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I'd say possibly worth watching for the acting depending on if there are any nominations for Bale/Rockwell/Adams, but otherwise I'd suggest skipping it. I thought Adam McKay's style worked really well for The Big Short because the subject matter was dry and totally incomprehensible and having pop culture references and fourth wall breaks and comedic writing really helped make that palatable and interesting, but he comes off as really full of himself with this. His cleverness goes all the way around and ends up making it seem like he's just talking down to the audience, like he thinks we're not smart enough to understand the rise of Dick Cheney and he needs to dumb it down for us. If he just made a straight Dick Cheney movie I would've been totally fine with it, but inserting Shakespearean soliloquies and having Guantanamo Bay get served up on a silver platter (almost literally) and rolling credits halfway through the movie just wasn't enjoyable to watch.

If you're hankering for a funny movie about political corruption and power struggles, I'd suggest Death of Stalin. If you wanna see Christian Bale do alright and have Adam McKay tell you you're an idiot for two hours, then this movie is fine.

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