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Why Pat the Horse and Bunny Hunt are godly

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Hello my disciples, today we are going to recount 2 Ben Gruper masterpieces.

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Patrick has been godly in many episodes this season, but this might be him at his greatest. It's like Ben Gruper revived (not rip off) the garbage My Pretty Seahorse, and made something so godly that it could even make Jesus wet his panties. Patrick is as cute as pinkie pie, its as if ben gruper is genius. ben gruper is also a saint too. he decided to give Kaz, aka the guy behind abominations like Wet Painters and Chocolate with Nuts some credit to improve his track record. Ben and Karl probably made this, and felt bad that Kaz was crying in the corner for his past failures, and decided to make him happy. And the internet loved it!

I dislike this episode, it DOES have a unique plot which is good, but the plot is a bit TOO unique. It's bizarre, and not in a funny/entertaining way. It's bizarre in a way that makes me feel kind of uncomfortable. 

This is possibly one of the worst (if not THE worst) renaissance era Spongebob episode yet. The plot is dumb and the characters are annoying. Especially Squidward, whom throughout the episode seems a bit odd. I also hate that little kid. "My wittle weg!" The My Leg gag is now played for fan reception. I hate its current use. They should use it like they did in Sponge Out of Water.


Really bad episode. The whole plot was stupid. There’s nothing funny here. It’s annoying and childish. The race doesn’t really save it it’s just horrible and my third least favorite post-sequel episode! Only Fun-Sized Friends and Sportz? are worse.

Rating: SCUMBOB!

This episode is really, really dumb. I knew the concept was dumb ever since the plot summary was released, but I had hope because episodes like "The Whole Tooth" and "Cuddle E. Hugs" also had weak plot summaries but turned out pretty well. However, this episode is awful. There are some funny moments with Squidward and the chase scene is fun to watch, but... that's it. There's really no plot whatsoever, which was my biggest problem with "Cave Dwelling Sponge," another episode I dislike. So when you combine having no plot, not much humor, a stupid premise, and Patrick acting dumb, it's just a slog to get through and the second worst of the post-sequel episode. Only "Patrick's Coupon" is worse. Rating: 1.8/10

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Another Ben Gruper classic. The I'm a bunny now scene is the best thing in any spongebob episode ever. It also has great genius Ben Gruper writing. The bunny is so funny. What other writer can make sinething crap on another character for literally no reason as funny as the genius Ben Gruper. Another well loved and genius classic that the internet loved and will cherish forever.

Simply worster then its sister episode.



I found this one worse than Sanitation Insanity. Squidward pretending to be french was pretty funny, the sea bunny playing the ukelele which leads to Puka A playing was pretty neat, the video game map SpongeBob goes through to buy the new sea bunny was pretty cool as well. But the positives end there, this episode was either filler or Squidward getting tortured or no reason. Also, they have a random ending just like Don't Feed the Clowns. I do not have high hopes for season 11 judging by the previous episode I have watched (Moving Bubble Bass, Sanitation Insanity, this episode)

Rating: 2.5/10 (Horrendous)


This episode was quite mediocre, with some good scenes but mostly bland/boring moments. Squidward trying to be French in the beginning was mildly funny, and I thought the way they portrayed the bunny was quite realistic, so that's a plus. The ending with Squidward turning into a bunny was also a bit weird but somewhat entertaining. Unfortunately, the positives end there, as for the most part the episode was quite dull, with too much of it focused on generating a bunch of cheap slapstick humor based on Squidward's struggles to get it out of his garden and then SpongeBob's struggles to deal with it in his house. The hot sauce scene was perhaps the most entertaining of these parts. Mostly though, I really did not enjoy watching this episode.

Final rating: Bad


If you do not want to get spoiled, DO NOT READ THIS COMMENT!!!

This episode is very dull. Squidward being French was sorta funny. However, the Squidward Torture was off the charts! I dislike the bunnies. They’re just there to be a nuisance and are not as hilarious as clever characters like Bugs Bunny. The scenes at SpongeBob’s house is boring as well. The hot sauce scene was just very predictable and repetitive. The ending was also really weird. I knew this episode was going to be bad but I didn’t think it’ll be this bad.

Rating: SCUMBOB!



i stopped reading at "Squidward Torture".


 I’m sorry that me expressing my opinion bothered you so much that you didn’t finish reading my review.

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