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tuuuuuu tuuuuu tuuuuuuuu tu tuuuu tu t t tuuuuuu tuuuu t t tuuuuu tuuuuuu good day everyone my name is mailscumbob47 and today i gonna talk about new spongebob episode spot returns apparently it’s a sequel called plankton’s pet and it’s about...


*5 fucking minutes of retailing episode later*


...and then I noticed this




wow did sans from infamous game called undertale really get a cameo question point in one side it looks like just regular visual gag but  in other hand it’s from new season where original creator back and this show is good again not as good as seasons one to three but still good so new writers can make a reference to sans undertale but back to the topic...


*another 5 minutes of retailing episode later*


...and so it was spot returns it was pretty solid episode so what are you think guys about this episode see you guys later bye and yes everyone who gonna say that my video is clickbaited gonna be banned 



































Oh yeah I promise that CakeGirlSuckz gonna be in here,here we go:



"Spot Returns is such a fun episode,it have good jokes and story,and it’s so cute.Unfortunately,it’s a obvious Plankton’s Pet rip-off,so I can’t give it anything but SCUMBOB or 35/789.So this was Spot Returns review.I hope you enjoyed this video.CakeGirlSuckz,out!"


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