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Whodunnit?: Episode 7 (SOLUTION REVEALED)

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Welcome to SpongeBob Whodunnit?, a Snowcember Ball event! Yup, it returns for the seventh edition! In this event, the goal is to figure out who stole the snow sculptures from the Bikini Bottom Snow Fish Sculpting Contest!


The annual Bikini Bottom Snow Fish Sculpting Contest is going on, and many Bottomites are there for it. Squilliam, Mr. Krabs and Gary are judges for this contest, while SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Plankton, Larry, and Sandy are the contestants. After much time working on their sculptures, the contestants and judges go for a recess break. When the contestants return to finalize their sculptures however, all of them are missing! The only evidence left behind are some organic Kelp Bars. Who could have taken the snow sculptures!? 

As the private detective, your job is to figure out who stole the snow sculptures. You are given three hints by your trusty Magic Conch Shell: it is someone who was at the event (and this time everyone is a potential suspect), it was someone who talked to at least one judge, and the person had organic Kelp Bars. You have until the end of the month to figure out who did it, to which a reward will be waiting for you. 

By December 29th, PM me who you think is the culprit! On December 30th, all is revealed and the winners will receive 1,000 doubloons each and a point for their team!

Note: you only get one guess. Once you PM me your guess, that's it.

Anecdote dates!:

SpongeBob - December 11th

Patrick - December 12th

Squidward - December 13th

Plankton - December 14th

Sandy - December 16th

Mr. Krabs - December 17th

Squilliam - December 18th

Larry - December 19th

Gary - December 19th

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Time's up. I've received 21 guesses. It appears this Whodunnit had quite a few people stumped throughout, making this the hardest one to date. Now then, here's the solution. The culprit was...


Squidward! Squidward wanted Squilliam's respect and attention, and was extremely anxious when he heard Squilliam was one of the judges. So during the break, Squidward secretly stole everyone's sculptures, and combined them together into one weird mess of his own, in hopes Squilliam would approve of it. Squidward had accidentally dropped one of his organic kelp bars at the scene of the crime however. Unfortunately, now everyone's sculptures are ruined and fused into the weird mess Squidward maybe, but maybe you can get something poetic out of it.

Here's who got the answer right:


4EverGreen got it right for the Independents, giving them one point. Fred, Winter, Local, Hippy, Trophy, Negi, Fa and sbl got it right for the Band Geeks. Mythix, SOF, Cake, RDSP, DarknessDG, OWM, Hayden and Homie got it right for the Drasticals.

Thanks to all who participated! Now then, does anyone want a kelp bar?

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