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Welcome to the place where I talk about media (that I personally know about) that I think is either obscure, underrated, or both, known as "dman recommends". (EDIT: sometimes it won't be either of those things and it'll just be something I want to talk about. so there) In recent years, I've seen a lot of things that make me say "Hey, that's neat!" but there's barely anyone to talk about it with, because not many people know that said thing exists. Ergo, no one can relate. So I've decided to create this thread to talk about those very things. Whenever I discover something new that I think more of the world deserves to see, you can bet that I'll put it here at some point. Shouldn't be to long until I discuss the first piece of media, but until then, I'll be out and about.

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I'm not sure how many of you have been in the position of hearing snippets of a song and and storing them in the confines of your mind, waiting for the moment you hear them again so they trigger those faint memories. Well, that happened with this particular piece of music for me. I feel as if I've known this song all my life, and yet the first time I ever listened to it fully was less than a week ago. Yep, it's one of those songs.

The first few bars start out pretty good, then around the 20-second mark the real beat kicks in and practically carries the rest of the song. There's just something about it that radiates nostalgia. I barely even have any memories of the early 2000's, but this song seems to fit the feeling of then perfectly. Later the background vocals come in, and my mind says "Oh, that's where that was from! What video was that on again? How did this get in my head? Who cares, this is great!". And then there's the lyrics, which on the surface are depressing enough but once you watch the music video it... becomes even more so. Go on and watch it yourself and see if you get the implications that I do (be careful though, there's two music videos). Finally, the song closes exactly how it begins.

Let me say I had barely even known who Moby was before I listened to this song, and now I just want to listen to all of the other songs he's made just on this piece alone. It's chilled, nostalgic, and of course sad, but it also will grow on you if you listen to it enough. I recommend Porcelain 100%.



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