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SpongeBob SquarePants in Tehran

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Already posted this on Discord but this is important. The Persians are at it again and this time, they made a movie.

According to the description: "'Bab Esfanji Dar Tehran' or 'باب اسفنجی در تهران' is a 43 minute bootleg SpongeBob movie distributed in 2017 directed by Majid Yazdanparast and Hamid Esmaeili. The plot roughly translated says it is about 'This animated story about the friendship of SpongeBob and Patrick in Tehran. It's interesting to know that Bob and his friend Patrick, who travel to Iran for the first time, catch their attention with their hamburgers until they notice something happening ...'"

I'm pretty sure this was made by a studio that already dubs SpongeBob illegally in Persian. The voices sound pretty much the same.

Persian dubbing is god-tier, and this is proof.

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UPDATE! Spongebob in Tehran has been subtitled in English!

The translation doesn't seem perfect, but it should help you have an idea what this movie is about.

But if you've seen it already... Don't worry. Here's something new I've found.

This was made by Green Art Animation Studio and the youtube video was uploaded on Feb 19, 2019. This seems to be a trailer for a full movie with a very similar premise, it's about Spongebob having to go to Iran. But clearly, it's likely not made by the same people and doesn't have the same dubbing crew.(Patrick DOES sound similar though, but Spongebob is way off) So what is this, a bootleg of already unauthorized movie? I'm not sure, but I'll try to find more info.

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SpongeBob In Iran/Bobby and Bobo in Iran: Save the Sibyl Gold

Remember that trailer I showed y'all back last year? Turns out the movie DID get made, it's just even more bootleg for some reason. Instead of SpongeBob and Patrick, we now have... Bobby and Bobo. But other than that, it's basically the same. I did have a theory that this was an early version of SpongeBob in Tehran before Persian Toon(the other illegal Persian SpongeBob dubber) was shut down, so I guess it might have been remade to have legally-friendly SpongeBob characters.

SpongeBob in Chabahar

This movie got its rounds on twitter, but sadly, I never got the time to really pay much attention to this. Unlike the other movies, this one is mostly LIVE-ACTION. ...And it has the IRIB Pooya voices like SpongeBob in Tehran! Is this the sequel we've been waiting for? Maybe!

SpongeBob in Iran 2/Foreign Buddies/Alien Friends

Less than a minute in and I see Persian dubbed footage of Donald Trump. You know shit's gonna be good.

According to a commentator, this is anti-American propaganda? I'm not gonna say too much since I don't speak Persian, but I wouldn't be shocked. But yeah, it's another "SpongeBob and his friends visit Iran" movie. Also this seems to have Persian Toon voices as well. I guess they gave up on being legally-friendly.

Conclusion: That movie I showed last year got made, there's a possible sequel to SpongeBob in Tehran, and Donald Trump offically exists in the Persian SpongeBob universe.

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