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Renegade the Unicorn

Dunces and Dragons

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Geez, I forgot I was gonna do this literature wasn't I?

Anyways, here's our cast for this meta lit:

Grey Knight - A Lawful Neutral Knight Errant in Sour Armor, this lone warrior lacks a name, preferring to go by his title. A somewhat jaded (OK, very jaded) soul whose only goal is to preserve order above all else...even if his methods clash with what some see as fairly reasonable. Moreover, he is the leader of our merry bunch of heroes with his second-in-command being the samurai Cha. Also, the Only Sane Man...for a given definition of "sane". (Race: Human; Class: Paladin; based on @GreyKnight151)

Lady Cha - A noblewoman from the far-eastern region, Cha is a samurai who is skilled in melee weapons, especially swordplay. On a moral axis, she's Chaotic Good (though, unlike Renegade, is more Good than Chaotic). When she first meets Grey and his ragtag party, she agrees to help them on their adventures in exchange for swearing loyalty to the paladin. As such, she often calls him Grey-dono. (Race: Human; Class: Samurai; based on @Kotarou?)

OBAB - A Dragonborn wizard mercenary, OBAB (the closest thing to a pronunciation to his Draconic name) is the first to join Grey Knight's party along with his partner Renegade. Being of True Neutral alignment, OBAB is neither aligned with Grey nor any criminal organizations. His only concerns are gold, drink, and wenches. (Race: Dragonborn; Class: Wizard; based on @DabFace)

Renegade - OBAB's partner in crime, Renegade is a "bardbarian" halfling, and he is the second to join Grey's party. He and the paladin form an immediate yet odd friendship, considering the halfling admits to being a psychotic hedonist who will chop anyone who looks at him funny to bits using his "axe" (a lute that also doubles as a melee weapon). However, the paladin keeps the small chaotic neutral humanoid on a leash. Renegade also befriends 4EverGreen shortly after he drags the dog-man along on their adventures by accident. (Race: Halfling; Class: Barbarian/Bard; based on yours truly)

4EverGreen - A peace-loving beastman monk who ends up getting dragged along (literally) by Renegade on the party's first adventure, 4EverGreen is the closest thing to the heart of the group, being a Lawful Good. This of course, makes him the perfect foil to Grey Knight, and the two initially don't get along. Tends to emphasize his words every so often, as well as capping off his sentences with "Enough said!". (Race: Beastman, specifically a dog; Class: Monk; based on @4EverGreen)

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