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Hello SBC, my name is FinnDinner, but you'll probably just refer to me as Finn. I am an avid SpongeBob fan, and I love interactions. I know a lot of people here already from SBM, and some members have kinda convinced me to come here. If I don't already know you. then I am pleased to meet you, and if I do know you, then it's good to see you here, I will wait until the upgrade for SBM/other people's thoughts to let me decide which site I will spend most of my time on, but that's besides the point. I am happy to be here, and we'll just have to see what happens with me lol.

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Also, I did bring a couple of your games from SBM over here. Sadly they never gained the same level of traction here as they did there, but it was still fun having members of SBC play the game as well.

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