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  1. 1. this is it luigi!

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The Nintendo Switch is SO wonderful! :D Where WAS it during the FIRST 32 years of my life?! o.o Of course, everything Nintendo has put out with the exception of the Virtual Boy and the Wii U is good, so it was hard to pick just the one system. :rolleyes: Enough said! ;)

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you filthy numales

Anyways, SNES is the best imo. 

A fantastic variety of games that provided an impact to gaming even today, lots of memorable franchises arose from it or were on their peak, and not to mention that the controller was quite good unlike their latter console. The SNES had some of my favorite franchises originate from it (Mega Man X) and all it did was really expand on the NES' success, really. No experimental or gimmicky bullshit, just an expansive succession of the NES. (Nintendo 64 controller is absolutely atrocious) 

GameCube is another close favorite of mine too, there's some hidden treasures in that console. It also has one of the best controllers ever to date. It felt so comfy using it for Smash Bros (and I still use it today). 

The Switch is....fine? I just wish there were more original titles because the ports make Wii U owners who have a Switch feel really underwhelmed. Not to mention the godawful Online service...like come on Nintendo, did you really have to provide us the same quality of online as it was when it was free? The only new things (which suck ass too) were a barren library of NES games we totally didn't play before or even cared for. Oh yeah, and Smash Bros. Ultimate having the worst online and questionable matchmaking. Oh yeah, and the cloud gaming too which is unbearably useless for such a console. What a mess. The launch titles were good, but for now, I have to yet to see what more the Switch can offer. I am still using it because of Smash Bros. Ultimate, but at some point Nintendo need to release better games or fix their Online service bullshit. These few major flaws of the Switch really can make it an handicap sometimes. (I'm not being pessimistic man, it's just that the console really a few borders blocking its full reaching potential.)  

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I'm sure the Switch is a step up from the horrible Wii U, but I still think GameCube would Ben my favorite even if I got a Switch. I love everything about the Gamecube, the neat games it has such as Melee, Windwaker (looks like tons of fun), Twilight Princess (though I think it came for wii too), and lots of other good ones I'm sure. I'm not much of a gamer but GameCube has such a slick and fun menu and their controller is still my favorite to this day.


I wish Nintendo gave it some more attention like they do for their other old consoles but oh well, at least we got the controller for Switch.

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The most of what I've played from Nintendo has been handheld titles, so my choice would be between the GBA, the DS, or the 3DS. The 3DS gets my vote.

Home console-wise, my favorite is SNES and I would've voted for it if I played with my SNES Classic mini more (and I plan to). It's got quite a lot of great titles that captivate me and I can definitely see why it's considered a classic.

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NES - good

SNES - good

N64 - good

GameCube - good

Wii - good

Wii U - umm... good.... ????

Switch - gooder

Game Boy - good

Game Boy Color - good

GBA - good

DS/DS Lite/DSi - yey

3DS/2DS - good

Virtual Boy - so good it's good

Other - good?

nintendo sucks - no

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