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Patty Rose

March Madness 2019

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Can you feel the rush of insanity fill your mind? The power of absurdity taking its form. It's simply, madness. And when there's madness, it must nearly be March. Because March Madness 2019's coming to help lose your mind! (With fun of course, not psychological stuff)

Yep, it's the seventh annual March Madness and we're gonna dunk you some fun and games! For those who are new or don't feel insane yet, MM is our yearly spring team event (You remember when you joined those teams in that sign-up thread? That's what they're for.) Starting on March 1st, and concluding March 31st, our three teams, the melodious Band Geeks, daring Drasticals, and the good ol' Independents (If you're not on the first two teams, you're an indie. Simple as that :)), will dunk their way to the top, by winning events and getting them precious points for the scoreboard. Whichever teams got the most wins, will be given a big hug, and a few other goodies! Last year, the Drasticals won 43-21-5. Will our grey daredevils continue this streak, or will our soldiers in yellow steal the win? Maybe the folks in green might surprise and take their first win, who knows? Only the madness shall foretell!

1.) Basketball Dunking - We begin with a brand new minigame!  Similar to Shootouts from Sponge Cup, try to score as many basketball dunks as you can throughout this month, and stack those points up for your team. Whichever team has the overall highest score wins! 
2.) SpongeBob Jeopardy - All five upcoming games each Saturday, will count towards the scoreboard.
3.) SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune - All five upcoming games each Friday, will count towards the scoreboard.
4.) Dunces & Dragons - All four upcoming games each Sunday, will count towards the scoreboard.
5.) SpongeCraft Tournaments - There will be a tournament each Saturday after Jeopardy. Each tourney will count towards the scoreboard.
6.) The Fry Cook Games VIII - The eight edition of the Fry Cook Games shall test who truly is the fryiest of cooks! Who will be taking home the gold? It could be you. Each round will count towards the scoreboard.
7.) Whodunnit? - Someone's dunnit, but you have to figure out whodunnit. Now with dodgeballs! Figure out the mystery and get your team a win.
8.) SBC Music DJ Showdowns - Battle against your opponents with your sweet tunes, each Friday after WOF. Get the most liked song, and your team wins a point!
9.) Skins - New skins will be made available during this month, courtesy of @Kotarou? and @J.J. Abrams!
10.) iFish - Several returning items will be making their return for March Madness, as well as new versions of previous items, courtesy of @Patty Star!
11.) Wiki-Write Offs - Writing and knowledge more you thing? Each Monday night, a race occurs for whoever can contribute the most to the SBC Wiki (That isn't spam). The biggest contributor each game will win a point for their team.


Of course, since we don't want the madness to get too out of hand, there's still more to come and announce! For those in the teams, don't worry about not making every game, though do try your best to participate in as many games as possible. Your teammates will heavily appreciate it! :) You can plan and strategize with your team in private in your team's channel on the Discord. We hope there's something for all who are competitive and non-competitive! :D

Being on a team is not required, to participate, but if you'd like to join one of our two big teams, the sign-up thread is here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask jjsthekid or one of the team captains, Fred Rechid (Band Geeks) and Hayden (Drasticals).

Current team rosters:
Band Geeks:


Fred Rechid(Leader)
Honest Slug



Hayden - (Leader)
magic the veemon



Anyone who isn't listed in the teams above. So if you don't see your name above, you're an independent! :D 

Game on! 

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If I'm gonna be honest I think Tennessee might win it all this year. Balanced, experienced team. Duke could obviously make it far with Zion Cam and RJ, but they're Duke so they'll probably choke against like Texas in the second round

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