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SpongeBob Season 9B Best Episode Tournament: Round 1

Round 1  

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  1. 1. Match 1

    • Sharks vs. Pods
    • Food Con Castaways
  2. 2. Match 2

    • Squid Plus One
    • Pull Up a Barrel
  3. 3. Match 3

    • CopyBob DittoPants
    • Snail Mail
  4. 4. Match 4

    • Patrick! The Game
    • Married to Money
  5. 5. Match 5

    • The Whole Tooth
    • Goodbye, Krabby Patty?
  6. 6. Match 6

    • Lame and Fortune
    • The Fish Bowl
  7. 7. Match 7

    • The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
    • What's Eating Patrick?
  8. 8. Match 8

    • Salsa Imbecilicus
    • Mutiny on the Krusty
  9. 9. Match 9

    • Sanctuary!
    • Two Thumbs Down
  10. 10. Match 10

    • Sandy's Nutmare
    • SpongeBob LongPants
  11. 11. Match 11

    • Tutor Sauce
    • Mall Girl Pearl
  12. 12. Match 12

    • Pineapple Invasion
    • The Executive Treatment
  13. 13. Match 13

    • Company Picnic
    • Larry's Gym

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To those who remember in the past, we held best episode tournaments for Seasons 9A, 6, 4, 2 and 10 of SpongeBob in this forum. It's back again, this time for Season 9B (may as well finally finish the other half)! Using challonge, I've placed all of the S9B episodes into a bracket. You will vote for which one is the best until we get a winner overall.

Here's the matches for Round 1, the winners will move onto Round 2:


MATCH 1: Sharks vs. Pods vs. Food Con Castaways

MATCH 2: Squid Plus One vs. Pull Up a Barrel

MATCH 3: CopyBob DittoPants vs. Snail Mail

MATCH 4: Patrick! The Game vs. Married to Money

MATCH 5: The Whole Tooth vs. Goodbye, Krabby Patty?

MATCH 6: Lame and Fortune vs. The Fish Bowl

MATCH 7: The Sewers of Bikini Bottom vs. What's Eating Patrick?

MATCH 8: Salsa Imbecilicus vs. Mutiny on the Krusty

MATCH 9: Sanctuary! vs. Two Thumbs Down

MATCH 10: Sandy's Nutmare vs. SpongeBob LongPants

MATCH 11: Tutor Sauce vs. Mall Girl Pearl

MATCH 12: Pineapple Invasion vs. The Executive Treatment

MATCH 13: Company Picnic vs. Larry's Gym

I won't give my thoughts to not influence the vote, but you are more than welcome to post in this topic. I do encourage people to explain their choices to get some discussion going in this topic.

Anyways, you will have until November 8th at 4:00pm to vote in this first round. I will make a new thread signaling when it is time for Round 2.

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1. Sharks

2.squid plus one

3. CopyBob

4. Patrick!

5. Goodbye Krabby Patty

6. Lame & fortune

7. What’s eating pat

8. Salsa

9. 2 thumbs

10. LongPants (both eps aren’t great)

11. Mall Girl 

12. Executive 

13. Larry’s Gym

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1. Food Con (was a hard choice but I prefer this one even if they're both 7/10 imo)

2. Pull Up a Barrel

3. Snail Mail

4. Married to Money

5. The Whole Tooth

6. Lame and Fortune

7. The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

8. Mutiny on the Krusty

9. Two Thumbs Down

10. Sandy's Nutmare

11. Tutor Sauce

12. Pineapple Invasion

13. Larry's Gym

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1. Shark vs. Pods

2. Pull Up a Barrel

3. CopyBob DittoPants

4. Patrick! The Game

5. Goodbye, Krabby Patty (I'm sorry, The Whole Tooth is nice episode and all, but GKP has such a great story and SB/Patrick dynamic, that I couldn't help myself. Yeah, butt jokes are unnecessary, but at least they're for a plot reasons.)

6. Lame and Fortune

7. The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

8. Both episodes are lame, but I think Mutiny on Krusty a bit better. Salsa has good Sandy/Karen dynamic, but since it isn't focus of the episode, It doesn't save it for me.

9. O_o

Two Thumbs Down, obviously. I am legit surprised that it's losing to Sanctuary. Oh, well.

10. Sandy's Nutmare.

11. Tutor Sauce. Mall Girl Pearl is nice experimental episode, but Tutor Sauce is funnier to me.

12. Pineapple Invasion, a.k.a. best 9b episode.

13. Larry's Gym.

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1. Sharks vs Pods

2. Pull up a Barrel 

3. Copybob

4. Patrick the Game (Both are great but P!TG is so hilarious)

5. The Whole Tooth (Also both great)

6. Lane and Fortune 

7. What's Eating Patrick (both are godly wtf)

8. Salsa Imbecillius

9. Sanctuary (both are great but Sanctuary is a bit better)

10. Nutmare (why the heck are people voting longpants? Nutmare is much better)

11. Mall Girl Pearl

12. Pineapple Invasion

13. Larry's Gym (Wonder who voted Company Picnic)

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Here are the winners of Round 1:

Match 1: Sharks vs. Pods

Match 2: Pull Up a Barrel 

Match 3: CopyBob DittoPants

Match 4: Patrick! The Game

Match 5: The Whole Tooth

Match 6: Lame and Fortune

Match 7: The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

Match 8: Salsa Imbecilicus 

Match 9: Two Thumbs Down

Match 10: Sandy's Nutmare

Match 11: Mall Girl Pearl

Match 12: Pineapple Invasion

Match 13: Larry's Gym

The Round 2 thread will be posted momentarily.

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