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LocalAquatic's Local Signature Store

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Hello there, everyone! LocalAquatic/Kieran/K.Sal here, and I present to you my Sig Store! :yas:


Anyone who knows me from SBM will probably be aware of some the signatures I've made in the past, and I have made some for a few of y'all in the past. I haven't actually made any sigs for anyone in a long while now, and have always wanted to open up a sig store here to bring what I'm offering over here, and now  after literal months and months of contemplation... I am!


Anyone familiar with my previous sig store should know that I'm not just offering sigs; I also offer logos of members' usernames made to be placed in the signature. Here's some examples of what I can do in terms of logos:

1) Usernames (ideally short ones) written across a single line.




2) Usernames are written akin to the show's own logo; part on top, and part on the bottom. Ideal if the username can be split as such, otherwise you can tell me what you wish you have on top and on the bottom.



3) I also do season logos if you want one to reflect a seasonal name change.



As evident with the last one, they don't have to be done in the default logo color scheme if you don't want it to be. And no, it doesn't have be a seasonal logo for you to be able to request a different color. Just be sure to ask when giving me your request. It comes at no extra charge either, so don't worry about that.

And I do not offer these logos separately, I'm afraid. These are part of the signatures I'm offering.

The Signatures Themselves:

1) Now with the logos, the typical signatures I often do only allow for around 2-3 characters, in order to showcase the logo in all its glory...





2) However, if you wish for more characters, then that it certainly doable, as the following show...




3)  Repre-Sig-Tations - perhaps my most major signature concept; basically it involves me taking an array of characters and arranging them in columns. Of course, you'd have to provide me with the characters as you would for any of the other sigs, and in the ideal world, each one starts with a letter that can correspond with a letter in your username in order to spell it out. Here's my personal examples of this...
(this type of signature is only really doable for usernames between 8-12 usernames long; it's more to do with the size of the character than anything else.)


1337277379_SpongeFan257Repre-Sig-Tation.thumb.png.6a9253996fff2df34ca5bb6981bb715a.png  - SpongeFan257
S - SpongeBob SquarePants
P - Pooh Bear
O - Octavious (remember, it's the name Cinderella gives him before nicknaming him Gus)
N - Naveen
G - Gaston
E - Eric Cartman
F - Fauna
A - Ariel
N - Nani Pelekai
257 - Organizations XIII members number II, V and VII, Xigbar, Lexeaus and Saix respectively.

1884208462_LocalAquaticRepre-Sig-Tation.png.f97457a1c671160798a48bf1c2627b62.png  - LocalAquatic
L - Leonard Hofstadter
O - Oogie Boogie
C - Cameron Tucker-Prichett
A - Ariel
L - Lumiere
A - Aqua
Q - Queen of Hearts
U - Ursula
A - Aurora
T - Tigger
I - Ike Broflovski
C - CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow (if you please...)


However, if you just want any characters that you love to be in here as opposed to having them spell your name, then that's also doable! I don't have any examples, but I can certainly do this if you don't quite know which characters to use to spell out a name.

I can also do signatures without logos, if you want. I'll be using the same font as I use to make the logos, just without the actual presence of a logo. I have experience in doing this too although I have no on-hand examples.


Sig with Logo (first time per member) - 25 doubloons (due to the fact that I'll have to make a new logo).
Sig with Logo (subsequent times per member) - 15 doubloons.
Repre-Sig-Tations - 25 doubloons first time per member, 15 doubloons subsequent times per member.
Logo Modifications (if you just want me to make a change to your sig's logo) - 5 Doubloons.
Seasonal Sigs - see Sig with Logo prices. (note: a seasonal sig + seasonal logo together, therefore, is 25 Doubloons due to the need to make a logo and sig)
Season Logos (to use with already-commissioned signature) - 5 Doubloons.

Please be sure to provide me with some indications as to what characters you want in your sig (providing pictures is encouraged but not necessarily required) as well as an idea as to what you want as the background for your sig. Repre-Sig-Tations do not require a background choices if you do not have anything in mind in particular, for most of it will be hidden; I'll just do what I can and select the best color possible based on the colors of the images of the characters provided.

CrookedAquatic Signature 1.png

JollyAquatic Signature.png

LocalAquatic Repre-Sig-Tation.png

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