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Patty Rose

Hooky 4: Resurrection

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The Fisherman has shown their true color. They have trapped 15 innocent people inside the screening room of an old theatre. Out of that number, only one of those people, is the Fisherman themself. This can only mean one thing. For we are about to experience another game of… Hooky!

How to Play
Hooky is a competitive elimination challenge, roleplay, who-dunnitathon monster of a game. Each night, there’s a challenge or a puzzle that you are to solve. The first two contestants to complete the challenge wins immunity from being killed by the Fisherman. The first contestant to finish will also receive a point for their team. (Band Geeks, Drasticals or Independents)

This year, everyone who finishes any of the challenges will earn points, known as hooks. You can exchange these hooks for advantages from the item shop, which you can find near the end of this post. While the number of hooks you receive depends on your place in finishing the challenge, even if you are the last to complete it, you will still earn hooks. 

At the end of each challenge, The Fisherman will make the decision on who will be hooked (killed) for that night. The contestant who is picked to be the Fisherman will either PM or Discord DM me or jjs their decision, and the chosen contestant will be hooked and eliminated from the game. (In the first challenge, only one will be killed. After that, all future challenges will have two contestants killed each night) 

To help with the mystery aspect of the game, one of the contestants will be a Detective. Their job is to figure out which of the contestants is the Fisherman. If the Detective thinks they know who the blood-urging killer is, they can shun their flashlight on the accused. (The flashlight has a light beam that’s so bright, it can melt whoever is exposed to it) However, there’s a catch. If the Detective accuses the wrong contestant of being the bearded menace, not only will the contestant assumed die, the Detective will also die with them, and their Detective role will be passed on to another still surviving contestant. The Fisherman cannot become a Detective, and the Detective is also not immune to being hooked by the Fisherman.

Also, the Detective will not be able to kill who they assume is the Fisherman right away as their flashlight does not have any batteries in it at the time being. In later challenges, the Detective will be given access to the batteries.

There are four different groups. Innocent, Detective, Fisherman and Dead.

Innocent – They are not the killer. Their role is to stay alive, as well as assist the Detective in figuring out the killer.

Detective – Their role is to figure out which of the contestants is the killer, and shoot whoever they think the latter is. If the Detective shoots the correct player, they instantly win the game. But if they shoot an innocent contestant, the Detective will die with the player they shot. If the Detective is killed at any point, the role will be given to another still surviving contestant.

Fisherman – They are the killer. Their role is to kill all the contestants one by one, and be the last one standing. If you are the Fisherman, obviously don’t tell anyone at all you are as that will kind of ruin the whole point of the game.

Dead – These are the contestants who have been killed by the Fisherman. They are eliminated from the game and can no longer continue playing.

All contestants will have temporary badges during the game, that will help identify who is playing and which group they are in:

8088a28a1849d7412c72d1788ccbd664.png - Alive: This user is still alive.

8d8ab980979246ca180238e0c80127a9.png - Dead: This user was killed by the Fisherman.

15379196771768448886.png - Detective: This user is the current Detective.

Those who signed-up in the “FisHerman’s SpOOKY Cinema Trip 4 Fun Sign-Up” thread are the contestants for this game. They were also asked to use a character roleplay name, which when there isn’t a challenge, contestants can roleplay as that character in this topic to help past the time and have some fun. You may still continue to roleplay even if your character has been killed.

Once again, the item shop has returned, though this time instead of the items costing doubloons, they can only be purchased using a points currency known as Hooks. They can be earnt by completing the challenges, with the number each contestant receives depending on who were the quickest to finish. (1st – 500 hooks, 2nd – 300 hooks. 150 hooks for everyone else) Even the player who finishes the challenge last will still receive hooks. To buy an item, either post in this thread or PM me or jjs.

Last but not least, please remember, if you’re the Fisherman, don’t tell anyone else you’re the Fisherman. Ok? :D




Protective Underwear (1,000 hooks): This item allows you to survive being hooked by the Fisherman or flashlight shunned by the Detective. You keep hold of it til you are chosen to be hooked or flashlighted. The item can be bought 2 times maximum.

Identifier (600 hooks): The items reveals to you one random innocent user. You can only use it once. This item can be bought 1 time maximum.

Handcuffs (800 hooks): This allows the Detective to handcuff someone, preventing them from playing the following challenge. Only the current Detective can buy this. You can only use it once. This item can be bought 2 times maximum.



The last contestant standing, either being the Fisherman or the current Detective, will win…

- 5,000 Doubloons

- An exclusive badge (Either the Fisherman or Detective badge depending on the role)

- The Fisherman Coat, Fisherman Hat and Fisherman Beard iFish items (completely new).

That’s about it. The first challenge will begin on Monday October 15th at 7:00pm EST! Your roles will be PM to you shortly. Have fun and stay alive!

Contestants Status:

Wintermelon43 - DoodleBob (Band Geeks) - 1550 Hooks

Fa - Bubble Bass (Band Geeks) - 1250 Hooks

Honest Slug - Jack M. Crazyfish (Band Geeks)

CakeCup - Kevin (Drasticals)

RDSP - Cat SpongeBob (Drasticals) - 1200 Hooks

dmandaboi - Fred Rechid (Band Geeks)

Magic the veemon - Shiny (Drasticals) - 900 Hooks

OBAB - Noggin (Drasticals)

NegiSpongie - Slasher McGee (Band Geeks)

ataeaf - Squilliam Fancyson (Band Geeks)

Trophy - Hash Slinging Slasher (Band Geeks) - 800 Hooks

Hayden - Rick Grimes (Drasticals)

BenPaz - Cletus Junior (Independents) - 650 Hooks

milkmaidman - Chopped Liver (Independents)

LocalAquatic - Yuri (Band Geeks)


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REMINDER: Challenge #1 is still tonight at 7pm EST. I have sent out everyone's roles through Discord and PM. Here is a reminder of everyone's character and who is playing:

@Winterghost43 - DoodleBob

@Davy Jones Locker - Bubble Bass

@LifeWithMaggotisPragerUquality - Jack M. Crazyfish

@Jellien Cake- Kevin

@UmbreonRDSP - Cat SpongeBob

@dmandaboi - Fred Rechid

@houndoom - Shiny

@DeathFace - Noggin

@NegiVampy - Slasher McGee

@AAAAH-taeaf - Squilliam Fancyson

@John K Defender - Hash Slinging Slasher

@Mimikyu Madness - Rick Grimes

@The Bear from Brother Bear - Cletus Junior

@The Mummmy - Chopped Liver

@CrookedAquatic - Yuri

You may roleplay as your character in this thread until it's time for the challenge.

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You poor poor fools... do you not understand what you have gotten yourself into?... Despite my fraudulent attempt at appearing reformed, you still trusted me... I don't know what's more laughable... your ignorance.... or your corpses when I hook them..... one by one... 

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12 minutes ago, CrookedAquatic said:

Such horrific imagery right before my eyes...it's like I'm in the world of Portrait of Markov, only more nautical. I'm sure Natsuki would appreciate a more cutesy approach to horror...

Cletus: Speak in English my man. Or we'll be wrestling tonight

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14 minutes ago, The Bear from Brother Bear said:

Cletus: Speak in English my man. Or we'll be wrestling tonight

I don't wrestle, sir. I don't have the posture for it...because of how often I lean w-when I read! N-not anything else!!! Eheheheheh....

Besides, I do not care much for wrestling; I'm a simple girl who loves to curl up with a nice book and a fine cup of tea.

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Welp...The Fisherman has come out of retirement to strike again! :o And we've got our first challenge this year for our fifteen guests:

Challenge #1:

Wow, the theater is a MESS! Tonight's task is to find 6 pieces of popcorn dropped in the dark theater...aka here, the OF18 forum. (Note: No popcorn pieces are in the Whodunnit forum)

Whoever is first to finish the challenge gets immunity and 500 hooks. Second place gets immunity and 300 hooks. If anyone else still does the challenge before time is up, they get 150 hooks. You will have 15 minutes to complete the challenge.

Either DM me on Discord or PM me on here the popcorn locations, you do not have to post the image. Do not post the answers in this thread.

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1st: Trophy (Immunity)

2nd: Hayden (Immunity)

3rd: BenPaz

4th: RDSP

5th: Slug

6th: Wintermelon

7th: Mythix

8th: LocalAquatic

Trophy gets a point for the Band Geeks/Frankensteins. Both him and Hayden are immune from The Fisherman tonight. For hook prizes: Trophy gets 500 hooks for 1st, and Hayden gets 300 hooks for 2nd. BenPaz, RDSP, Slug, Winter, Mythix and Local all get 150 hooks for finishing before the deadline.

Be aware, The Fisherman may be striking soon...

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The lights go out in the theater. A yelling is heard. Everyone looks around, and sees that Chopped Liver...aka @The Mummmy, has a hook in his back. He has truly become Chopped Liver now. :( That's right...MMM is our first death of Hooky 4. RIP. 14 remain...

How will things go tomorrow night? Find tomorrow at 7pm EST for Challenge #2! Until then, you may keep roleplaying in the thread.

Remaining Contestants:

Wintermelon43 - DoodleBob (Hooks: 150)

Fa - Bubble Bass

Honest Slug - Jack M. Crazyfish (Hooks: 150)

CakeCup - Kevin

RDSP - Cat SpongeBob (Hooks: 150)

dmandaboi - Fred Rechid

Magic the veemon - Shiny (Hooks: 150)

OBAB - Noggin

NegiSpongie - Slasher McGee

ataeaf - Squilliam Fancyson

Trophy - Hash Slinging Slasher (Hooks: 500)

Hayden - Rick Grimes (Hooks: 300)

BenPaz - Cletus Junior (Hooks: 150)

LocalAquatic - Yuri (Hooks: 150)

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Notice: Since technical issues prevented round 2 from happening tonight and in turn sparing someone from dying tonight, the next game is rescheduled to tomorrow night at 7pm EST. You can still roleplay in this thread until then.

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