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Y'all know I had to make this topic here eventually. I fucking love this show. Amazing characters. Amazing humor. Formulaic but overall an entertaining watch. Been rewatching the series again and it's great, still need to rewatch a few more in season 1 but I remember everything from the episodes I want to rewatch. 

It's been my hottest and greatest Squidward crossover to date. These characters together would be godlike. But yeah, what the fuck is Wunschpunsch about for those fools who are unaware?

Wunschpunsch is a Canadian/French/German cartoon from 2000-2001, never aired in America sadly, that's based on the book, Der Satanarchäolügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch, by Michael Ende (who you may know as the author of The Neverending Story and Jim Button, which also got a cartoon lmao), with a greedy fat cat named Maurizio (who loves food and always brags about this heritage) and a wise raven named Jacob (who is old and suffers with rheumatism) who work together to break their owners spells (who are a witch named Tyrannia and a wizard named Bubonic) who their supervisor (Maggot) force them to do from affecting their city, Megalopolis permanently in under 7 hours by solving a riddle from head of animal council, Auntie Noah. It's quite a mouthful I know.

Again, the series is formulaic and usually about a spell of the week, but fuck it, I love the witty dialogue from the characters and the characters themselves, especially Maurizio and Jacob, who are both funny, intelligent character and have such a great bond and balence with each other. It really keeps you engaged to be honest, one of the most entertaining underrated cartoons I've ever watched. It lasted 2 seasons, all on Youtube. Watch it someday. It's worth your time.

I'm also a fan of the artstyle, simple, but makes up for it with amazing mouth expressions, kind of my aesthetic to be honest. It still gives the character life.

Sadly it never got an ending, it's last episode is just another spell of the week episode, sad about it to, it had potential for more story and possibly character development. Ah well, maybe one day it will return, or not because it's obscure.

10/10 show and Squidward crossover


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