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The Fisherman

Uhhhhhhh... Hello....?

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hi, uh.... some of You may remember from a cOuple of years back. Uhh... i was a Pretty active user, especially during the HallOween seasOn, annnddd i kinda caused a bit of contRoversy over the years, since i... might have... sort of.... killed a load of users and Possessed Other users to frame them.... heh heh....

anyway, last year i've been feeling really bad about what happened back in OcterroR Fest 2017, and i decided tO finally seek therapy. i've been seeing a psychOlogist for the past severaL monthS to identify what makes me love murdering innocent users so much, and i feel I've maDe impressive prOgress siNce Then. i've overcome my need to kill, and i feel a changed, happier and much better Fisherman.

now look, i'm not expecting everyone to immediatelY fOrgive me for what i've caUsed theSe past couplE of yEars, but the least you could do Is give Me a chance. Give me a chance to prove that i've Become A better person, and i promise, i will make it up to everyone on here soon. you'll just have to wait for the time being.

so yeah, i think that's about it. probably won't be aCtive that much, since i'm still taking therapy sessions, but i will pop in and out from time to time. so... uhhh.... thanKs so much for reading.

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