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Trump Vs. The World?: The 2020 Election Thread


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11 minutes ago, Hector Barbossa said:

If I see, let alone hear, one more bloomberg ad, I'm legit going to commit seppuku.

Fun fact: If we do get Bloomberg vs. Trump, it would be the first election in American history where both candidates are in Epstein's black book!

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10 hours ago, hippythehippo said:

You can tell the quality of this primary by the fact that people aren't voting for Bernie based on the fact of what a few of his followers (who probably aren't even old enough to vote) do on Twitter.

I've actually been on a mission to counter this narrative for the last few months through a Twitter alt, @AceArchivist. If this is really a thing that you vote on (and Warren seems to be doing it with endorsing Bernie too), then it kinda exposes you as an un-serious person.

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Both candidates suck ass but I live in North Carolina so I really really gotta vote and I'm just gonna vote for Biden. Far, far, far from perfect but a Biden presidency from what I can tell would be pretty much a return to Obama's policies, which weren't perfect but a million times more preferable than 4 more years of this chaos. I'm fucking terrified for November 3rd, please vote guys, especially if you live in a swing state.

I will say though, on the flipside (and I don't wanna get ahead of myself), this year's senate map looks way more preferable to Democrats than both 2016 and 2018. Doug Jones is def gonna lose but Arizona and Colorado look like they're definitely gonna flip, and Iowa, my home state, and Maine since Susan Collins's approval ratings went from sky high to in the toilet since Kavanaugh look like somewhat likely flips. Georgia, South Carolina, Montana and surprisingly enough Kansas also look to be getting competitive, which if Kansas flips blue will be crazy, since they haven't elected a Democratic senator since the 30's which is insane to me.

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This will be my first year ever voting. This is the most pivotal election I've seen so far in my life and it's imperative we all use our right to VOTE! I don't wanna live in Trump's America anymore...way back in 2016 I knew the US would grow exponentially into the biggest shitshow....hey speaking of shitshow, that debate tho amirite?? 

Its SO HARD to live in a household thats pro-Trump like are you kidding me? Come to think of it, I live in a pretty conservative town where most of them support Trump. Most of my entire family likes Trump (except me and a handful of older cousins thank god...we can relate lol). 

In other news, did ya'll hear that ole Donald tested POSITIVE for COVID? damn...wonder if he'll start showing symptoms....wonder what this means for the election....

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What a strange turn of events this month is taking already. Almost 1 month before the election (my first election too) and we might have our first president to die in office since John Fucking Kennedy in 1963.


Trump is 74 years old, conveniently the same age Herman Cain was when he contracted COVID and died from it one month after his diagnosis, so he's most likely not exempt from facing the same fate he did. On the other hand, he probably has a lot of health professionals who'll come to both his and Melania's aid so his chances of surviving are not out of the question either.


If he does recover from the symptoms, I really hope this moment gives him a Wonderful Life-like revelation and actually encourage safe distancing, now that he finally knows what it's like to be as mortal as everyone else. But most likely, he'll brag on Twitter about how he defeated the little Chinese man that lived inside his body.

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