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Jack O Chocolantern

yuma the victini riffs

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so here in this place i will riff anything from lits to fanfics to just forum posts non bold is the great server's and bold is mine i decided to start with a bad reason to give advice

riff episode 1 how not to give forum advice

So, I decided to make this post as one last send-off before i let the community decide if i should stay or leave for good. I've been complaining a lot, but it's for a reason. I want to help this site. But i don't know if i can help this site anymore.  :unsure:

oh trust me you will always return no matter what also whining about memes will not help the site at all like you do here

So, i hope you guys take this post seriously. because i can guarantee this site will go downhill at some point if none of you take this seriously.

yes because this will go downhill over the memes i mean it does go downhill a few months later but thats more of the head admin's fault

So, in my eyes there are 4 possibilities, one good, one that starts off bad but then gets good, one that starts off good then gets bad, and one that leaves a sad ending to SBMania.

ok now lets say what advice you will give us



So, The best possibility i can see, Is that you guys take my advice seriously, and begin to spruce up the site. People take others opinions better, Less unfunny memes and fads that may drive people away, and SBM becomes great again.

well some of the thing about opinions is jokes i do admit at the time the forum did need a bit less about it but then again most of them are teens so

also unfunny is subjective it may cause some members to leave but that's more because they get tired of the memes and no actual discussions not the memes alone unless someone legit wants to leave over memes



So, Another possibility is that you guys decide you don't take my advice seriously, and continue attacking each other and continue to follow cringy memes. I think this will drive more and more people away, SBC will probably overtake SBM as the most popular SpongeBob site, and the site ultimately collapses.

cringy is subjective people have diverse taste in memes heck we don't really attack that much also nice exaggeration of the site collapsing 



Take my two other possibilities and combine them together, either you guys don't take my advice seriously at first, or you guys take my advice, the site goes back to normal for a little while, but then reverts to the same stuff.

actually considering how sbm is eventually the members we have will leave then it will eventually change also this makes it sound confusing is it saying it is the same thing for both ways

Well i'll let this page's reception determine if i leave or stay.

heh even if people took this only bad you would just return like always like if you don't love the site why be on it then keep complaining

also i love how this was in a time where the site did not have that many memes

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Bold is me

Bold with an underline is with parts that were bold in the episode

And regular text is the episode

Time to riff on a show i made i now regret also heh this is episode 2 of my riffs and this is episode 2 of the cytube show

Episode 2 a clone of an already unoriginal show

episode 2 ssj buys cytube

on sbm

obab:hey ssj how are you doing

ssj:buying cytube

Ok wouldn’t this be for what you are doing

obab:what no cytube is a place where we can get away from sbm

Er you could still do that because i doubt he would check every cytube

ssj:i will give you 9,000 doubloons if you don't tell anyone

And yet you told him what you did when he said how are you doing

g4ry enters

g4ry:whats up obab invited me wanna talk about up

Why would he randomly invite g4ry

ssj:if you talk about up in this pm i will ban you

Why would you randomly ban someone for speaking about a movie in a pm


g4ry:wait you bought cytube turn it into upbuddy mania


g4ry is banished for 1 hour

ssj:i will make cytube better

obab gets 9,000 doubloons

He technically told someone it when he invited g4ry so

obab:ssj i have to go to cytube

at cytube

g4ry:oh great sbm is the only cytube why i made a up cytube yesterday and now it's gone

Nice adding that for no reason

obab:where is spongebob pokemonpants he should be on by now

I never even used sbc that much those days

(name altered from original):why am i on cytube

I removed that name due to well who it was

torts:i have returned and if your wondering where spongebob pokemonpants is he is trapped in the universe without spongebob same thing with prez and the other people who could stop me

I don’t even remember why i had the stupid idea to make torts a bad guy and i love how badly i resolved the plot of this

ssj:um you forgot i own this place now and i know you hacked cytube

torts:yes i did time to go back to the 12th dimension

Why would you randomly tell them the name

obab:we have to go to the 12th dimension

ssj:go to my secret forum i hide i will unhide it for a bit


Note:i censored 1 name due to certain events that have happened (ssj’s is not altered due to well him being a main thing to this plot you know who was in it for 1 random line)


If you have any suggestions for any of our remaining 8 episodes make sure to leave them down if you want

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