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Congratulations, Krusty Krew!

Jjs Goodman

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Yes, after a crazy and chaotic month, March Madness 2020 has reached its end. Throughout the Coronavirus incidents, we hope this event allowed for some relief and joy during these dark times. The Krusty Krew came out victorious, with 24 points! The Krew wins the first Major League event of the Teams 4 era and decade. The Chum Buddies and Solo players also put up good fights. The Krew members all receive 1,000 doubloons and 30 Whacky Bucks each. They will also get to control a team trade with the Chum Buddies, which we will negotiate the deals of later in the night.  For now, here are the MVP listings, as usual:

Krusty Krew:

1.) @Aquatic Konquest (Level: 3) with 11 wins (MVP!)

2.) @dmandagiraffe (Level: 3) with 9 wins

Chum Buddies:

1.) @Soulja Boy Tell 'Em & @DarknessDG (Levels: 2) with 5 wins (MVPs!)

2.) @vector the darkrai (Level: 3) with 4 wins


1.) @Hayden (Level: 3) with 6 wins (MVP!)

Now here is a list of which teams won the most events:

  • Dunces & Dragons: Chum Buddies and Solos (2/5 wins each)
  • Wiki Write-Offs: Krusty Krew (3/5 wins)
  • Weekly Surprises: Krusty Krew (4/4 wins)
  • Fry Cook Games IX: Solos (Hayden & Salmon) (2/4 wins each)
  • Weekly Quizzes: Chum Buddies (3/4 wins)
  • Arcade Tournaments: Krusty Krew (4/4 wins)
  • Wheel of Fortune: Chum Buddies (4/4 wins)
  • Cards Against Humanity: Krusty Krew and Solos (2/4 wins each)
  • Pictionary: Chum Buddies (2/4 wins)
  • Shell Shockers: Solos (OWM & G4ry) (3/4 wins)
  • Basketball Hunt: Krusty Krew (5 hunters)

I'll also make an official experience point ranking thread that will be pinned in this events forum to keep track of people's rankings for the future, though I have been doing so on Discord. I'll announce which team members have been traded later when both sides reach a deal. The next teams event, the first Minor League event, will be sometime in spring. For now, you can rest and we hope everyone stays safe during these times. May the force be with you.

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