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Congratulations, Band Geeks!

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Another year, another March Madness passes by. Congratulations to the Band Geeks, who have won March Madness 2019 31-28-14! This was yet another close team event, but in the end, only one could prevail. There was a lot of great coordination and teamwork between everyone this year, and I truly had no which way it was going to go for most of it. Each Band Geek will receive 1,000 doubloons for winning.

Now then, here's the MVP lists:

Band Geeks:

1.) @The Helpful Mexican with 9 wins! (MVP! first.gif&key=fcd39d5d76a7dc20d7b760924d ) 

2.) @Sweat and @PEPSI✭MAN with 5 wins!

3.) @Wintermelon43 with 4 wins!


1.) @RDSP, @OWM and @Cosmix humungosaur with 7 wins each! (MVPs! first.gif&key=fcd39d5d76a7dc20d7b760924d )

2.) @Hayden with 4 wins!


1.) @Patty Rose with 6 wins! (MVP! first.gif&key=fcd39d5d76a7dc20d7b760924d )

2.) @SRRS with 4 wins!

But wait, there's more! As a bonus treat, here's a list of which team dominated which game during the event:

SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune: Drasticals (4/5 wins)

SpongeBob Jeopardy!: Tie between Band Geeks and Drasticals (2/5 wins each)

SBC Music (Dubtrack): Independents (3/5 wins)

SpongeCraft: Tie between Band Geeks and Drasticals (2/5 wins each)

Cards Against Humanity: Band Geeks (4/5 wins)

Dunces & Dragons: Band Geeks (3/5 wins)

Wiki Write-Offs: Independents (4/4 wins)

Weekly Surprise: Band Geeks (3/4 wins)

The Fry Cook Games VIII: Tie between Band Geeks and Drasticals (4/8 wins each)

Flower Hunt: Drasticals (11 hunters)


I'll be seeing the teams again sometime this summer for our next team event, stay tuned!


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