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Favorite Streaming Service

Favorite Streaming Service  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite streaming service?

    • Netflix
    • Disney+
    • Hulu
    • Amazon Prime
    • Others (if voted, please reply to what other serreaming service you liked)

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Probably gonna say a mix between both Netflix and Prime; Netflix has some of my old favs like Little Britain and Come Fly With Me as well as some gay movies I'm interested in watching at some point in the future and Prime offers shows like Parks & Rec, The Office, The Middle, etc. as well as their own selection of gay movies (I think I saw Sauvage on Prime so I don't have to buy it. Yay!) and they also have Drawn Together, which I'm probably gonna buy on Prime so we have it.

Disney+ sounds cool, but I mean I do have physical copies of all the movies I could want to watch on it and none of the original shows and exclusive remakes they're planning really spark my interest so for me their only selling point would be the nostalgia of really old cartoons of theirs being on it.

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I'm going with Netflix by default, because it's what I have, and I have The Office so I'm good ? until next year Sometimes their psychological thrillers are good campy fun. 

I really liked the idea of Disney+, but do I really want to pay yearly for the whole Disney library when there's not a lot of content coming out? Not really. 

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