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My Sea Bunny from Clay

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Bunny Wunny is without doubt is the most loved Spongebob character that come to us in a loooooong time.Becouse,come on,nobody would be dislike such an adorable creature.We made a praise post about him,we made a memes about him,we made a drawings with him,but I’m decided to go even farther,I made a figure about him.


The reason is simple,In my college been the task  where we need to make a whatever animal from clay,and just guess what is the first idea that been come to my mind(Ha ha,haaaa...)And after a week of work,I’m finally turning one big mass of clay into a bunny now.And I think I can leave this thing here as much as we all have bunny fever.Here it comes...


My first results,humid and sticky,but then...



...I finally made it more solidly and colorfully. 

And that’s it,I hope you enjoyed the new vision of your favorite Spongebob character,and remember,Bunny Wunny is our God.



Good Day to you anyways.

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