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A sincere apology

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Hey, guys. Obviously this is Wendy (or if you know me from SBM, the Appetizer, aka the guy with the unintentionally funny comic strip in his sig) speaking, as if you couldn't tell, and tonight, there is something I'd really like to speak to you fellow SpongeBob (or in the case of Patty, SOF, G4ry or Local: Amy Rose, Hilda, Dug and Disney respectively [sorry if I offended any of you]) about, and I hope I have better luck than Squidward in "Fools in April" saying it.

Y'see, I realize that I might've come across a crazy annoying little turd vying for your attention from time to time, and if that's an understatement, often. I don't know I really have, but I may also have tried to guilt you into replying to my topics. And if I need it, I may need a little dose of patience. Sure, I know you people have lives, that you do a lot more than sit in front of a computer or tap away on your phone on this site, but I can't seem to help it.

And if that's the case, I'm genuinely, sincerely, honestly, 100%, totally...



for all those things, and then some. But not for liking some "ancient" cartoon characters nobody here except me and RTU care about. Not even being thrown in the pillory would make me stop liking 'em. ?

But for everything else, I'm sorry. And that cake proves it.



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I'm a little confused, because from where I stand you haven't been a nuisance in any sense of the word.

Honestly, I feel quite the opposite; I actually kinda appreciated you contacting me the other day since it's been a while since I've last heard from ya, dude. :thumbsup:

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you dont seem annoying to me, on the contrary I feel like you’re overlooked as a valuable member at times. I’m sorry myself if I’ve done anything in any way that made you issue an apology. :) 

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I was never there, whatever happened, but I never found you annoying. If your calls for attention to your own threads and such is because you want more people involved in them, then yeah, I understand that feeling. I've also known that you've been begging for a review for your spin-off, but the spin-off reviews topic has been inactive for a long time, so I can't blame you consistently asking for a review. And If I had the time and mood to, I would've actually written a review for your spin-off. I didn't write one before you made this apology thread, but I'll definitely try and write one for you sooner than later.

Anyways, like the others are saying here, I don't think you need to apologize for anything since you haven't done anything unpleasant, but I appreciate that you're being apologetic about whatever it was that went down.

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Thanks for accepting my apology. Nice to hear that I'm appreciated, that you all think I'm a nice guy. Also, Local, never thought of myself as overlooked and underrated as a member, but that's also great to hear. Finally, it's awesome to hear I haven't really done anything wrong. Again, thanks, fellow members. It kinda warms my heart to hear I'm appreciated. :)

Also, Steel, a review indeed would be awesome.

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