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Patty Rose

SBC Christmas Gift: iFish Pets!

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That's right, it's time for our yearly Christmas present for all good users and members. In previous years we've given you SBC Music, the return of Wheel of Fortune, Capsules and Wallpapers (RIP), and a revisit to where SBC all began.

For this year, good ol' Kris Kringle(thekid) has stuffed inside your stocking.... something probably not as exciting as former years gifts, but still pretty exciting....

iFish Pets!

A group of little critters have gotten lost in the woods, and have arrived at SBC, ready for adoption, and lots of love! ❤️

This was an idea that originated all the way back in May this year, but because of... (well, lots of things happened after May), our lil' friends have been sitting around patiently, waiting for their big day. (Quite the Christmas miracle wouldn't you say? :D)

So what pets can you adopt? Well, we've got quite a variety to choose from, all six of which, can be seen in the spoiler tab below.





15453205801072181966.pngSea Bunny



All pets are now available for purchase at the iFish store, all costing 500 Doubloons each.

Of course, since it is the season, we do have one more little Christmas surprise, lying at the bottom of your stocking. 



From now until Snowcember Ball ends, you can also adopt a Christmas Snail from the iFish store for completely free!

I hope you give lots of love to your newly adopted pets, and remember to regularly feed them. (don't worry, these pets don't require food, but you know, 'tis the season.)

Happy Holidays from SBC, and I wish you all a happy new year! :D 

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