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Patty Rose

Scary Art Contest

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I hope you're in the mood for some frights and sketches, cause the Spooktacular Scary Art Contest is making it's howling return!

Your task (if you think you're brave enough for it) is to create and submit a Halloween-themed piece of art. This piece does not have to be SpongeBob related, it can be anything you want, as long as it'll make us hide behind our sofas in horror once we see it!

There's simply just one rule. No plagiarism (stealing someone else's art and claiming it as yours)! Got that? Ah good. :D (Oh yeah, and obviously it has to be Halloween or spooky related. It is a scary art contest after all.)

The entries will be judged by me, Cha and jjsthekid. The winner will receive 5,000 doubloons, an exclusive badge, a point for their team and a free store item of their choice!

You have until Tuesday October 30th to send in your masterpiece. Be prepared for fear, and be prepared to get drawing! 

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