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Patty Rose

Flicks February

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I hope you've all grab something from the Snack Bar, cause this year's first chill event is quite the popcorn movie! The VIPs (Loyal Customers) have already seen the teaser trailers, but now you, the audience, will now be unveiled the grand premiere of Flicks February!


The theatrical release of Flicks February will begin on February 11th, and concludes February 26thFor this event, we'll be going film-craazy, with a cinema-sized makeover, in addition to a range of activities, all worth watching on the big screen! But most important of all, this is your moment. That's right, we are putting the spotlight on you, for this is your chance of stardom. There's no such thing as sour acts, so go and break a leg! Because this is a chill event, there will be no team events during this event. If you want to be a star, you can't always rely on others. Only for March Madness you can.

And now our feature presentation... The activities!

 Movie Nights: We can't do a movie-themed events without watching some movies, can we? ? Every Friday and Saturday, we'll be hosting late night movie screenings. We'll announce which movies during the event, just remember to bring your fake IDs.

 SpongeBob Jeopardy!: The games on February 16th and 23rd will take place during this event. Better get knowing your film trivia!

 SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune: The games on February 15th and 22nd will take place during this event.

 Dunces & Dragons: D&D returns for February 17th and 24th, taking place during this event.

 SpongeCraft: Walk the sets of a movie starring you, as SpongeCraft tournaments will take place February 16th and 23nd, right after Jeopardy.

 SBC Musical Parties: Star in a musical, with the songs of your choice! SBC Music will occur February 15th and 22nd, right after Wheel of Fortune, using sbl's dubtrack room.

 iFish: Now you can truly feel like a star, by dressing up as one! Several new items, courtesy of the makeup artists, @Kotarou?, @LocalAquatic and @Patty Rose! Make sure to smile for the cameras, and feel free to show-off at the iFish contest.

 Skins: Replicate the immersion of the cinema, with three brand new skins, also courtesy of our makeup artists, Cha, Local and moi. Please do clean up your popcorn afterwards though.

 Minigames: Being famous is cool and all, but you still need doubloons if you wanna continue being famous you know. Luckily, you can have a go at some of our fun movie minigames, and earn some prizes!

Of course, there's still lots left to be announced, but we don't want to spoil the ending for you now, do we? (Spoiler Alert: jjs dies at the end)

But enough chatting around, let's make some movies! :D

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Oi, stop what you're blinkin' doing! It's SWYAD time! For this edition, you are to use a actor/direct/anything that has to do with movies username, which will last from when Flick February starts (February 11th) and ends February 18th! Whatever that username is, is entirely up to you, and your creativity! :)


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