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Black Widow

Jjs Goodman

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Well one year of delay and we finally have this movie. Did It really hold up to our expectations? Lets find out. Ngl I wasn't all that excited for this movie after covid delays because I saw this movie as something not really important when Natasha's journey has ended in Endgame and I was more interested in other MCU movies like Eternals and Doc Strange 2. But the movie finally had a release date and we finally were able to move on from this to other MCU projects. How was this movie then?



Well, I liked it more than I thought I would. It wasn't a perfect movie or anything. I have some issues like this is just another typical MCU movie. How the movie started was excellent and I fucking loved the tone of this and I felt that the movie did not live up to how it set up the whole conflict. Once it went back to post-civil war time, I wasn't as interested as this movie's overall tone at the beginning. But despite all that, I really liked this. Nathasha really shined as a character here and I truly felt this was her movie. It was a cool grounded (mostly) spy movie with some sprinkles of sci-fi thrown in there. And the characters here are mostly good. Yelena was the star of this movie. I loved her in almost every scene she was in. She was one character I was most excited for because she was also a Black Widow in the comics. She really captivated me throughout. Melina was another character I enjoyed. Her being a mother to Nat and Yelena was so good. I really felt like she had an important development here. Red Guardian, well, he was fine I guess. He was just being a boomer dad throughout but he did have some nice moments here and there. Taskmaster, I wish they had more screentime here because I felt Taskmaster wasn't all that engaging here but I have to say the twist of Taskmaster was so good.

Action was good throughout and the story was interesting. The message of this movie really felt impactful to me. I'm not a woman but I truly felt this movie legit had something to say rather than being a filler Nat focused movie. And the comedy was mostly fine. It wasn't really as comedic as I expected it to be, so that was a plus but it had one joke I really fucking hated and cringed and I'll mention it soon.

My problem with this movie was that it had some tone issues and I really felt like the movie would have been much better if it made some different decisions like Taskmaster's whole deal and the villain behind everything. Also despite this movie being supposedly about importance of women, the movie having ass shots was so bad. ScarJo complained about MCU sexualizing her character and yeah, you can say this movie wasn't just that and it wasn't as bad as stuff in Iron Man 2 and Age of Ultron but I really had a problem with ass shots here. Imma go spoiler territory here, so here we go.


I'm gonna just get this out of the way. The joke I hated was the period joke. That made me so fucking cringe. Why did I need to be reminded that Black Widows cannot make children? Idk if that was also the case in the real Red Room but ever since how AoU approached this topic was so offensive, I really felt like this movie did not need to remind us that at all.

And the villain behind Red Room... Oh boy. I understood what they were going with him here. He is a perverted creep who uses women to control the world. How he approached Melina (who is Nat in disguise) made me sick and I truly got the purpose that we are supposed to be disgusted by this but idk why it didn't work for me. Also the whole thing of the villain having pheromone powers that make widows stop from attacking him made me so iffy. Again, I got the purpose here. The movie tried to have a commentary on human trafficking and exploitation of women. And I'm not a woman, so I really need a woman's view on this movie's plot points but something didn't click well with me here. I appreciate the movie for trying to have a bold statement here. But I really feel like the movie could have used these aspects better.

Taskmaster's identiy being the villain's daughter was actually a great twist but I have problems with how she was presented here. I wish Taskmaster didn't have mind control at all. Her having a grudge against Nat and Clint who blew her up could have been a real personal dilemma. Instead, she was mind controlled as well and while we do see Nat saying sorry for her, I wish we had seen Taskmaster's POV here. She really felt unutilized here. She should have been a smart villain who learned her abilities all by herself, instead of being controlled by her father. The movie really missed the oppurtunity here with making her compelling. I hope this changes in the upcoming mcu projects.

On a more positive note, post-credit scene was nice. I loved seeing Yelena mourn her sister and things are gonna get serious with Valentina from Falcon and Winter Soldier appearing her and manipulating her that it was Clint who killed her, so we are gonna see her again in Hawkeye because of this and I'm excited. Valentina is definitely the key to the next big bads of MCU. I expect Valentina to set up a Thunderbolts team with some of alive villains on MCU used.

Anyway, that's all I'm gonna say about this movie. I really liked it but It could have been much better.

Grade: B+

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