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Patty Rose

N-Ice Art Contest

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It's a bit chilly outside ain't it? You know what will get your arms warm? By doing a bit of drawing of course, and nothing's more fitting for this than the N-Ice Art Contest!

To keep out of the cold, all you need to do is create and submit a Holiday/Winter-themed piece of art. This piece does not have to be SpongeBob related, it can be anything you want, as long as it fills us with the true meaning of Christmas (Rolling down a snowy hill covered in potato bread of course! :D)

There's simply just one rule. Please do not plagiarise (stealing someone else's art and claiming it as your's) or else it's the naughty list for you this year! (Oh yeah, and it obviously has to be Holiday or Winter related. 'Tis the season after all.)

The entries will be judged by me, Cha and jjsthekid. The winner will recieve 5,000 doubloons, an exclusive badge, and a point for their team!

You have until Sunday, 30th of December to send in your masterpiece. No sending in snowmans though. They'll melt before we have time to judge them.


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Was originally going to draw SpongeBob and Natsuki decorating a festive cake together because chef meets baker but I saw the opportunity to revive the SpongeBendy bromance I thought up earlier in the year and unintentionally left in the dust soon after.

So here's a sketch of SpongeBob and Natsuki decorating for the holidays...much to the chagrin of the little devil.


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