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Plankton's Anecdote

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OH MY GOODNESS! I was working on a beautiful chum snow sculpture, but like the other imbeciles' works, it was cruelly stolen! And before you think it's me, why would I steal my own sculpture!? I think it was either Krabs or even SpongeBob himself that stole the sculptures...

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7 hours ago, Winterypuff said:

Why do you suspect Spongebob

Because for once, maybe our expectations will be subverted and it'll be the good guy who did it!

7 hours ago, Goofy the Red Nosed Goober said:

There are plenty of Bikini Bottomites that don't like you or chum as a matter of fact, who else would you suspect out of all of them besides Krabs and SpongeBob?

Uh, maybe the squirrel, snail or lobster? There's a lot of people that hate my chum, sigh...

4 hours ago, dmandablitzen said:

Who were you talking with at the time of the burglary?

I was bragging to Krabs, and I also talked to SpongeBob, Patrick, the squirrel and the lobster.

1 hour ago, Igshrew said:

Is Chum organic?

I can make it organic if you want...do I smell a potential customer!?

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10 hours ago, The Holiday Rapist said:

Did you use your prestidigitation to steal the sculpture, the so proclaimed "Amazing Plankton"?

I, the amazing Plankton, can tell you that I did not use any prestidigitation to steal any sculptures.

10 hours ago, Goofy the Red Nosed Goober said:

Also, was Squilliam eyeing you or making some sort of contact with you, by any chance?

I don't think he even noticed me, for obvious reasons, you fool!

2 hours ago, Igshrew said:

No, I was actually looking for a better baker

Did you see anyone there handing out organic kelp bars?

Uh....now that you mention it, I think Krabs, Patrick and the lobster all had those kelp bars, but I don't know if they actually made them.

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