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Jack O Chocolantern

hurt and heal magic's favorite episodes of spongebob

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 so since i see people are doing hurt and heals of episodes of scumbobs on the sb wiki i decided to do my top 25 episodes as a hurt and heal as a joke

a hurt is minus 2 points and a heal is plus 1 point

the max an episode can have is 20 points

house sittin for sandy (10)

 plankton's good eye (10)

 are you happy now (10)

the good krabby name (10)

feral friends (10)

for here or to go (10)

squiditis (10)

home sweet rubble (10)

planet of the jellyfish (10)

bubble troubles (10)

restraining spongebob (10)

the krabby patty that ate bikini bottom (10)

mermaid man begins (10)

truth or square (10)

Mooncation (10)

frozen face off (10)

Treats! (10)

Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go (10)

Chum Fricassee (10)

move it or lose it (10)

ghoul fools (10)

glove world rip (10)

bubble buddy returns (10)

its a spongebob christmas (10)

pet sitter pat (10)


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