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ask dman some burning questions

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10 hours ago, jjsthekid said:

Favorite bands/musicians?

I like a lot of alternative stuff, specifically TMBG and OK Go. Though I'm not even sure if the latter can be considered alternative anymore ?


10 hours ago, Goobz said:

How are ya doing tonight?

It's morning lol

Last night was a pretty good night. Got off work early and ate good chicken for dinner. Also went on twitch to play games with fellow lamos.


4 hours ago, A relevant person said:

Fav movie?

If we're talking the animation genre, it would be one of the Pixar movies, specifically The Incredibles or Up. I'm not that huge a fan of live-action films, but Napoleon Dynamite is still one of the most quotable and funniest movies I've ever seen in that caliber.

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On 4/10/2019 at 10:10 PM, SquiddyFace said:

Favorite post-sequel ep?

Very late, but I’ve always had a soft spot for A Friendly Game. I’m not joking when I say I’m a slave to mini golf.

EDIT: I’m dumb. Post-sequel and post-movie are two different things. In that case, Bulletin Board.

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8 hours ago, Josh the trash said:

what is your mediocrest spongebob episode that is not form season 8 ?

Gullible Pants. Try and name anything memorable about this episode. You can't. I literally can't even remember what it's about, despite the fact I remember its sister episode pretty well. The episode itself is so forgettable that it's both bad and extremely mediocre at the same time.

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5 hours ago, kev said:

is it tho

Last time I checked, no. I've never seen a meatball come from seeds, and I've never seen one grow organically out of the ground either. So I'm gonna say no.

and post malone should be ashamed

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1 hour ago, kev said:

what’s the meaning behind your member icon (the H)?

There was this semi-obscure meme based on the dancing H gif a while back, which I think was mostly popularized by this guy named stickfab. I always found it funny for whatever reason, and H is a pretty cool letter after all.

Also, it was used for a joke in Chowder, which is my favorite cartoon so yeah

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