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Congratulations, Band Geeks!

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Now that I'm not rudely interrupted anymore, yes, here is the (very late) congratulations topic to the Band Geeks (Presents), who won Snowcember Ball 2018 32-29-13! It was an intense and fun month to all involved. All of the Band Geeks have received 1,000 doubloons. Now then, for the most anticipated part of these things, here's the MVP list for each team:

(Note: For those confused by the low count, this is because so many team members only had 1/2 wins)

Band Geeks:


  • @RDSP with 7 wins (MVP! first.gif&key=fcd39d5d76a7dc20d7b760924d )
  • @OWM with 3 wins


See you all for March Madness 2019, the next and largest team event of the year! ;) 

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