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Patty Rose

New Skin Store

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For those who are eager to buy the latest iFish items or checking to see if they can afford King Neptune yet, we're pleased to announce a new addition to keep you spending them hard earned doubloons.


A new Skin Store has opened it's door, where you can buy new themes/skins, allowing you to decide how pretty you want the forums to look!

In the past we've had purchasable skins which we were forced to send to Davy Jones' locker after our upgrade to IPB 4. But now the ability to give us money for a skin is back and better than ever before! (Probably...)

Here is a list of skins you can buy right now, all costing 2,500 doubloons!


0444a3ca7585a85fb480eddcf19791f2.png V11 Rose - Patty Sponge's skin during his King Neptune Reign.

55368dc6d8b20793ca840d70b49a3d33.pngOBC - Halibut's skin during his King Neptune reign.

bb152cb56ef85f072a1da1e0053c000e.pngJigglyTown - Wintermelon43's skin during his King Neptune reign.

cfe30595f4e8fbaa306e2d20da9fbb80.pngTogether Since '09 - A skin made by tvguy347 following some previous events...

eebb977bc879f57315c175fa7da2b6db.png8-Bit Community - A classic skin from JCM, rebooted and reloved. (LC exclusive)

NOTE: When you purchase a skin, make sure to contact staff, so they can add you to the group of the skin you bought! Otherwise it'd be a waste of doubloons wouldn't it?

You can begin buying your favorite skin using the link below! Have fun, and stay spongy!


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