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Congratulations, Band Geeks!

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After an intense month, Sponge Cup finally comes to a close. As the scoreboard shows, the Band Geeks win 48-35-5! It was an intense and fun month, which could've gone either way. Congratulations, Band Geeks! Congrats to the team, the team members will each receive 1,000 doubloons. This is the eight event the Band Geeks have won (March Madness 2015, July 2015, Octerror Fest 2015, Snowcember Ball 2015, The Super Spongy Square Games, March Madness 2017, and Snowcember Ball 2017).

Now, for the most anticipated part of this thread, here's who achieved the wins from each side (this counts Whodunnit, Soccer Ball Hunt, and Fry Cook Games):

Band Geeks:

1.) @Chrundle the Great with 10 wins (MVP! first.gif&key=fcd39d5d76a7dc20d7b760924d )

2.) @Halibut with 8 wins

3.) @Patty Sponge with 6 wins

4.) @sbl with 5 wins


1.) @Homie? with 8 wins (MVP! first.gif&key=fcd39d5d76a7dc20d7b760924d )

2.) @OWM with 7 wins

3.) @SpongeyFace & @DarknessDG with 4 wins


1.) @LocalAquatic with 2 wins (MVP! first.gif&key=fcd39d5d76a7dc20d7b760924d )

Thanks to all who played this month. Whether you succeeded or failed, you may have helped your team in some way; every bit of teamwork to some extent counts. Turn that frown upside-down if if you didn't win anything or if you lost, there's always next time. Also, at the end of the day, remember these are just games on a SpongeBob forum, so please don't get too upset over them.

Speaking of next time, our next teams event will be in the fall at Octerror Fest 2018!

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Ah. Well, congratulations to the Band Geeks, who won in the end, and I'd like to apologise for holding out on them for the majority of the match. As for the Drasticals, good job. All of you participated wonderfully and I wish you luck for the next match.

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