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8 minutes ago, yuma the victini said:

so what is your second favorite pokemon i am curious

Wigglytuff. If you count the whole Jigglypuff line as 1st, then Mewtwo


8 minutes ago, Patty Rose said:

How can you be a winter melon if it's summer?

How can you be both a patty and a rose at once?

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1 hour ago, yuma the victini said:

how do you feel about fish hooks


1 hour ago, QuilavaRDSP said:

What are your favorite Spongebob episodes from each season?

SB-129, Band Geeks, Just One Bite, Krusty Towers, Atlantis Squarepantis, Truth or Square, Squidward in Clarinetland, Planet of the Jellyfish, Plankton's Pet (9A), Bulletin Board (9B and season 9 total), Mimic Madness, Squid Noir


1 hour ago, Patty Rose said:

Shit you got me there. We'll call this a draw, do you agree?

Ok, but this means I duel you in the western draw :funny:

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11 hours ago, yuma the victini said:

do you ever plan to watch more pokemon seasons

Yes, if I'm ever able to. I tried to last month but they weren't available on on demand or netflix or anything.

7 hours ago, HawkbitAlpha said:

What happened to the 42 other Wintermelons before you?

They all died in a marching accident

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