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Plaid (Electronic)

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An IDM group I recently got into in the past few weeks after discovering a couple of their songs on Pandora. It took me a couple times to really get into them, especially for their earlier albums, but they do quite amazing things with their sound and melodies, especially in the mid 90's and early 2000's. Their 2010's discography is fine too, though it sounds different since time changed and they were making film soundtracks between Spokes and Scinitlli, which I plan on taking a look through since I'm done with their albums until their next one, Polymer, expected to come out around February or March.

Rest Proof Clockwork is my favorite album from them, followed by Spokes, Not For Threes, The Digging Remedy, Reachy Prints, Double Figure and Scinitlli in that order.

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Plaid's not my favorite electronic group (that would go to Autechre), but I like most of their stuff. Generally speaking though, they got better with time; Not for Threes had a strong first few tracks but got weaker while it went along, Rest Proof Clockwork was just good (and nothing more) all around and Double Figure was the opposite case of Not for Threes, getting better as it went along. I've got more of their albums to review sometime in the future but currently Spokes and Polymer are my favorite albums from them.

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