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I initially had this idea for this literature as far back as...2016 or so, shortly after I joined SBC and began working on Power Rangers: Multiverse Force. I never got to working on it (the original topic was deleted by jjs on my request when he was clearing out old threads, even), despite it being satirized in SBC Honest Trailers (which in hindsight, I wonder if it was actually satire and not mean-spiritedness) and talked about in my interview with @TJ for his SOF 7 talk show. However, that's all about to change, as this idea is being revived as a supplementary work in the Reneverse, my shared multiverse of literatures. Which means that it isn't part of th shared canon proper, but still takes place in a little slice of its multiverse, sharing characters and ideas.

Anyways, here is a friendly reminder of its premise.

In the post-apocalyptic year of 214 (and it has always been 214, to question this is treason). humanity now lives in the underground domed city of Alpha Complex, ruled over by the all-seeing Friend Computer, who enforces an iron-fisted rule of color-coded hierarchies based on security clearances (Infrared-Ultraviolet), a vast bureaucracy (so vast and unwieldy, in fact, that no one is sure who runs what anymore) and the mantra of "the Computer is Your Friend. Happiness is Mandatory. To not be happy is treason". However, the Computer is not only a psychotic nutcase, Alpha Complex is a decrepit and dangerous place, filled with spies, traitors, mutants, Communists (the Computer is highly convinced that they are what caused the Big Whoops), and traitorous mutant spy Communists. However, there is hope: the Troubleshooters, who are employed by Friend Computer to find troubles, whether they be real or imaginary, and shoot them. However, with Alpha Complex being what it is, this is easier said than done. Especially when the Troubleshooters (who are constantly stuck at RED clearance) are backstabbing assholes who have their own motivations. In a city full of backstabbing assholes who have their own motivations.

Now, this sounds like your run-of-the-mill dystopia, right? Well, this one is played for all the dark comedy it can, satirizing such settings from the 1980s.

In short, imagine a world visualized by Terry Gilliam if he wrote Max Headroom and added all the gory slapstick of Itchy and Scratchy into the mix, with just a bit of Discordianism thrown in for good measure. Based on the tabletop RPG of the same name, Paranoia follows five RED-level Troubleshooters as they carry out missions for FC...if they don't try and kill each other first. Which they very likely will. MANY TIMES.

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