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Ghost Rider

Congratulations, Drasticals!

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It was a long, scary and intense month...but surprisingly in the end, Drasticals (Vampires) managed to bite their way to victory! They win Octerror Cup with 34 points, while the Band Geeks (Frankensteins) came in second with 31 points, and the Indies (Ghosts) scored 7 points! The 34-31 difference makes this the second closest point victory in SBC history after March Madness 2015, so both teams did very well this time, don't be discouraged Geeks! The Drasticals receive 1,000 doubloons (for each member who participated during the event)! Thanks to everyone who played in this year's Octerror Fest games, I truly actually enjoyed this one, and it wouldn't have been made possible without the staff and members who contributed. 

Here's who scored the most wins during the event (Note: this counts Whodunnit and the Candy Hunt):


1.) @UmbreonRDSP with 7 wins! (MVP! gR59S3K.png )

2.) @houndoom with 5 wins!

3.) @Mimikyu Madness & @Dracula Phineas with 4 wins!

4.) @A Ghost Bucket Hat ? with 3 wins!

Band Geeks:

1.) @John K Defender with 6 wins! (MVP! gR59S3K.png )

2.) @Winterghost43, @Patty Scared & @Davy Jones Locker with 4 wins!

3.) @Toast with 3 wins!


1.) @The Bear from Brother Bear with 4 wins! (MVP! gR59S3K.png )

(If there is a mistake in the win tally, let me know.)

See you guys at Snowcember Ball 2018, the last team event of the year...

Happy Halloween from SBC!

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Congratulations fellow Drasticals! We pulled it together in the end and showed those Band Geeks what for!

By the ways though, good game to anyone else who participated. This was pretty fun, and I look forwards to what Snowcember will bring.

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