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I thought why not get an art topic on SBC started. I think it would be nice to show you all my art again and try practicing on more again. WARNING: it's nothing but garbage Squidward crossovers and it's messy

Anyway, I've been rewatching a bunch of Wunschpunsch lately and it's only making my love for these characters even stronger. So here's my first time drawing these fuckers on paper. I drew a bit too big so Jacob will need some work. If only I had a pencil...


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Drew this to celebrate 5,000 tweets on my Twitter for no reason.


Squidward: Wooooow... 5,000 tweets... such a BIIIG milestone there.

Maurizio: Yeah. There's more important stuff to worry about!

Jacob: Like how we should solve the riddle and not talk about some boy's Twitter milestone.


believe it or not this took me about 20 minutes to draw 

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Squidward finds out about Maurizio's dark secret...


i worked on this one for an hour or so (took a break in between), disappointed with it a little bit because I BARELY managed to squeeze Jacob in and still make him look good. I didn't expect there to be so little room... and I didn't want to erase Squidward considering I drew him really good here and it be hard to redraw. Gotta take note next time and work on that.

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Everyone must admit, that last picture is the pinnacle of crossovers. All other crossovers are now invalid of being godly (except a few) because Wunschpunsch and Squidward is the best crossover I've ever seen in my life. Keep up with the crossovers, Prez!

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sucks too... there's a lot of ideas I want to try and pull off... such as the following:

- cool poster shot of Squidward on left and Maurizio on right both looking at their watches with Jacob walking in the middle

- a competitive game of chess between Jacob and Squidward

- some cool photo with Maurizio and Jacob standing on Squidward doing the two finger pose (or peace sign I don't know what's it's called lmao)

- Squid Noir but Jacob and Maurizio are his partners in crime

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4 hours ago, Mike Geiger said:

Squid Noir 2, but instead of SpongeBob and Patrick, its with Jacob the Raven and Maurizio the cat . I'd fucking watch this. I'm proud this turn out well.


Thank heaven, it's the sequel we've all been waiting for, it's finally here!!

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