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Hello, SBClouters! I'm here to talk about boots. Everyone needs them. Boots are cool. Whether they're Timberlands, DMs, or any other, they're epic. I've really wanted to wear a stylish boot for a while (Chelsea style), and I finally have got the ones I wanted (UPS is a bitch though).

I got the DM 2976 Wintergrips (Snowplows).

They're Chelsea style, winterized (interior lining and a different traction on the signature DM PVC soles), and just look badass. I'll post a pic later, as I'm really tired and still need to finish work (damn it high school), but I'm very happy I got them today!


Anyways, enough about me! SBC, what boots do you wear or want? Discuss below!





It's from the store's website but these are how they look :D


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