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Avatar: The Last Airbender Is Being Reborn as a Live-Action Netflix Series

Jjs Goodman

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What is there to remake? The show is already good as is, I’m not sure why we need it to be in live-action. Just look at the last time that happened. Maybe this would have made more sense a few years later.

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As perfect as the og series was, I can't really harp on the dudes for trying to bring their vision of the Avatar world as they imagined it to (real) life. If I were them, I would wanna try and clean out the shit stain that is the 2010 movie too. I just hope they get good actors on board.

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The only reason the last live-action adaptation sucked was because the creators were given no input (that and many other reasons). While I too don't think the series needs to be remade, I'm willing to see what they do with it. They look determined to make it the live-action adaption it deserves.

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