to be made leader of the team.

As he sat on the ground, Wally glared at D. Evil, angered by what he did, believing it to be some form of sabotage for a chance to take the spot as leader.

But D. Evil did not notice and powered his hands with dark energy. “Time to blow your tin can into the next dimension.” He taunted.

When he was about to fire the finishing blow to the First Trooper, Wally’s whip wrapped around his ankle and he was yanked towards the ground, slamming his face into the grass.

He looked back to see Wally with his arms crossed as he uncaringly said, “Whoops, sorry.”

Appalled by what Wally had just done, D. Evil confronted him. “Wally, what the heck?!”

Getting in each other’s faces, Wally argued, “If you get to hinder my ability to lead, why shouldn’t I hinder yours?”

“Oh, I’ll give you a lead.” Dean threatened with his fist held up. “A five minute one.”

Before their fight can escalate, a scream was heard. They turned and reacted in shock when they saw the Second Trooper holding Nina while she struggled to get loose.

“Let go of me!” screamed Nina.

“Nina!” Wally cried out.

He and D. Evil were about to charge in and save her, but the First Trooper smacked both of them away. Wally landed against a tree, opening his eyes to see the Trooper that was restraining Nina standing next to the First Trooper.

“I’m afraid if you’re not going to surrender, I will have to give you some incentive.” The First Trooper stated, “Once you’re ready, come to Sparkle Sity. I’ll be waiting there with your friend.”

A portal appeared, and the Troopers walked through it. Nina was carried into the portal as she screamed, “Wally!”

When the portal disappeared, Wally stood up and collapsed to his knees over losing his best friend. “Nina…” he muttered in despair, “…no.”

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Chapter 15: New Resolve

 After losing the battle to the Troopers that took Nina with them, leaving Wally and the others with the threat of coming to Sparkle Sity and surrendering themselves, Wally sat there with his head hung in defeat while Ollie and D. Evil regained consciousness.

D. Evil turned to see Rook lying on the ground, asphyxiating. Thinking quickly, D. Evil surrounded Rook in dark energy and levitated him into the air, dropping him into the pool.

Ollie approached the pool, hoping Rook hadn’t been on dry land for too long. Suddenly, there was a splash, nearly wetting Ollie. Rook emerged, looking better than ever as he relaxed on top of the water.

Wally rushed over to them, asking, “Are you guys okay?”

“Yeah, I think so.” Ollie responded. “But those robots got away.”

“And they took Nina with them.” D. Evil mentioned. “All because they want Wally’s portal watch.”

With a heavy sigh, Wally shamefully admitted, “This is all my fault.”

D. Evil removed his mask, revealing his equally ashamed face. “This is all our faults. We were so wrapped up in who would lead this team that we forgot how to act like a team.”

Wally, Ollie, and Rook looked away in remorse as they realized it was their petty fighting that caused Nina to get kidnapped.

Despite this, Wally still couldn’t help but feel solely responsible since he was the one who brought them all together in the first place.

As he stared at the interdimensional portal watch, it became clear what decision Wally had to make in order to fix everything.

Wally noticed the sun starting to rise. He picked up the power surge crystal and held it up towards the sun, letting the sunlight shine through the crystal and illuminate onto the watch. The watch’s battery charged all the way, and the screen turned on.

Ollie, D. Evil, and Rook were amazed that the rock really was able to charge the watch’s battery.

Wally sadly informed them, “Look, I’ll make portals to your dimensions right now and I’ll turn myself in to save Nina. There’s no reason why you guys need to be dragged into this.”

He was about to turn on the watch until Rook grabbed his arm and stopped him. Wally looked up in surprise to see Rook out of the pool, staring at him in determination.

“Do not give up so easily, Wally.” Rook encouraged. “Nina is my friend as well, and I want to help save her.” He gasped and became breathless, but remained positive as he spoke with a rasp, “Even if I do not survive.”

Before he completely suffocated, Rook rushed back to the pool and dove into the water. Wally stared in surprise, having not realized Rook cared so much about him and Nina. He was even more surprised when D. Evil and Ollie came to his sides.

“We all wanna help save her.” D. Evil told Wally, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Ollie asked Wally, “Didn’t you say before that you had a plan to help us win?”

Feeling touched by their words of encouragement and willingness to help him rescue Nina, Wally smiled and nodded. He then noticed Rook soaking the hand towel in the pool and wrapping it around his neck, even though it would not keep him hydrated for very long.

Wally’s eyes locked onto Dale’s stacked plastic rings that sat on the patio and he brightened with an idea.

“You guys sit tight for a bit.” Wally enthusiastically said. “I’ll be right back.”

He ran off towards his house and undid the stack of rings, grabbing the biggest ring at the bottom before going inside.

Ollie, D. Evil, and Rook stayed in the backyard, wondering what it was that Wally could be doing at a time like this.

“I thought what we said was very inspiring.” Ollie pointed out.


In the dimension containing Sparkle Sity, the sun had just rose over the city where mythical creatures flew through the morning sky. In the park were squirrels, rabbits, and pixies, along with the two Troopers that held Nina hostage.

Struggling to get out of the Trooper’s grasp, Nina yelled, “You’re gonna be in so much trouble when Wally gets here!”

Watching from the First Trooper’s eye, which broadcasted onto Professor Sanders’s computer, the professor asked, “Are you sure this is going to work, sir?”

“It has to.” Agent Feller stoically replied. “Children can be easily persuaded with the right motivation.”

It seemed that Agent Feller was correct when they looked at the screen to see a portal appear in the park. Knowing who would be emerging from the portal, Agent Feller put on the headset, preparing to speak through the First Trooper.

From out of the portal in the park came Wally, Ollie, D. Evil, and Rook. All of whom had sheer determination on their faces as they stood against the Troopers.

“I am pleased you all decided to come.” The First Trooper spoke to them, “Now, I trust you will hand over your watch and come with us to our dimension. I assure you that your friend will not be harmed afterwards.”

“Don’t do it, Wally!” Nina called out to him until the Trooper covered her mouth, muffling her voice.

The First Trooper held its right hand out, anticipating the group to come over and Wally to hand over the interdimensional portal watch.

Wally looked at the watch on his wrist as if contemplating what to do. He looked over to Ollie, D. Evil, and Rook. The three gave him assuring smiles.

“Ready when you are.” D. Evil said to Wally with a wink.

Feeling encouraged and knowing his friends were right behind him, Wally smirked and hid the watch behind his back. He shouted, “Ollie and Rook, to the right. D. Evil and I will take the left.”

Ollie, D. Evil, and Rook nodded with a confident smile.

Wally shouted, “Now let’s unite to save Nina!”

The four split into action, which was all viewed by Agent Feller and Professor Sanders from their monitor. The former narrowed his eyes in anger and shouted, “Apprehend them! Do whatever it takes!”

Rook stopped for a moment and touched the plastic collar he was now wearing around his neck, which covered his gills. Wally had made it for him in order to help Rook breathe on dry land so he could accompany them, and Rook was relieved to see it was working.

Rook confronted the Second Trooper and shouted, “You are to be bested by Rook!” he held his arms out while his tattoos glowed, but realized that he was not controlling any water- because there was no water to control. “Aww, shakaht!” he shouted in dismay.

The Trooper charged at the defenseless Rook. But just like last time, Ollie quickly moved in between them, deflecting the punch by holding out his wand; only this time with the intent of defending Rook rather than trying to show him up.

As he held the Trooper’s attack back, Ollie said to the Atlantean, “Rook, right over there! There’s a small pond with water you can use!”

Rook turned his head to see an area of bushes and tall grass, which he believed was what Ollie was referring to. Focusing intently, he held his right hand out towards the area and the tattoos on his hand and wrist glowed as a long stream of water lifted into the air.

Smiling in satisfaction, Rook swung his arms and moved the water around the Second Trooper, constricting its arms to its side.

Ollie twirled backwards and pointed his wand at the Second Trooper, shouting, “SPARKLE GLITTER BLAST!”

A blast of glittery magic hit the Second Trooper and it fell on its back. Rook and Ollie cautiously approached it and saw the glow from its single eye fade as it powered down.

Happy that they managed to defeat the Trooper on their own, Ollie high-fived Rook while cheering, “Awesome!”

“Efcharisto, Ollie.” Rook cheered as well.

Even though he has no idea what Rook was saying, Ollie kindly responded, “No. Efcharisto you, Rook.”

From the other dimension, Professor Sanders informed Agent Feller, “Sir, I’ve lost contact with Trooper 2.”

Realizing what this meant, Agent Feller shook with fury and demanded, “Keep control over the remaining one. Let me handle the rest.”

Wally and D. Evil were taking on the remaining Trooper. D. Evil hovered in the air, and flew towards the First Trooper, holding his right fist out. But anticipating this move, the First Trooper held Nina up like a shield, causing D. Evil to stop mid-flight.

The First Trooper swung its other fist towards D. Evil, who had no time react. Wally swung his whip around D. Evil’s ankle and yanked him backwards to save him from the Trooper’s punch, unlike last time when he did so out of spite.

“That’s dirty!” Nina yelled to her captor for using her against her friends.

Wally stepped forward and confronted the First Trooper. From his safe position, Agent Feller spoke to him through the Trooper, “You’re making a big mistake, young man. You’re tampering with forces beyond your knowledge.”

Wally boldly responded, “Thankfully, I love to learn.” He swung his whip into the air and called out, “D. Evil!”

Flying through the air, D. Evil caught the end of the whip and swung Wally, who held onto the other end of his whip. Wally held his legs out and kicked the First Trooper to the ground, causing it release Nina.

The two kids tumbled through the air. But before they could hit the ground, they were surrounded with dark energy thanks to D. Evil and were levitated safely to the ground.

Once they were safe, a frantic Wally held Nina’s shoulders and asked, “Are you okay, Nina?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Nina calmly answered, “Yeah, Wally, I’m fine. Those jerks don’t scare me.”

The First Trooper was standing back up as it spoke again, “You’re all making a big mistake.”

Whatever else it was going to say was cut off by D. Evil’s energy blast, shattering its single eye. Ollie and Rook approached the others just as D. Evil proceeded to finish First Trooper off by lifting it into the air with his demon strength.

“Some assembly required.” D. Evil taunted before smashing the Trooper to the ground in pieces.

“Wally. D. Evil.” Rook said with joy, “You have bested your opponent.”

D. Evil proudly responded, “Looks like you and Ollie didn’t do such bad job yourselves.”

Wally held his chin and said, “But I can’t help but wonder where those things came from.”

“Who cares?” Nina shouted in excitement, “You guys did it! You saved me and you beat the bad guys! You really are the perfect team!”

She wrapped her arms around the four and pulled them in for a hug.

Despite the mysterious circumstances surrounding their victory, they started to feel proud of themselves, realizing that after working together, they managed to save the day.

Wally’s eyes glanced down at the pieces of the First Trooper that lied at his feet. Among the debris was the Trooper’s arm with an interdimensional portal watch attached to its wrist, not even scratched thanks to its indestructible exterior.

Wally snuck away from the group and pulled the watch off the arm, realizing that it was just like the other two he already had. He glanced over at the remains of the Second Trooper, and spotted another portal watch on its left wrist. Realizing that he had three extra watches in his possession, Wally smirked as he began to form an idea in his head.


In the other dimension, Professor Sanders solemnly announced, “I’ve lost contact with both Troopers now.”

Agent Feller removed the headset and threw it on the ground in a calm fit of rage. “I’m going to send orders to retrieve them. But before I do, show me the Trooper’s surveillance footage again.”

“What for, sir?” Professor Sanders asked.

“That’s an order.”

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Chapter 16: New Beginnings

 Back in Cullertown, the group was once again hanging around in the Hewitt Backyard. Wally was not among them and they were all forced to wait around for him since he said he needed to take care of something before sending Ollie, Dean, and Rook back home. He had been up in his room for nearly an hour now that the four had fallen asleep while waiting for him.

Finally, Wally emerged from his house and entered the backyard while wearing his goggles over his eyes and carrying his backpack. Nina was the first to wake up. “Wally, there you are.”

After they all awoke, Ollie confronted him. “Alright, Hewitt, you kept us waiting long enough.” He impatiently said. “Can you tell us what’s going on?”

Lifting the goggles from his eyes, Wally explained, “Well, I figured that since we’re a team now, it’s important for each of us to be able to travel to each other dimensions, so…”

Wally opened his backpack and dug around inside until he pulled out something that left the others speechless.

“Are those…” asked Dean.

Wally held out three interdimensional portal watches, which now had straps attached to them just like the one he owned. Ollie, Dean, and Rook each take a watch.

Even Ollie couldn’t believe it. “No way!”

“Maisha toso charoumenos!” Rook happily shouted as he jumped into the pool.

“This is amazing, Wally.” Nina said, “Where did you get those?”

Wally answered, “Those robots we fought had them. I figured with a few alterations I could put them to better use. Speaking of which…”

He took the power charge crystal from his backpack and placed it on the ground. Wally took a hammer out of his backpack and smashed the crystal into four pieces. He gave Ollie, Dean, and Rook each a piece of the crystal.

“Interdimensional watches must come with interdimensional chargers.” Wally stated.

“Good thinking, Wally.” Nina congratulated.

“You can say that again.” Dean sheepishly admitted, “Honestly, I don’t think we would have gotten this far without Wally. It was his plan we were following after all.”

“Yes, it was.” Rook said as he held his new hydration collar and scooped it with water before locking it around his neck. He got out of the pool and added, “It was Wally as well who made this device to help me be on the surface.”

The three boys look at each other and turned to Wally as they came to the same decision.

“You know” Dean said. “I think Wally is the best person to be leader of this team.”

“I hate to admit it, but I guess you’re right.” Ollie playfully punched Wally in the arm. “Congratulations, leader.”

Wally smiled humbly, not expecting the others to choose him as their leader. “Gee, thanks, guys. I don’t know what to say.”

“How about what the name of your team is gonna be?” Nina suggested.

They fell silent as they tried to think of a name for themselves, having not had the time to really think of anything.

“I haven’t really thought of that.” Wally admitted.

Suddenly, Rook leapt up and shouted, “Interloopers!”

Wally, Ollie, and Dean reacted in confusion over what Rook had said, believing it to be another of his Atlantean phrases.

“Inter-what?” Ollie asked.

“He called us “interloopers” before.” Rook explained, reminding them of what the First Trooper had referred to them as last night. “That should be our name. We truly are interloopers.”

Wally frowned at Rook’s naivety and obvious mispronunciation of the word “interloper”. He attempted to correct him, “Uhh, Rook? That’s not how you pronounce interlope-”

“I like it.” Dean said with a shrug.

Ollie thought it over. “We’re interdimensional heroes called the Interloopers. I guess it could work.”

Wally smiled as he too felt the name starting to grow on him. “Interloopers it is, then.”

“Great.” An enthusiastic Nina said, “Now that you guys got your leader and your name, I will make sure you guys do your job to protect our dimensions, as your new manager.”

“We’ll also need someone to help keep our interdimensional traveling confidential.” Wally suggested.

“Leave that to your manager as well.”

Wally stepped forward and announced, “Then I suppose this means that the Interloopers are now united.”

Nina and the Interloopers, who now wore their watches, stack their hands together to celebrate the start of their new lives.


In the office of Agent Feller, he was sitting at his desk, typing on a laptop until a knock was heard at the door. “Enter.” Agent Feller called.

The door opened, and Agent Muldoon came inside. As he approached the desk, Agent Muldoon stated, “Sir, we have reports from the retrieval squad that the Troopers who were brought back from the mission are missing their interdimensional portal watches.”

Agent Feller barely reacted to the news and responded, “I was afraid of this.” He tossed a folder across the desk towards Agent Muldoon. “Here. These are your new orders.”

Agent Muldoon took the folder and opened it. He saw that inside the folder were photos that each contained an image of the four Interloopers that was taken by the Trooper during their battle.

He was confused since there were no instructions on what he was supposed to do with the photos of boys he had never seen before.

Agent Feller explained to him, “Those are residents from each of the dimensions you discovered suspicious activity from. I want you to find out as much about them as possible.”

“But sir, these look like children.” Agent Muldoon pointed out.

“Children who have stolen our technology and pose a much bigger threat than any of us realize. We need to uncover as much information as we can about them if we are to apprehend them and retrieve the watches. Do I make myself clear?”

Closing the file, Agent Muldoon straightened his posture and answered, “Yes, sir. I’ll do my best, sir.”

As he sat back in his chair, a confident Agent Feller stated, “Things always end in our favor. The favor of the Society.”

The End

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