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Doot Doot

Cop or Drop

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Need a decision on what you should cop?

Don't know if what you want would look good on you?

Need help with the key to life?


We can't answer the last one because we're asking that too, but if you answered yes to any one of the first two questions, you're in luck!


Let's say you want something long sleeved, and it's fall. Maybe you want to go nostalgic-casual, and get that sick Nintendo 64 hoodie (hi Goofy and I think RD). Or, maybe you're a simpler person, instead opting for a classic army bomber. Or, you probably want something completely different!

Either way, if you need help on what you should get to wear, ask here! Post what you think, and we can discuss what would be the best!


It's just that simple.

Happy clouting!

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