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Sandy Cheeks

Sandy's Anecdote

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12 hours ago, Winterypuff said:

Why do you suspect them?

Krabs sure would profit off of selling those sculptures, and Squidward I believe was baking something, which could've been those organic kelp bars.

10 hours ago, Goofy the Red Nosed Goober said:

Was Squilliam eyeing you or making any contact with you, perhaps?

Not that I noticed.

9 hours ago, Ugly Christmas Sweater Spongie said:

Did you eat a kelp bar or see anyone else eating a kelp bar?

I didn't eat one, but I saw Larry, Patrick and Krabs eating them.

5 hours ago, Igshrew said:

Krabs got away with your whole dome before, not unreasonable

Did you notice Squidward seeming happier than normal? Like he felt self-satisfied?

Also who in tarnation did you mix and a mingle with?

Squidward didn't seem as angry as he would've been after the sculptures were stolen.


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9 hours ago, Igshrew said:

Who did you talk to?

Squirrels from Texas must not know much English

I talked to SpongeBob, Patrick, Larry, Krabs, Squilliam and Squidward.

Y'all better take that back, son.

9 hours ago, Paul McCartney said:

Did anyone besides Squilliam say anything interesting to you before the contest took place?

Larry was wishing me some good ol' luck, SpongeBob and Patrick also were being good sports, and Krabs was talking about money.

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