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Well, now that I've left SBM for the time being, I might as well bring my art thread over here. In this thread, I will post some of my drawings (Spongebob-related or otherwise). If you want to see my older work (as in what I've done on SBM), check out this link. Now, here's a drawing that I came up with to start out this thread:


If you're wondering what this is, one time over on SBM, I made up a dpongebob episode (it's sort of an inside joke) called "olankton1", where olankton (based on Plankton) turns into a green version of Bunny Wunny from Bunny Hunt called "bunny now olankton", so... yeah. This isn't the best thing I've drawn but I like how it turned out (for the most part) at least.

But yeah, if you want to request something of me, go ahead, I won't mind.

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So, throughout the month of September, I didn't draw too much until like 2 weeks ago, when I got the inspiration to pick up a pencil and get back to drawing. you can blame rewatching becky prim for this


This was intended for BenPaz's King Neptune day back in mid September but it didn't get finished for a while due to laziness and uncertainty, whoops


This started out as a Becky Prim-inspired drawing of Squidward but it turned into its own thing once I started to notice flaws. I drew the head too large but oh well.


Spongebob screaming. I wanted to make something that looked like something from Season 4, so I decided to try to draw an exaggerated expression with that sort of style.


Tried to draw what it would look like if Kirby inhaled Maurizio (left) and Jacob (right) from Wunschpunsch in Smash. Not perfect but I tried the best I could.

Also, by the ways, @Prez I'm having trouble coming up with an idea for your request so sorry that it's taken a while.

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Heh, the reason why it took me so long to do this is because I wanted to get a request done first...


Made some birthday art for myself. Technically it was October 5th when I drew this, so I put down the "belated" part as a result


Mr. Krabs and some burning money. Forgive me, this was the first time I drew Mr. Krabs and I got some of the proportions wrong lol


Spongebob with my attempt at Springer cheeks... only it's one cheek facing like that.


Weavile eating peanuts... sorry, I couldn't resist making this as a joke :funny:


Spongebob with like some smug look on his face and his arms crossed.


Spongebob finds his spatula broken. I tried doing a background here like with one of my Bunny Squidward drawings.


A happy Flareon. Also the first drawing I did where I did the final line in pen and signed digitally.

And now, for @President Squidward's request...


Squidward, Maurizio and Jacob against Bunny Wunny... epic anime battle? jk
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Laziness abounds yet again lol


Birthday art I made for Prez.


Spongebob being bitten by Gary. Could've done better with Gary but otherwise I like how it turned out.


Maggot from Wunschpunsch dabbing. IDK lmao


Spongebob scared or something.


Per 4EverGreen's request, I colored in that Flareon.

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I HAVE RETURNED, this time with a few digital drawings:


My first digital drawing done in MediBang, this is a retrace of one of my November drawings.


This is another digital drawing of mine, this time based on a simple rough I made at school.


A Squnschpunsch drawing, I hate how the background came out but overall I like how most everything else came out, this took 6 hours omfg

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A Buizel drawing that took me a few days because I couldn't figure out how to do the background. It's not the worst I've done with backgrounds though.


A drawing of Oshawott roasting a marshmallow over a campfire. Two notes about this are that it's my first fully digitally lain-out drawing and it probably didn't take too long because I set the image size really small (something I should've taken into consideration beforehand, lol)


An Aaron Springer-inspired Spongebob drawing. Not much else to say.


Oh no, it's a self-explanatory drawing! I drew this because a few weeks ago was the 11-year anniversary of this infamous episode.


A sad Bui. Not much else to say here.


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