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So, as my first entry in this little bin of scattered ideas is a rough outline for a possible lit, my take on classic Hanna-Barbera mystery toons such as Scooby-Doo (and in this case, band-centric toons such as Jabberjaw and Josie and the Pussycats). In this case, I ask the question, "If the Beach Boys had their own cartoon, what would it (or rather, my take on it), be like?" So, here's a brief outline of what this idea might be like.

Premise: Set in a retro universe resembling the pre-Vietnam 1960s, this literature follows the Beach Boys (Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Carl and Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine, and Bruce Johnson) as they, following in the tradition of Mystery Inc., the Neptunes, and others, travel across America solving mysteries often involving supernatural threats (both faked and real), mad scientists, supervillains, and other oddities. "But wait, Renegade!", I hear you saying. "Don't these sorts of 'meddling kids' teams usually have some sort of funny animal companion?". And to that I say, "Yes; in fact, these fictionalized versions of the Boys are accompanied by a couple of dogs named Banana and Louie (whom, I will note, are based on Brian's real life dogs of the time period, a beagle and Weimaraner of those names respectively). Naturally, these two take part in the mysteries whilist dealing with their own wacky misadventures in the subplots.



Brian - The somewhat quirky and fun loving, yet intelligent and incredibly perceptive leader of the group, Brian is shy and mild-mannered, which contrasts with Mike both personality and relationship-wise; Brian's relationship with his cousin (in a commentary on the real life controversies between the two) is strained at best and downright hostile at worst, often the two clash over how to deal with the threats they face.

Mike - In contrast to Brian, Mike is short-tempered, greedy, and arrogant; often, he is more concerned with monetary and female pursuits rather than doing the right thing. Deep down, however, he displays a sense of hardline familial loyalty and determination to protect those he cares about.

Carl - The most sensitive and kindhearted of the group, Carl contrasts elder brother Brian's intelligence and middle child Dennis' rebellious stubborness, by being the voice of reason to his brothers and cousin often, he acts as a sort of diplomat whenever encountering possible suspects in the mysteries.

Dennis - The stubborn and volatile yet deeply insecure powerhouse of the group, Dennis is very set in his ways, and often tends to cause the most trouble in the group, which complicates the band's relationship with the local law enforcements (and in the case of larger threats, superhero and government organizations).

Al - The most stoic and worldly of the Beach Boys, Al is the reserved yet passive-aggressive voice of reason for the group as a whole. He is also the most spiritual, which makes him privy to more abstract concepts such as magic.

Bruce - The "sixth ranger" of the group, Bruce's personality can ultimately be described as generic, having traits composited from all five of the main guys; so, then, what role does Bruce exactly fill in the Beach Boys' dynamic? Putting it simply, he is a jack-of-all-trades, having whatever skills are required of him that the plot calls for.

Banana and Louie - Brian's dogs, often serving as the team pets for the Beach Boys; while the two of them aren't exactly bright and only concerned with typical doggy goals (most prominently food), both of them have differing ideas and personalities. Banana is more airheaded, hyperactive, and adventurous, while Louie is more pragmatic, logical. and worldly. Their roles are often focused on in subplots that intersect with the main mystery.

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Soooo...been a while, hasn't it? Figured I'd revive this topic with her another outline: this time focusing on an older idea: Ninja Burger, based on the tabletop game of the same name. To give you an idea of how old this literature concept is, I ended up discussing it with @Paul McCartney in my early SBC days, when I was coming up with lit ideas left and right. I'm starting to return to the idea, more fleshed out and with a solider foundation for its ideas. Anyways, let's get on with the show, shall we?

Premise: Set (prinarily) in San Francisco, this series focuses on the employees of a Ninja Burger franchise location, which might sound boring until you realize what working there entails - dangerous yet exciting food delivery missions; after all, the restaurant's slogan is, "30 minutes or less, or we commit seppuku!"

 Yeah, it's that kind of literature. Full of black comedy, kung fu action, and absurd/surreal adventures, this literature in particular deals with a team of Ninja Burger employees -Noah, Jason, Toby, Carmilla, and Helena-as they try and get deliveries not only in time, but foil the plots of Ninja Burger's four main rivals (Pirate Pizza, Samurai Burger, Otaku Bell, and Bandito Burritos) to not only sabotage those deliveries, but take over the world as well.

Basically imagine Ninja Turtles, OK KO, and Three Delivery put in a blender and set to puree.


Noah - The leader of the team who takes his job the most seriously and isn't above eliminating his teammates to get the job done in time.

Jason: More of a loose cannon type, he enjoys his job just like Noah, but he isn't afraid to liven things up...even if that means running headlong into battle.

Toby: an experiment in the trope of "character transplant", Toby is the same character from Power Rangers Multiverse Force but modified appropriately to fit into NB's universe. Boyfriend to Helena and the newest employee in the team, Toby is snarky, intelligent, brash, and impulsive - the only person he cares for is his girlfriend at first, but grows accustomed to the rest as time goes on.

Carmilla: The oldest employee on the team, Carmilla is an unusual sort in more ways than one - she is, in fact, a centuries old vampire who has been able to mingle with humans for the past 447 years (in part due to the fact she displays almost none of the "traditional" vampiric traits). Resembling a woman in her late teens to early twenties, Carmilla decided to take the job as a Ninja Burger employee out of boredom. An open and proud lesbian, Carmilla eventually forges a mutual friends with benefits relationship with Helena, much to Toby's delight.

Helena - described as "the crazy one", Helena Moore is...definitely out there. She seems to delight in sex and violence, is interested in the occult, and is a self-described "hippie goth". Despite (or because of) her eccentricities, Helena is probably the second most effective Ninja Burger employee next to Noah. Above all else, though, she wants to protect those she cares about, especially Toby.


Captain Mozzarella - Head of Pirate Pizza.

Shogun Kobe - Head of Samurai Burger.

Mr. Miyamoto - Head of Otaku Bell.

Senor Diablo - Head of Bandito Burritos.

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