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Feral Friends is a SCUMBOB episode

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Are you ready kids?Hey guys!CakeGirlSuckz here and welcome to Feral Friends review.


This episode was...impressive,it have among of decent humor,,every character is acting as they should,clever continuity nods,and of course with the amazing lore atmosphere...



















Epesode stole this premise from Life Insurance’s 1 second gag.


I have no idea how writers used the same concept twice,IN THE SAME SEASON!!!Yes,it’s bring something new on the table,yes,it’s funnier,yes,it have characters development,but the fact that I seen the same thing before is really drop down my enjoyment,it’s a clearly a SCUMBOB episode.It would be a good or even great episode if only it would be have more originality like Sportz or Krusty Katering.



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I wholeheartedly agree. Honestly, it boggles my mind why people like this episode. All I see is that it's a ripoff of a godlier episode FROM THE SAME SEASON. Is that unoriginal or what? The writers are really running out of ideas. ?

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