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Dr. Gill Gilliam (the orange one)

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-Snail Disease Expert and Snail Expert allowed to make the assumption that the crowds toenails were only moderately trimmed. He the orange Animal Dr. Gilliam not the purple/blue Animal-People Dr Gilliam. Snails don’t even have toenails, this shitty ass orange tan fucker is using malpractice and misdiagnosing the Aquatic Residents of Bikini Bottom who could be having serious lower body related issues that he just shrugs off as being simple illments. He’s clearly an imposter monster hellbent on making the real Dr. Gilliam look like a fool. Anyway, talk about this cum rag and his motherfuckin creepy ass finger hands as opposed to normal ass fish flippers here. 


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This so-called “Doctor” is in fact a quack. Just this weekend he left his office to take an extended 48-hour bathroom break while a devious Italian chef brutally massacred his patient. Said patient was only an innocent and feeble tomato that was sliced into bits and turned into sauce for a delicious rigatoni. I wish nothing but death upon this orange piss-stain and hope he is locked away for the rest of his miserable life.

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