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Patty Rose

Nick the Bandit!

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Yesterday a suspicious customer under the name of "Dead Eye Plankton" joined this forum without much going on. Don't be fooled by his southern vocability and friendly gesture though, for he is a Bandit! 

A no good bandit that's come to make some trouble, such as drinking too much root beer, and pinging users on Discord for no reason. We cannot allow this pest to wonder the floors of our precious forum any second longer, but unfortunately we can't ban him unless he breaks a rule, which despite his troublesome attitude, tends to not break any. For this particular reason, we have created 5 new rules which in order to finally lock the varmint up for good, will need to break all five. Here are those rules.

(Don't worry, these rules only apply for Dead Eye Plankton, so you don't have to worry about breaking any of these rules. Of course if you end up breaking all 5 and want to be banned, do let us know :funny: )



1. No talking about tying your shoes.

2. No starting an Ask Me thread.

3. No comparing other user's art to a type of bread.

4. No giving a SpongeBob episode a 0/10 rating.

5. No taking part in any of the contests currently happening.

and one extra rule just for giggles.

6. No replying to this thread beginning your sentence with "Hey".


Of course, since we can't keep a 24/7 eye on whether Dead Eye Plankton does break any of the rules, that's why we've come to you!

Your objective is to keep a close eye on Dead Eye Plankton and check his posts to see if any of them violates any of the rules above. Once you found all 5 posts of Dead Eye contradicting all 5 rules, send a PM to me with either links to the posts or take snapshots of them!

Now we aren't expecting you do our job for us for free, as for everyone who submits all 5 pieces of evidence shall win 500 doubloons and an exclusive SpongeBuck Trophy for your iFish!

You have until August 31st to submit your evidence, so make haste! 

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Hey, A'm not some kind a' no good bandit, A'm just sum' guy lookin' to have a good tam'!

Darn, A just broke that sixth rule now didn't A?

Now listen' here pals, you still hav' to fand fave examples of me breaking them fave rules, and A'll never break a single one, cause A'm a good guy! (probably...) 

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